Mind blown 🤯🤣
He Was Gutted!! 😱🙈
So Unlucky!! 🤣🤣
How is this possible?!
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf Acum 9 ore
It’s red blue and yellow…
Kionzy Acum 9 ore
Idiot content
Greg Mitchell
Greg Mitchell Acum 9 ore
How is this funny?
Izzy Thegreat
Izzy Thegreat Acum 9 ore
Very funny prank ha ha Ha ha ha you should do this more often
N I C Acum 9 ore
Fake as hell
Dhardog thepoop23
Dhardog thepoop23 Acum 9 ore
Harold Williams
Harold Williams Acum 9 ore
He was not fuming 😂
Divine Assassin
Divine Assassin Acum 9 ore
you're a menace to society
ArcJojo Acum 9 ore
I always check to see if they have been opened regardless of how full it is lol I never drink a non factory sealed bottle.
pampam poo
pampam poo Acum 9 ore
Blue gatorafe taste like watered down shit its trash
Drew Stackle
Drew Stackle Acum 9 ore
So how did he get shocked on a WOODEN chair??
adam youtube1
adam youtube1 Acum 9 ore
Woody always forgets his phone is waterproof
Saitama OPM
Saitama OPM Acum 9 ore
If i was 10 again i maybe would laugh
Helen Howard-Pate
Helen Howard-Pate Acum 9 ore
J. Hyman
J. Hyman Acum 9 ore
yourmomswifipaswordispassword Acum 9 ore
Lets be honest he would have smelled the vinegar
Matthew Acum 9 ore
Ayy I’m the 420th comment
Fagg Aliciouss
Fagg Aliciouss Acum 9 ore
That’s funny, there must be a height restriction where they live.
Ali dhea
Ali dhea Acum 10 ore
PutraPlayz Acum 10 ore
Thats dengerous man
Benjamin Ribble
Benjamin Ribble Acum 10 ore
I honestly don't understand woody and kleiny, these guys make some pretty good video ideas but then stage them all and act like it's real, just do them for real TF
Blue Crafter
Blue Crafter Acum 10 ore
Faked so badly if there was vinegar in there you would smell it
Eva Whitehead
Eva Whitehead Acum 10 ore
"What are the primary colours?" (Proudly) "Red, blue & green" Yellow be like - 😑😑😑
David Holmes
David Holmes Acum 10 ore
This is literally stupid and you could’ve killed him.
Skyla Lee
Skyla Lee Acum 10 ore
Poor one into the other
•Mask Freak•
•Mask Freak• Acum 10 ore
The fact that he didn’t realize right away
Andrew Adams
Andrew Adams Acum 10 ore
Maryam Justic
Maryam Justic Acum 10 ore
Who hurt you
BallerBoy Acum 10 ore
Wow soooooooooo cool
Unfried Ramen
Unfried Ramen Acum 10 ore
That’s just evil
Michael Olinger
Michael Olinger Acum 10 ore
Old, But Still funny!
Mun Acum 10 ore
My face the whole video : 😐
manìķlų ¹²¹(:*:)
manìķlų ¹²¹(:*:) Acum 10 ore
Pov: you came from project night fall
RoyalGecko Acum 10 ore
Does Alex have a British accent?
Torey Davis
Torey Davis Acum 10 ore
Airickk2021 Acum 10 ore
Blah blah blah sunglasses blah blah blah
Grozny Acum 10 ore
Director: How bad can you act This guy: Yes.
Fluffylivster Acum 10 ore
I love how since they've been on that food show there sub's have started flying. About time you guys had a good break. Your content is amazing. Keep up the good work. Like if they should get over 10 million subscribers by the end of the year
proving insanity
proving insanity Acum 10 ore
Hey why have I never seen them with that kind of lid? I want one! Lol
Shuresh Manikandan
Shuresh Manikandan Acum 10 ore
Next time add stabbing, hanging, pistol, poison population of dumbs will be reduced to n-5
Mariya and Adam’s YouTube channel
Mariya and Adam’s YouTube channel Acum 10 ore
I love how Brandon is the host and it’s not even his channel
Beauty Nails Hair Colors
Beauty Nails Hair Colors Acum 11 ore
C'est incroyable
Sheeesh Acum 11 ore
That was the unfunniest shit I’ve ever seen
Rodrigo Paz
Rodrigo Paz Acum 11 ore
Why did he blurre the logo we definitely won't know what drink it is
jessie playz
jessie playz Acum 11 ore
U should make a challenge called the woaily woody and bailey or kleidy woody and klieny lol
م Acum 11 ore
I'm poor man my car is is is 🛺
Kk Sassy demon
Kk Sassy demon Acum 11 ore
He would've gotten paintball antway
Finley Talboys
Finley Talboys Acum 11 ore
Isn’t the hardest natural substance a spiderweb
FUNjaarey (Deepak & Rajat)
FUNjaarey (Deepak & Rajat) Acum 11 ore
Was he Woody or Randy with RKO... 😂
1 Sub before 2069?
1 Sub before 2069? Acum 11 ore
1 Sub before 2069?
1 Sub before 2069? Acum 11 ore
A person Who subscribes to me will be richer than him guaranteed
1 Sub before 2069?
1 Sub before 2069? Acum 11 ore
Only people Who didnt Come from tiktok Are worthy liking this
1 Sub before 2069?
1 Sub before 2069? Acum 11 ore
Congrats to everyone Who is early And Who Found this Comment
1 Sub before 2069?
1 Sub before 2069? Acum 11 ore
I pray Who ever reads This becomes succesful in Life
Måns Wifvesson
Måns Wifvesson Acum 11 ore
When you have a bad day
Finley Talboys
Finley Talboys Acum 11 ore
I thought it was water
DJ LUERS Acum 11 ore
Chloe and Alex Plays
Chloe and Alex Plays Acum 11 ore
Nice video lads! that seems such a fun game! i wanna play it
Blue Enderman aka-MINEMYWAY
Blue Enderman aka-MINEMYWAY Acum 11 ore
Wow he pick the one out of the 4, CRAZY
Skragg4L Menace
Skragg4L Menace Acum 11 ore
Soooo u can’t see that it’s been opened
Willow Wispwolf
Willow Wispwolf Acum 11 ore
Brass kids (especially those who were/are in marching band): It’s our time to shine
DmitRU2007 Acum 11 ore
So stupid and NOT funny!
Joseph Robison
Joseph Robison Acum 11 ore
The question wasn't what colors of light your eyes perceive as primary he left it too vague he didn't say, visible light or color wheel or optical perception... Oh and different countries have different primary colors... Some countries/languages don't even have a word for blue
Xbox InMy Veins
Xbox InMy Veins Acum 11 ore
Fake AF.
bryn84 Bryn
bryn84 Bryn Acum 11 ore
He's Wetting his middle finger
Kylie Fruehling
Kylie Fruehling Acum 11 ore
The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. Those are the colors you use to make other colors. You can’t mix other colors to make red, yellow, or blue
ZiggyBFishing CustomRods
ZiggyBFishing CustomRods Acum 11 ore
Yup, he never smelled the vinegar once he popped the lid. Gimme a break.
Florentine Nice
Florentine Nice Acum 11 ore
I don't like these kinds of pranks. At first I thought this was soap or something that you shouldn't drink. But honestly leave things people eat, drink or consum alone. Things can turn dangerous very quick.
Kiki & shawn smith
Kiki & shawn smith Acum 11 ore
Yoooo bogus asl ahhhhhhhh hhaaa
Clarissa Sa'u
Clarissa Sa'u Acum 12 ore
That was funny when he fell and t
Kape. R
Kape. R Acum 12 ore
D 3 M O N
D 3 M O N Acum 12 ore
People in 2021 👇
Marzena Sendorek
Marzena Sendorek Acum 12 ore
Fishy Boi V2
Fishy Boi V2 Acum 12 ore
I thought that was normal water with blue dye... As soon as I saw the label on the water say vinegar... 😳😳😳
SimplySarrow Acum 12 ore
Shut Up
Shut Up Acum 12 ore
He do be lookin like hopper, from stranger things
bheemrao torvi
bheemrao torvi Acum 12 ore
What's this blue tube made of
CobraKaiFan Acum 12 ore
The last one was the top 10 best anime betrayals
Theo Trounce
Theo Trounce Acum 12 ore
I’m loving the shorts