This is Battlefield V
Battlefield 5 Live Reveal
vrata. expedice
vrata. expedice Acum 14 ore
3:54 Hodonín 2042
Señor Mr. X
Señor Mr. X Acum 14 ore
Terminator Song Epic
Tarnax The Villain
Tarnax The Villain Acum 14 ore
If they actually make this game work seamlessly, it'll be the best FPS ever made i think
ANAS SHAHEEN Acum 14 ore
ill eat this up
Kitsune dragon
Kitsune dragon Acum 15 ore
The soldier at 4:25 is thinking "Welp! Might as well yeet myself for the ride."
Kaze Hoffman
Kaze Hoffman Acum 15 ore
Well I know this is not your 1st time here 😒
IDK why people make this, me as a gamer would like to play new mp ww2 ww1 something like that with an old accent but great graphic.
Raven FLMS
Raven FLMS Acum 15 ore
2:24 They said no music like in bf1 trailer
ramirez pvt
ramirez pvt Acum 15 ore
October 22 boys
SamiTM Acum 15 ore
Now i know why people make fun of this game. LMAO
Brayan XD
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alguien en español?
Johny the Fox
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Oh my GOD
Shanna Mya
Shanna Mya Acum 15 ore
Had to see this after Battlefield 2042
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Luke Bailey
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Oh my
Max Morrison
Max Morrison Acum 15 ore
How does this have 10k dislikes? Lol
Martinov Alex
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Even if you cannot stand near a rocket taking off this close because u would turn into a flying chicken nugget in a matter of minutes, this game looks cool
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon Acum 15 ore
Сука, аж мурашки по коже
Stonehawk Acum 16 ore
battlefield is so ridiculously dated now. The conflicts of the future won't be between *states* or even between *militia cells* - they will be between CORPORATIONS.
Hello There
Hello There Acum 16 ore
F with it
OSAID HM Acum 16 ore
Battle royal?
Mubashir Khalid
Mubashir Khalid Acum 16 ore
This game is also going to be vehicle dominant
Reckless Genesis
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i dont really like it , and im a fan since the first battlefield untill battlefield 4 .
The gun master
The gun master Acum 16 ore
Whats the name of this song?
TJedwards97 Acum 16 ore
Shut up and take my money....
Beau Ryan-Curtin
Beau Ryan-Curtin Acum 16 ore
All the characters younger than most of us
Batuhan Keleş
Batuhan Keleş Acum 16 ore
"The Best Battlefield Game Ever"
Batuhan Keleş
Batuhan Keleş Acum 16 ore
The game was was released for free through Prime Gaming promotion between December 1 to December 30, 2020.
Batuhan Keleş
Batuhan Keleş Acum 16 ore
On April 2012, Tomas Danko, the voiceover producer for Battlefield 3, hinted of an easter egg that could only be heard when a player on the US side has spotted a mobile AA vehicle from a certain distance.
Batuhan Keleş
Batuhan Keleş Acum 16 ore
The easter egg was finally found on July 2013 by a ROless commentator named "JackFrags", who took a set of audio files containing: vo_us_mp_comrose_spotted_dave_r # # #.wav The audio files refer to an enemy "Goldfarb" being spotted. This is a reference to a former DICE employee named David Goldfarb, who was the story writer for Battlefield 3.
Hurdeep Singh
Hurdeep Singh Acum 16 ore
Locking my doors and turning off my device. Talk to yall in 2042. I got enemies to kill
Batuhan Keleş
Batuhan Keleş Acum 16 ore
For the credits of the game, the song "Another Man" by John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers can be heard after the Battlefield 3 theme finishes playing.
Batuhan Keleş
Batuhan Keleş Acum 16 ore
Players who own Battlefield 3 will automatically unlock the Swedish SOG Spec Op soldier in Medal of Honor: Warfighter and a bonus Daniel Defense Mk18 for that particular soldier.
Batuhan Keleş
Batuhan Keleş Acum 16 ore
Battlefield 3 is considered illegal to own or sell in Iran due to the game's portrayal of U.S. forces invading the country, though, even with the ban, it is still a very popular game with many Iranians.
Batuhan Keleş
Batuhan Keleş Acum 16 ore
On the back of the online pass in the Battlefield 3 case, there was a possible teaser for a new Medal of Honor game. This was later revealed to be Medal of Honor: Warfighter.
Batuhan Keleş
Batuhan Keleş Acum 16 ore
Vaulting, and the player being able to see their own legs and arms, was inspired by Mirror's Edge, a game that was also developed by DICE.
Batuhan Keleş
Batuhan Keleş Acum 16 ore
A tweet by senior gameplay designer Alan Kertz stated the detail in the shell casings are different based on US and RU weapons. He later tweeted that shotguns and personal defense weapons would be all-kit weapons.
Batuhan Keleş
Batuhan Keleş Acum 16 ore
When Battlefield 3 got 800,000 likes on Facebook, the 12 minute, full-length trailer originally supposed to be uploaded on April 17 was released early. The producer's commentary was released on April 22.
Batuhan Keleş
Batuhan Keleş Acum 16 ore
Unlike previous installments, weapon reloading differs when a changed magazine is empty or when it still has rounds in it.
Batuhan Keleş
Batuhan Keleş Acum 16 ore
"Fault Line Series - Episode 1: Bad Part of Town" was released the morning of March 2, 2011; 1 day after a reveal event by EA and DICE showcasing 15 minutes of gameplay.
Batuhan Keleş
Batuhan Keleş Acum 16 ore
A developer's console is present.
Batuhan Keleş
Batuhan Keleş Acum 16 ore
Sounds such as weapons firing is unique in different environments, angles, and distances.
Batuhan Keleş
Batuhan Keleş Acum 16 ore
This is the first non-EA Sports game to utilize ANT, an animation program that powers EA games like FIFA, to create realistic third person animations and smoother transitions for AI and multiplayer characters.
Batuhan Keleş
Batuhan Keleş Acum 16 ore
One lighting probe from Frostbite 2's lighting system contains more lighting information than an entire level from Bad Company 2.
Batuhan Keleş
Batuhan Keleş Acum 16 ore
The Marine on the cover of Battlefield 3 is portrayed by Dennis Lennartsson, who also portrayed the U.S. Army soldier on Bad Company 2's cover art.
Azure the Malk
Azure the Malk Acum 16 ore
The last time I was this hyped for an EA game it was BF1, and that game just didn't end up holding peoples attention that well for too long.. Here's hoping this truly is the next BF4, where everyone's still enjoying playing it years later..
Batuhan Keleş
Batuhan Keleş Acum 16 ore
An article on Kotaku states that the single-player campaign was inspired by multiple war movies such as Generation Kill, The Hurt Locker, Black Hawk Down, and the television series 24. It is also said that there is a focus on the campaign's characters' (including the player's) personalities and dialog. Additionally, the date of 2014 was chosen to not politicize the story.
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theres a motley crue song in the background - "Kickstart my heart"
Ryosuke Takahashi
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KICKSTART my heart make it never STOP!!
Сырым Убайдулла
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Aight, maybe I’ll buy this one
tekof Acum 17 ore
What we all imagined while playing with toys as a kid.
Akshay Tiwari
Akshay Tiwari Acum 17 ore
No wonder why EA has to increase BF4 Servers.
Okawa Kurosaki
Okawa Kurosaki Acum 17 ore
Battlefield 2042, far cry 6, horizon forbidden west, dying light 2, God of War 5.. need we have more???
Mai San
Mai San Acum 17 ore
2:05 :Me cutting apples what i actually see:
Evil Rooster
Evil Rooster Acum 17 ore
It is mandatory that for at least the first 5 levels you go up after this game launches, you scream PROMOTEEEEEEED at the top of your lungs.
Dark Wanderer
Dark Wanderer Acum 17 ore
For real.......that was literally incoming FIRE
Marcus Kopetzki
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What will EA Dice do against Hackers this time no one absolut NO ONE wants hacker back like in bf5 !!!!!what will they do
Tyga Garcetti
Tyga Garcetti Acum 17 ore
Freeeeedooooommmmm.... Yeaaaaaahhhh
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This.... Is....... Soooooooooo. Dumb what you thought I was gonna say something good come on.
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Ha Rendezook in the trailer! That's enough for me 😁
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bf5 is so dead, that even the cheaters say: it's not worth my time lol
PUMPKIN Acum 17 ore
bf5 is so dead, that even the cheaters would say: it's not worth my time lol
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27mil babaca não gostaram
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Can someone edit the Black Hawk Down music over this ?
dragonstalking Acum 18 ore
i didn't realize the Solomons Campaign was so diverse and inclusive!
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Wow my pc cant handle this
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After getting a job I will definitely play it 😎
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3:14 btw
James Dewitt
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Excuse me how tf is the video age restricted!?!?!
Paul Perrizo
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REEEEEAAALLY pandering to the 80’s now, aren’t we?
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Thats the Battlefield i was waiting for. Finally :D
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The music for this is perfect
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1 Million Likes baby lets gooo!!!
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Nahh dont like it..
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please dont flop
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Just take my money already