Car Tik Tok is Cringe
Elias McIntyre
Elias McIntyre Acum 2 ore
Touge is gonna be good in FH5
Jesus Robles
Jesus Robles Acum 2 ore
All we want is a big map lots of Cars/ customization and good graphics we don’t care about the story….
MDC Network
MDC Network Acum 2 ore
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith Acum 3 ore
Route is not the minimum it is the location in which your driving
valoja Acum 3 ore
Naahh not buy this game..
abhimanyu singh
abhimanyu singh Acum 3 ore
I'd like the idea of parts affecting aerodynamics of the car (affecting also how those air animations around cars work) implemented in the next game. Could be very cool
Wilkinstvreacts React
Wilkinstvreacts React Acum 3 ore
Day 1 of asking for Theo to play need for speed rivals
EfrainQuezada Acum 3 ore
What are the chances we get a RWB body kit for the new comet?
GingerBreadMan !
GingerBreadMan ! Acum 3 ore
I wanna get rid of both bumpers and the hood
nova noodle
nova noodle Acum 3 ore
ea watch's this vid an think lets make a nfs shift 3 to really stick it to them an oh yea bp can ur fans code it after all there free ryt ;)
shriram._ Acum 3 ore
5:18 um ummmmmmmm
MSA 0506
MSA 0506 Acum 4 ore
Ar12 nick said that this actual ps5/xbox x series gameplay
Matthew Townshend
Matthew Townshend Acum 4 ore
It's not a real drift if you cant continue the drift. It drifts then loses speed and momentum quickly. The new update car are alil btr. Let's just say it's an improvement over the power slide drift.
Matthew Townshend
Matthew Townshend Acum 4 ore
Dude, a real drift without a slide you can continue to do. I slide alot in the 1969 shelby fastback mustang. I drift almost like the fast and the furious. Next they need to add manual in the game.
Matthew Townshend
Matthew Townshend Acum 4 ore
Dude, that's more of a power slide, not a drift. I can drift btr in the new mustang they added.
Jose Lesta
Jose Lesta Acum 4 ore
a random person
a random person Acum 4 ore
is the viper a good off-road car or something
Anthony Gotzit 21
Anthony Gotzit 21 Acum 4 ore
Jesus Christ is king 🙏❤️
a random person
a random person Acum 4 ore
poor theo lol
Mithun Ghosh
Mithun Ghosh Acum 4 ore
No no nfs rally or like that only something I don't remember ruined nfs
Aldo P.R
Aldo P.R Acum 4 ore
I might buying xbox just to play this game
AshFung M
AshFung M Acum 4 ore
am i the only one that hates off roading? whats the point of going 60mph in the mud
ItzBlunt Acum 4 ore
i hope u can drive up the stairs at the temple
ZaheerZiyaad Eyad
ZaheerZiyaad Eyad Acum 4 ore
MCPunk55 Acum 5 ore
I made a livery for this car that's not exactly a livery. It's basically a chrome front grill with the black sticker that says "Roadrunner" on the back and the larger ones on the hood. You can't have all in normal circumstances so I made it myself.
I’m a dog with a Japanese bandana
I’m a dog with a Japanese bandana Acum 5 ore
Over in the car meet custom shop you can get low grip tires!
some guy
some guy Acum 5 ore
Basically if minecraft ever had cars and went to rtx almost fully
Dubblelaybatteries 1
Dubblelaybatteries 1 Acum 5 ore
lol PantsYes
+ Theo: There's gonna be different types of festival for different types of racing Me: THE CREW 2
Theo: This game is gonna be exiting! Me:Isn't that the forza horizon 3 or 4 mountain from the mountain dlc that came out?
thelonelydriver Acum 5 ore
Im just waiting to see if the gr yaris will be in the game
powerblades Acum 5 ore
Driveclub finaly. Oh wait...
Deno Cooper
Deno Cooper Acum 6 ore
Why doesn’t forza do motorcycles?…it would add a lot to the game.
MCPunk55 Acum 6 ore
I'm still pestering Ivory Tower to add the ZX1000R but I know licensing can be tricky.
4icky Acum 6 ore
Theo stop ricing cars I’ll actually kms
Gaven D
Gaven D Acum 6 ore
Pls let barn finds come back
Nathan Phillips
Nathan Phillips Acum 5 ore
They will
PhoenixGroupAsia園揚文化 Acum 6 ore
middle of nowhere 22500 bucks ace but icon points should be rich, 700000 an hour.
Soulie Acum 6 ore
It's too bad the footage is in 480p.
Reg Dexter
Reg Dexter Acum 6 ore
Make a video on all the bad new players shooting and at everything they can
Madeline Elene
Madeline Elene Acum 6 ore
The rules for drifting should honestly be as such: Both players launch at the same time. the first person to finish causes the round for both players to end and points are calculated. At that point, the player who hasn't finished must declare the % of event completed, then calculate points. For example: Pants completes the event first with 100k points. It took him 2mins to complete the race. Matty scores 125k points but only completed 25% of the event. That means he's slipping and sliding like a figure skater wearing sneakers. Since there's a 75% difference in completion, Pants gets a bonus 75k and wins cause he was actually drifting and not trying to make his car spin like a bayblade. Matty would be forced to actually drift if he wants to win = 3= THEN we can see which one of the two actually is the better drifter. Scoring by points alone is totally garbage since the worst drifter gets rewarded for rancid drifting.
Cameron Cullen
Cameron Cullen Acum 6 ore
The snow on the mountain reminds me of nfs the run
Worried Acum 6 ore
Bro just cause it was extended fenders doesn’t mean it’s wide bodied
Speed Demon
Speed Demon Acum 6 ore
When they finally decide to do Japan I want them to take 3 years or more to get it to perfection with graphics, realism, map and physics. I look forward to all the temples, latterns, mountains, tokyo, fuji, ebisu etc
The _XaleZ
The _XaleZ Acum 7 ore
Me: Oh added Biomes like Minecraft?
HomeWRLD645 Acum 7 ore
I wish Forza was on PlayStation 😭 I wish exclusivity wasn’t a thing :(
Michal Bobak
Michal Bobak Acum 7 ore
Its funny how forza motorsport still doesnt have any gameplay or anything since its announcement over a year ago while horizon already has multiple gameplay videos after a few week
Jamal Rollins
Jamal Rollins Acum 7 ore
Bro I have all the forza games but is this game worth Buying???🤷🏾‍♂️
Alex Colon
Alex Colon Acum 7 ore
The calico is probably one of the worst cars I’ve ever seen in gta. The car turns like a yacht it’s unbearable to drive.
Spectre Acum 4 ore
Yeah I agree at first I liked it but it doesn't handle well
Cross Acum 7 ore
Wirayudatwo Acum 7 ore
Robert Brown 6218
Robert Brown 6218 Acum 8 ore
F1 s**** we want Need For Speed in 2022 plain and simple.We need you Black Panthaa to be our voice your the man that knows what we want in NFS .I will not buy no F1 and don't recommend it to know one .
Lisa's solo in August!
Lisa's solo in August! Acum 8 ore
Ok but its trash when it comes to the streets races. Its tracking and handling is terrible and those are most important parts for racing these.
Black pantha laugin at us we all know he got the game already ahead of release lol good content mate can't wait till it launches for your gameplay videos
Earl O'Sandwich
Earl O'Sandwich Acum 8 ore
Don't be such a Karin, Black Panthay.
Tyler Sherratt
Tyler Sherratt Acum 8 ore
Wow that doesn’t look like every other horizon.....
Caio Cesar
Caio Cesar Acum 8 ore
Wheel support for nfs heat is pathetic. EA should be ashamed for doing such a lazy support for wheels... I mean...wheel doesn't even center after cornering. There's no support even for button mapping. It's ridiculous.. they just turned one of the biggest franchises of all time into a mobile game with modern graphics.
chuck Acum 8 ore
What colour is that
Kurtis DeBruyn
Kurtis DeBruyn Acum 8 ore
what cars it got on forza horizon 5
Joel Weger
Joel Weger Acum 8 ore
I’m going to get Forza horizon 5 but I have to buy an Xbox with my pocket money
drifter Acum 8 ore
Lol mine has 2867hp
Chris Bustos
Chris Bustos Acum 8 ore
gotta make the initial d 86
Joaco Borthiry
Joaco Borthiry Acum 8 ore
Wow such a shit like all the other videos about the futo
MRHANDY Acum 9 ore
This guy has 1 m subs
Lawrence Green
Lawrence Green Acum 9 ore
Yoooooo he took my car idea no way my shelled just white and different
Alkhii Acum 9 ore
What I was happy to see is that they've changed the rpm gauge In first gameplays this gauge was the same as in FH4 and it didn't really work with this new font, but now I think that it looks pretty cool!
Ghostree Acum 9 ore
imagine they turn the volcano area into a "Pikes Peak Hillclimb" like area
Benjamin A
Benjamin A Acum 9 ore
There is no gameplay, because there is no game yet, duh, As for the release date, Sept 2022, means Feb 2023 at the earliest. Lost my interest in the game though, after this preview. Loved the previous versions, but this isn't TDU at all, this a more like The Crew 1 meets NFS with a little GTAV into the mix. Too bad, was really looking forward to a new TDU.
Azeem Uddin
Azeem Uddin Acum 9 ore
me : is that double wing blackpanthaa : yes but it is also drag thingy me : ok lol
xeref Acum 9 ore
Did it get fixed?
Tristen Richardson
Tristen Richardson Acum 9 ore
I just tried the update the other day, is wish the missions paid out a little bit more
José Ruben Mendoza
José Ruben Mendoza Acum 9 ore
Hopefully they add more cars that are manufactured in mexico like chevy. I want to see Silverados in baja and trophy truck styles more offroad toys amd such since mexico is such a rugged area.
FULLMETALCAR157 43 Acum 9 ore
Yes i want refill on fuel refill nos tank damaging Parts overtime want it all Everybody's car going to be on jacked up lol
clay morgan
clay morgan Acum 9 ore
imagine saying you’re a car guy and building what ever that is.
AndrewMumma Acum 9 ore
How do you unlock this car, I unlocked the trade price but for some reason I still can’t buy it
Frank Spencer
Frank Spencer Acum 9 ore
dam this looks bad nothing to special at all was hoping for a good game but i geuss all developers nowerdays are lazy
ASOTFAN16 Acum 10 ore
I hope they don't make the off-road races in horizon 5 like in horizon 4 where two-thrids of the dirt racing was still on asphalt.
Lazy Paladin
Lazy Paladin Acum 10 ore
Honestly, been tempted to pick up a Xbox purely for FH4...If the PS5 is still endangered by time of FH5, ima say balls to it and get the new Xbox
James 41
James 41 Acum 10 ore
lol Theo said it's not like UK snow like the snow is two stories high ( the UK can get good/bad amounts of snow but it's rare )