Gridiron International
Gridiron International Acum 22 ore
Boy this shows they need Trey Lance bad
Lofi Gaming
Lofi Gaming Acum 22 ore
Mac jones
ned haleem
ned haleem Acum 22 ore
I think Keyshawn forgot about a guy named Tim Tebow lol
khloe minchenko
khloe minchenko Acum 22 ore
He was depressed an of the cops would of saw him they would of tackled him !!
Egerton Bullock
Egerton Bullock Acum 23 ore
Take Zach Wilson if you can get him in the 2nd round.
Kameron Jones
Kameron Jones Acum o Zi
I just don’t see it with Zach wilson honestly
Houston Wynn
Houston Wynn Acum o Zi
Some of the people on their list had some STACKED teams.. a lot of great QBs got left out due to the fact they had no talent around them. Here’s the real top 5! 1. Cam Newton (no talent around him) 2. Vince Young 3. Joe Burrow (no defense, and played one of the toughest schedules in history) 4. Lamar Jackson (ZERO talent around him, and his WRs led the nation in drops) 5. Johnny Manziel (Bama fan... so yeah) 6. Robert Griffin/Baker Mayfield Give any of these guys the 2009 Florida Gators Roster... lol
micro fox
micro fox Acum o Zi
Trade down acquire picks and take Lance, package the 23rd pick with Sam Darnold and pick again inside the top 15 picks, there should still be elite talent there, perhaps take an elite corner or wide receiver
L T Acum o Zi
Bad comparison to Manziel. Zach Wilson is not a party animal like Manziel. Zach Wilson studies the game more than Manziel ever did.
L T Acum o Zi
Sam Darnold is a low key quiet dude from California and he survived the in NY media just fine. Zach Wilson will be fine in NY. These Kids coming out of college nowadays are more media savvy than in the past
Emmanuela Douglin
Emmanuela Douglin Acum o Zi
Mr Bell
Mr Bell Acum o Zi
How can Matt Leinart be number 1? If we’re using Keyshawn’s logic, then you put Greg McElroy or any Bama QB on that list. Which would be utterly ridiculous. No Key Nooo
The Cats Meow
The Cats Meow Acum o Zi
Jets should keep Darnold and draft a wide receiver, running back and two offensive lineman with their first four picks in the draft.
tommyboy Acum o Zi
Standing ovation, nuff said
Will Cozine
Will Cozine Acum o Zi
If I’m the Jets, there is no way I don’t take Zach Wilson at #2
AlexH Acum o Zi
I’d take fields at 2 over Wilson. Don’t see how Wilson is rated higher than fields! It’s weird the way people view fields has shifted!
in his next mock he will have justin drafted in the 7th round
Dalton Van Avery
Dalton Van Avery Acum o Zi
The year after I leave we beat them 🤣😅 ok that's my dogs great game boys and Coach Hill why to show them how to win
Marist Old Boys
Marist Old Boys Acum o Zi
Too much hyperbole and waffling from these fools.
Wayne A. W.
Wayne A. W. Acum o Zi
VY10 was the best of the 2000s, Key. All y'all know it. Give the man his props and stop hating. VY10 and Mack Brown ignited The Texas Thang. Dude (Vince) literally jogged into the End Zone and won Texas the BCS Championship. C'mon, man.
Prone Rider 562
Prone Rider 562 Acum o Zi
Semen...Err, I mean Sermon tried to do that Najee hurdle. Nope. Doesn't work son, Your timing was WAY off and you just DON'T have the vertical to do it. Don't try it anymore.
Lindles J
Lindles J Acum o Zi
I think he’s very talented but can he survive in NY life is not perfect in Ny media is he mentally tough enough
Ganggreen 317
Ganggreen 317 Acum 23 ore
Exactly that's a good question
Taion Lo
Taion Lo Acum o Zi
Zach is a better QB
Patriot usa
Patriot usa Acum o Zi
Imagine if fins did whatever it took , were able to get Tua, both waddle and smith... after they grab Sewell.. Tua would be fired up, fins fans wouldn’t believe that would be possible..
Steven Zou
Steven Zou Acum o Zi
What Joe burrow did was statically mythical. 60 TDs in a season are you kidding me
Jake Burton
Jake Burton Acum o Zi
nice vacuum in the background right on cue
Noah Cadoff
Noah Cadoff Acum o Zi
Mel looks like he's on something
Joey Football
Joey Football Acum o Zi
It’s really a tough situation... you can draft Zach and put him into the same situation that darnold has been in because you’ll be miss out on a star playmaker to help darnold, or you could keep darnold and get him a playmaker in the top 10
Yia Yang
Yia Yang Acum o Zi
I see him as Herbert. I see Wilson as deshaun.
Denesh Bhaskar
Denesh Bhaskar Acum o Zi
Johnny manziel COULD of worked. He wouldve been decent on arizonia with Cliff right now. I think in todays NFL u gotta be able to do it all. Pass it 50 yards on a play action... be able to scramble on a qb designed sneak for 20 yard burst, be able to stay in the pocket and take hits. Durability is what a starter needs. My favourite QB in this draft is Justin Fields. He can be that guy.
will irv
will irv Acum o Zi
Stop hyping up the white boys mac jones better than wilson and he's nowhere near fields haters gon hate
Roland Edwards
Roland Edwards Acum o Zi
He will be a bust just like the rest off them.Jets hasn't had a great QB in 30 yrs.LOL🤔🏈😄
Roland Edwards
Roland Edwards Acum 23 ore
He is not a bust it is the people surrounding him
Robert Rinaldi
Robert Rinaldi Acum o Zi
Mo Vo
Mo Vo Acum o Zi
let them draft a new QB every 3 years 😁
Mitchell Goldschmidt
Mitchell Goldschmidt Acum o Zi
Joe or tim is my number 1
Zach Acum o Zi
fun fact: zach wilson has won 0 sec championships
L T Acum o Zi
Neither has Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes , so what's your point?
@Christopher Jones Peyton manning Eli manning drew brees want me to go on
Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones Acum o Zi
You talking Tebow? SEC qb's don't do much in NFL. Name one great SEC qb in NFL. Very few.
Todd Shelton
Todd Shelton Acum o Zi
Ken Dorsey Tim Tebow
Christopher Woodard
Christopher Woodard Acum o Zi
They don't understand the sweet science they take it personal and I'm on their backside it's a business.
Dane Hawkins
Dane Hawkins Acum o Zi
No tim tebow in top 6? Should be 1 or 2 at the least
Jake K
Jake K Acum o Zi
pat white
Marcell Henry
Marcell Henry Acum o Zi
Pat was nice.
Rusty Henson
Rusty Henson Acum o Zi
The whimsical foot anaerobically soothe because growth bailly love after a noisy line. deep, hurried icon
John Gat
John Gat Acum o Zi
sec offensive players are usually a bust
Don Rob
Don Rob Acum o Zi
No ROOKIE QB has ever one a SUPERBOWL
Gary Ridgeway
Gary Ridgeway Acum o Zi
The jets aren’t winning the super bowl next year no matter who the QB is
Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray Acum o Zi
With the late first and other picks, why can’t we trade up to grab one of these top pass catchers?
James Middleton
James Middleton Acum o Zi
I would do backflips if they could trade up and get Kyle Pitts. He is incredible, I would just prefer a QB
Cameron Fowler
Cameron Fowler Acum o Zi
Key hates Oklahoma lol
Cameron Fowler
Cameron Fowler Acum o Zi
Baker is top 3 college QBs in the last 25 years...
Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore Acum o Zi
Saluki dogs y'all!!!!!! Siu represent
Sharrybay Thompson
Sharrybay Thompson Acum o Zi
*Justin Fields stats the last 2 years* : 78% completion. 62 td's, 9 Int's, 5373 passing yards, 182 passer rating
Michael Phifer
Michael Phifer Acum 23 ore
Outside of Ohio.. nobody even noticed.(mabey covid-19) ..and less games on the big stage.. Baker was " Nation Wide" !!
Alvin Johnson
Alvin Johnson Acum o Zi
Keyshawn Johnson are you serious about Tim Tebow. This man is one of the greatest college QB's in the last 25 years.
DM1986 Acum o Zi
He's an idiot
Mark Ministre
Mark Ministre Acum o Zi
I am a giants fan i want jaylen waddle on the giants
GeorgiaBoy Boomer
GeorgiaBoy Boomer Acum o Zi
I have no clue how Keshawn even has a job in media with what comes out of his mouth.
The Giants Guys
The Giants Guys Acum o Zi
Giants will have a pick of the big four. Smith, Waddle, Chase and Pitts.
fujiapple96 Acum o Zi
Where was Tua Tagovailoa or Trevor Lawrence on these lists? They're both better than Jameis Winston.
Christopher Woodard
Christopher Woodard Acum o Zi
BYU boy Zach Wilson play mostly inferior schools too! You going to be eating crow after this draft. When clothing goes wrong
NoelLeon1 Acum o Zi
college football in February
Cryptum404 Acum o Zi
Wilson > fields. Facts over feelings. Wilson is more accurate and more talented. If you disagree you are pushing some wokie narrative.
James Middleton
James Middleton Acum o Zi
I’ll take Either, they’re different, but both very good
Matt A
Matt A Acum o Zi
I would take Wilson, Fields, Jones, Lance over Darnold. But at the end of the day, Wilson is the truth
Joshua Mitchell
Joshua Mitchell Acum o Zi
@Vinny B exactly! Either one over darnold
Nicolas Long
Nicolas Long Acum o Zi
I also say Wilson over Lawrence
Vinny B
Vinny B Acum o Zi
Both are better than Darnold which is what matters
Kent King
Kent King Acum o Zi
Imagine that... put all the black qbs ahead of Joe burrow and then the homer pick Matt leinhart to try and throw us off the racial scent. We are al on to you key.
Stewart Matson
Stewart Matson Acum o Zi
Sam makes off platform plays, but he doesn't make on platform plays.
Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 Li
Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 Li Acum o Zi
Welcome to my channel!
Decapitxted Acum o Zi
Tim Tebow is arguably the best college football player, y’all mfs are way off.
Eroc S
Eroc S Acum o Zi
Back when fsu was good it seems..
Hengel Andrews
Hengel Andrews Acum o Zi
Matt who and how? That was Reggie Bush’s team.
Brandon Hillgoth
Brandon Hillgoth Acum o Zi
6:11 🥺🥺🥺
Caleb Massey
Caleb Massey Acum o Zi
Johnny manzaille
Caleb Massey
Caleb Massey Acum o Zi
Brandon Hillgoth
Brandon Hillgoth Acum o Zi
I physically remember watching this on tv on Saturday wow.... what a story
Luke Wilkins
Luke Wilkins Acum o Zi
This has got to be in the top 10 cringe list of all time 😂😂😂
Andrew Friedrichs
Andrew Friedrichs Acum o Zi
Just chiming in that it's weird to say Joe Burrow "Ohio State/LSU" despite him not starting at Ohio State, and not putting Cam Newton "Florida/Auburn" or Baker Mayfield "Texas Tech/Oklahoma". There's zero reason to mention that Joe Burrow went to Ohio State as far as his standing on this list, and yet it is there. If you gotta put it, whatever, put it, but be consistent.
C B Acum o Zi
Heupel was a sinking ship. He inherited the team after 2017. Milton was not his recruit. Enjoy Tennessee.
Alexanderthegreatandterrible Acum o Zi
No bias at all with Keyshawn, smh. Lienart at number one, smh. Tebow not in top 6, smh. This is why I don't listen or watch ESPN anymore other than UFC stuff, cause of politics and ridiculous commentators.
David Cole
David Cole Acum o Zi
So the numbers below doesn't get you in Top 5? Best QBR Rating in College Football.. Guess who it was and they were Heisman Finalist last year as well. 311 402 77.4 4,500 11.2 41 4 90 203.1
I’m that Guy
I’m that Guy Acum o Zi
Yo Joe threw 50TDs and 5,000 in a college season, no team ever looked better than them because of him
marvelous marvin
marvelous marvin Acum o Zi
He had weapons
Airraid73 Acum o Zi
Baker Mayfield 1😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mitchell Goldschmidt
Mitchell Goldschmidt Acum o Zi
Such a joke it should be joe 1 Tim 2 Winston 3 Martoa 4 fields
Raleigh Ellenwood
Raleigh Ellenwood Acum o Zi
Key is such a hater. I wish he’d give it up
Blake W.
Blake W. Acum o Zi
If we’re talking about resume than it’s Tebow hands down. 2 time national champion, Heisman trophy winner, 2 time Heisman finalist, 2 time All American, 2007 Player of the Year, and 2 time SEC Player of the Year.
Victor Velepucha
Victor Velepucha Acum o Zi
Amazing video 😅😅😅
Victor Velepucha
Victor Velepucha Acum o Zi
Blake W.
Blake W. Acum o Zi
2:00 Burrow was a two year starter, not one. He was solid in 2018, unstoppable in 2019.
jacob legg
jacob legg Acum o Zi
Come on no Tebow on the list smh
Colin Brister
Colin Brister Acum o Zi
Kellen Moore?
Chris Childs
Chris Childs Acum o Zi
Cam was definitely the most dominant. No one ever saw anything like him.
DM1986 Acum o Zi
@Chris Childs haha Newton on his national Championship game that you say he had no help in against Oregon who isn't known for Defense he went 20-34 265 yards 2 TD 1INT. Burrow beat Clemson going 31-49 463 yards and 5 TD 0 INT. It's laughable to compare Cam Newton to the Joe Burrow season. Burrow had the greatest single season of all time and it's not even close.
Chris Childs
Chris Childs Acum o Zi
@DM1986 Burrow had a lot of talent around him. Cam did it with nobody. He was a one man wrecking crew.
DM1986 Acum o Zi
Joe Burrow
Adrian Kikes
Adrian Kikes Acum o Zi
So your number one QB didn’t actually win a championship lol ok 🙄
Gene Fricke
Gene Fricke Acum o Zi
Tim Tebow was the best because he was a winner.a game changer ( College)