Fxte_Toxic Acum 4 ore
koahklain Acum 4 ore
00:15 he moves his feet
Bwendan Fwith
Bwendan Fwith Acum 4 ore
😩 oh my
Nyan Lin Sint
Nyan Lin Sint Acum 4 ore
You are the best :)
Iman Morgan
Iman Morgan Acum 4 ore
Guildenstein foutch
Guildenstein foutch Acum 4 ore
This would be good if it wasnt for so much autotune in his voice that shit kills it for me
Delbin Umman
Delbin Umman Acum 4 ore
Love From Kerala❤️😍
[̲̅т̲̅σ̲̅ρ̲̅ ̲̅м̲̅υ̲̅S̲̅I̲̅C̲̅]
[̲̅т̲̅σ̲̅ρ̲̅ ̲̅м̲̅υ̲̅S̲̅I̲̅C̲̅] Acum 4 ore
Música Incrível Demais,Top 🇧🇷😎🎶👏🏻💯
Rajratna Nikumbhe
Rajratna Nikumbhe Acum 4 ore
That's crazy 😳 song
Annalia Kurl
Annalia Kurl Acum 4 ore
They sound like the same people! It’s amazing and so is the song! XD >:3
Amy Webster
Amy Webster Acum 4 ore
I have an unhealthy obsession with this song
Giovanna Clemente
Giovanna Clemente Acum 4 ore
laroi familyyyy
Giovanna Clemente
Giovanna Clemente Acum 4 ore
this one------- <3
Erick de Jesús Trejo
Erick de Jesús Trejo Acum 4 ore
Justin with that military haircut 🔥😂
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Acum 4 ore
the pain, then you know you're alive Both feet on the line, by any means, I will-
Isabella Williams
Isabella Williams Acum 4 ore
Kid sounds like 24k goldn
41PAC X Acum 5 ore
sup 1B
StewPac Acum 5 ore
Finally a good song that pops up on the radio, not some overplayed TikTok song.
GasticDood Acum 5 ore
Song underrated
Frank The Tank
Frank The Tank Acum 5 ore
Broke up with my girlfriend cuz she said Kid Laroi was bad. Not a single regret
Cole Warkentin
Cole Warkentin Acum 5 ore
It’s absolutely amazing to see them actually have fun together while making the whole thing! Incredible Song!!! First time I saw the music video i felt a rush.
Lukete bro
Lukete bro Acum 5 ore
Smile Acum 5 ore🤩🤩🤩
Walkthrough games
Walkthrough games Acum 5 ore
In 2025,my comment will get 70k likes
FLACCO Acum 5 ore
kxing von3x
kxing von3x Acum 5 ore
Aye lord pleath
TRU-Bikes Acum 5 ore
Justin Bieber look like 11 🤣
raina troy
raina troy Acum 5 ore
Love this song!!!!💓💓💓👏🏾👏🏾
CESAR OZUNA Acum 5 ore
I like it’s sick but I now know it’s Really cool
chriscel zamora
chriscel zamora Acum 5 ore
This song is everything 😭❤️
point guard
point guard Acum 5 ore
this vid deserve 100 million views
Filukkas univers
Filukkas univers Acum 5 ore
its kinda creepy when u think about it, that justin married a fan
Danny g
Danny g Acum 5 ore
Amazing Song !
Ria Mariana
Ria Mariana Acum 5 ore
KAREL LEE XIN ROU Moe Acum 5 ore
good song!!
unflavored donuts
unflavored donuts Acum 5 ore
Justin changed alot I haven't listened to him in a while
Brad Umbenhauer
Brad Umbenhauer Acum 5 ore
Am I the only person who is pushing 40 and feels every word that is sung in every one of his songs
GuerreroLeBron Acum 5 ore
que temardooo cmtmm
It’s time to gooooooo
It’s time to gooooooo Acum 5 ore
The people who disliked need a COVID test 😷
Jose Ignacio Martinez
Jose Ignacio Martinez Acum 5 ore
naaaaa Lana Rhoades😮😮😮
Ali thebassGOd
Ali thebassGOd Acum 5 ore
By no means a kid Laroi fan but this song is fucking gas and I’m considering listening to him more🔥🔥🔥
Ibrahim M.
Ibrahim M. Acum 5 ore
their voices are so similar 💯
RainbowX Acum 5 ore
Hey remember your father post Malone
Devoted Acum 5 ore
Daniela Sánchez
Daniela Sánchez Acum 5 ore
M Porcellini
M Porcellini Acum 5 ore
When I’m away from u I miss your touch ur the reason i believe in love..
Jojifan Acum 6 ore
999 LLJW forever
999 LLJW forever Acum 6 ore
This shit good🔥🔥🔥
Kelikupa Matu
Kelikupa Matu Acum 6 ore
How come laroi looks like a really annoying spoiled rich dhar Mann kid.
Aayush Dhumatkar
Aayush Dhumatkar Acum 6 ore
there's a reason this has 1 mil likes...
Gage Duke
Gage Duke Acum 6 ore
Bro this hits different late nights flyin down the road with the windows down
Ariko yt
Ariko yt Acum 6 ore
When he said here I am I swear I heard Roddy
Loosid Dreamz
Loosid Dreamz Acum 6 ore
AyyNoodle Acum 6 ore
Its just so fucking catchy 😭
TZ QUIK Acum 6 ore
He is “so done” with relationships then “I NEED YOU TO STAY”
Michelle Dixon
Michelle Dixon Acum 6 ore
I just noticed that the person who broke in the principal window was lil tjay
Fire Content
Fire Content Acum 6 ore
Shit gave me anxiety
Marck Anthonny Yow
Marck Anthonny Yow Acum 6 ore
The direction of this MV is just lit
Adler Nagy
Adler Nagy Acum 6 ore
I don't like his other music much but this one amazing
Wavvy_ Acum 6 ore
i have listened to this song on repeat to many times😂
E l l a _
E l l a _ Acum 6 ore
Aex Acum 6 ore
Glenn martin
Glenn martin Acum 6 ore
This song is such a banger!!! I'm finna make this a remix rq
jalalakbr Acum 6 ore
WHY IS IT ONLY 2 MINUTES!!! this song is too fire to be 2 minutes bro
Tinker Belle
Tinker Belle Acum 6 ore
It’s so narcissistic 😭 you’re basically saying every reason a woman shouldn’t be with someone. What??? Are we okay????
Tinker Belle
Tinker Belle Acum 6 ore
Even tho I fwi.
Hina & Co
Hina & Co Acum 6 ore
Such a good collab !!
Parsa Sohrab
Parsa Sohrab Acum 6 ore
If Bieber could point this direction fully it wouldn’t sound so bad.
Jay Acum 6 ore
Who else started vibing to the song? 🎵🔥
Mike Ray
Mike Ray Acum 6 ore
A million likes and 30 million views. Let's goooo
sp1d3r Acum 6 ore
Ima be real until I saw the bears he was wearing I thought it was a hint to juice with the b looking like a 9
Mike Ray
Mike Ray Acum 6 ore
Defenetly my new favorite by the Kid Laroi, I feel this
SniperRagersYT rbian
SniperRagersYT rbian Acum 6 ore
This song is even better...If Juice is with them
Big River Lures
Big River Lures Acum 6 ore
Every drop is complete fire. Every song. This kid gone be a goat. Different flows raps and sing his ass off!!
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Acum 4 ore
can anyone tell me the music type or genre that is being played in the intro?🥺
Slothh Acum 7 ore
What a banger of a song
slumpbodi Acum 7 ore
Beats airpods? Say less
Adegboyega Anuoluwapo
Adegboyega Anuoluwapo Acum 7 ore
I'm addicted😩❤