Drogon Garry
Drogon Garry Acum 24 secunde
Punjabi is that sugar that can dissolve in any water of country which make it more sweet 😘🥰🥰😍😍😘
Ķakashi FF
Ķakashi FF Acum 5 minute
Jalebi Baby.......
SHRUTI Nag Acum 8 minute
Med Al Theorem
Med Al Theorem Acum 13 minute
I thought it the tesher of jelebi baby but it the Full song😍
Simon Riley
Simon Riley Acum 14 minute
Zomato sponsor 😂
Avengers Acum 15 minute
Mukul Dutt
Mukul Dutt Acum 16 minute
Imagine being a restaurant chef and still ordering from Zomato for customers
Goku Acum 18 minute
I literally got goosebumps when Jason did Indian steps
#MOGHP WITH SD Acum 19 minute
We want more songs from you
Mr. Joker
Mr. Joker Acum 30 minute
It's starting with yummy x jalebi baby Than another version original one Than Desi vibes x Hollywood It's going crazy and the bhangra ❤️❤️
Usman Ayobami
Usman Ayobami Acum 32 minute
Bollywood Hollywood Duo
Swastika Maniraj
Swastika Maniraj Acum 35 minute
I love this song sit on this song for the hole day and never stop I am even listening to thisson now even
EatFlix Acum 36 minute
*No* *Jalebis* *were* *Harmed* *in* *Making* *of* *This* *Video*
CAASH Acum 37 minute
R2F Venom
R2F Venom Acum 38 minute
Indians like
Joel Joseph
Joel Joseph Acum 39 minute
My fav part....2.46🤩
RV Singh
RV Singh Acum 41 minut
2:46 I am only here for this 💯💯🔥🔥🤙🤙 Perfectly Perfomed
DA TUBZZ Acum 43 minute
Lil nas and jason whos with me 😁
Naisha Lubega
Naisha Lubega Acum 43 minute
Biggest export from India 😅apart from Doctors and nasa workers
Shaji A
Shaji A Acum 45 minute
Iam addicted to this song
Naisha Lubega
Naisha Lubega Acum 45 minute
No races,just nice music
Sumit Teli
Sumit Teli Acum 46 minute
Olala moves..✨💥💯
aditya m jain kanted
aditya m jain kanted Acum 48 minute
Ayanti Barua
Ayanti Barua Acum 49 minute
have you guys noticed Jason Derulo's high notes and dance moves? aren't they so amazing?
JaneMarmalade Acum 49 minute
Now we need Khana Khazana
Niloy Karmaker
Niloy Karmaker Acum 49 minute
Love from Bangladesh
JaneMarmalade Acum 51 minut
I miss the beginning of the song that has Punjabi verses in it
Rohan Dutta
Rohan Dutta Acum 57 minute
Jason doin bhangra
Veer Solanki
Veer Solanki Acum 57 minute
This be promotion Song in jalebi store
anisha das
anisha das Acum 58 minute
Wao awesome bhagra dude ❤️❤️❤️😘😘
Ahlam Kiwan
Ahlam Kiwan Acum oră
The ending 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 But i love it so much
Dasrath Gupta
Dasrath Gupta Acum oră
Anyone noticed they were wearing Kurta and lehenga. Indian wear
Mister Paul
Mister Paul Acum oră
Indian most famous sweet dish jalebi with dahi(curd)😁😊
Avirat Vaidya
Avirat Vaidya Acum oră
Sheesh nice one
Priyal's GoneGlee
Priyal's GoneGlee Acum oră
Damn that bhangra at the end though 🔥
Srishti Acum oră
India is oppp
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh Acum oră
jason doing bhangra !!! what else i could ask for??!!!!
zap zaeon
zap zaeon Acum oră
2:45 damn the dancing
Sylvie Lit'swaniso
Sylvie Lit'swaniso Acum oră
I love this song ♥️🔥
Zia Khan
Zia Khan Acum oră
Plot Twist: everyone listen full song but 90% people didn't subscribe to this channel
V.K video's   ×͜×
V.K video's ×͜× Acum oră
Jayant Gupta
Jayant Gupta Acum oră
Wow nice song jelebi baby
Aanvi’s Zone
Aanvi’s Zone Acum oră
17_Pradeep Kumar Bauri_0042
17_Pradeep Kumar Bauri_0042 Acum oră
I love this song... ❤️❤️❤️
loveshell007 Acum oră
I wish they had cast some Bollywood actress in the video instead of that half-asleep girl.
Beep Beep Gamer
Beep Beep Gamer Acum oră
that zomato promotion shows that this video is approved by true indians.
My Game Zone
My Game Zone Acum oră
We want “YOUNG SHAHRUKH” like this !
Al-Hasrawi.عزو Acum oră
وين العرب يخوان
FOOD INN Acum oră
A moment of silence who never tasted jalebi 😅😂😂
Go Green with Shalini
Go Green with Shalini Acum oră
Rhithika Ramesh
Rhithika Ramesh Acum oră
Official Dench
Official Dench Acum oră
Short Extremes
Short Extremes Acum oră
Lol 😂 India 🤣😂😅
Nsinga Jeanette
Nsinga Jeanette Acum oră
I love the 🎵 🎶
Sagar Choudhary
Sagar Choudhary Acum oră
2:48 Jason pra ne vi bhangra pa liya 🤣
Nidhi_Aisha Acum oră
Tasty 😅❤🔥🔥🔥👈
Jumarni Acum oră
Hollywood feels so bollywood. After this Vrindavan will be famous🤣
Trisha Tamankar ✌️
Trisha Tamankar ✌️ Acum oră
The best moment when Tesher was singing in omg 😳 BTW Who also love to sing jalebi .🥨
Ranbir rajesh
Ranbir rajesh Acum oră
i just want to eat jalebi😋
Sumit Teli
Sumit Teli Acum oră
Awesome combination..🥳🥳🇮🇳
Viharika SG
Viharika SG Acum oră
Warning ⚠️ this song is highly addictive
Kumar Rahul
Kumar Rahul Acum oră
Abira Samanta
Abira Samanta Acum oră
Jason Bhangra just❤️❤️❤️ it
সুরের আলোয় সৌমী
সুরের আলোয় সৌমী Acum oră
Best song😘😘
a c kd
a c kd Acum 2 ore
awkward 😂😂🤦‍♂️
Neeraj Setpal
Neeraj Setpal Acum 2 ore
Hahaha...I love the conclusions been made on this vid...totally enjoyable!
Harika gerçekten çok iyi uymuşlar.
THE悪い BARQ Acum 2 ore
الي جاي من تيك توك
Sumit Jinxx
Sumit Jinxx Acum 2 ore
People that have disliked haven’t eaten Jalebi
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma Acum 2 ore
Samaira Tambat
Samaira Tambat Acum 2 ore
*Me watching Jalebi baby while eating a jalebi* Also me: *Talking the lyrics to the jalebi and eating* AWESOME SONGG
Sadhana minz
Sadhana minz Acum 2 ore
Feeling proud to Indian
Cyborg Acum 2 ore
Dope tune
Rajshree Rk
Rajshree Rk Acum 2 ore