Ivy’s Birthday Week!
Seewald Family Vacation!
Henry’s Birthday Week!
Living Room Camping!
Ivy’s New Friend
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Sara Al mutairi
Sara Al mutairi Acum 5 ore
Rebecca Morris
Rebecca Morris Acum 6 ore
Will you put together a birthing playlist for us please? 🥰
Ganesh Pardhan
Ganesh Pardhan Acum 6 ore
Plz help me sir
Jean Nieves
Jean Nieves Acum 6 ore
Awesomeness ❤️🦋⭐️
anna locke
anna locke Acum 6 ore
Why did she have a hospital birth? Doesn't she usually have her births at home.
karbear26 Acum 7 ore
Congratulations! Welcome Fern Fern!!
Theresia Merglewski
Theresia Merglewski Acum 7 ore
Adorable 💕
Shades of Sage
Shades of Sage Acum 8 ore
So so cute😍! My kids are the same way🤣❤️🙏🏿!
Beroia Studies
Beroia Studies Acum 8 ore
I'm happy for you guys, congratulations! 😊🎉
Juan Pablo Morales
Juan Pablo Morales Acum 8 ore
Un bebé 🥰😍😘
dipschwantz1 Acum 8 ore
Ivy reminds me so much of Jinger
thomas he
thomas he Acum 9 ore
池田茂 Acum 9 ore
池田茂 Acum 9 ore
@platano xD gracias!
platano xD
platano xD Acum 9 ore
Jackie Hughey
Jackie Hughey Acum 10 ore
Congratulations Jessa and Ben! She's beautiful! 💖
Rosa de Lima Gama
Rosa de Lima Gama Acum 10 ore
Alguém em portugues
doliio volay
doliio volay Acum 11 ore
Im a 62 year old woman and this had me crying. Congratulations and god bless. She's beautiful!
Gea van der Nagel
Gea van der Nagel Acum 11 ore
Waqas Mehak
Waqas Mehak Acum 11 ore
Sooo cuteeeeeee😘😘😘😘😘
Masood Khan
Masood Khan Acum 12 ore
Luke 6 12 One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God.(B) Jesus Christ is prophet and Messenger of Allah ☝️
Masood Khan
Masood Khan Acum 12 ore
May Allah guide you all to Islam ❤️ AMEEN
Masood Khan
Masood Khan Acum 12 ore
May Allah guide her to Islam ❤️ AMEEN
Robin Hood
Robin Hood Acum 12 ore
Those shots of Fern with Ben and looking at Jessa are priceless. Really shows the baby off. She's so alert.
oman vip
oman vip Acum 12 ore
Светлана Славченко
Светлана Славченко Acum 13 ore
Поздравляю, рада что всё хорошо. Но, почему бы не прибрать волосы роженице, да и медперсонас с растрёпанными волосами, и муж в уличной одежде и обуви. Ужас, и это медицинское учреждение? Проходной двор. Дайте женщине отдохнуть. Успеете ещё наглядеться. Грязи-то натаскали. Рискуете здоровьем и матери, и младенца. Неужели не жалко их?
doliio volay
doliio volay Acum 11 ore
know you & Ben will be forever thankful. Congratulations on the birth of your
RachelMingle Acum 13 ore
Fern is the name
RachelMingle Acum 13 ore
Fern is the name
Tilly James
Tilly James Acum 14 ore
Beautiful family I cried
Brunosgaming Acum 14 ore
Geraldine Bourke
Geraldine Bourke Acum 15 ore
Ben looks less anxious at this birth than the three before, I bet he’s happy they are at the hospital not on the couch
Sibyl Moore
Sibyl Moore Acum 15 ore
Such sweet babies. Thanks for sharing!
Gujranwala media
Gujranwala media Acum 16 ore
* Along with children's education, good training of children is very important for their personality development * We think that we feed our children well according to their status, dress them up, enroll them in a good school, recite the Qur'an or the Qur'an to the Qari Sahib, then that is our responsibility and we consider it as education and training. But in reality these are the things that fulfill the basic or social needs of the child that make his appearance beautiful but there is more to be done to beautify and refine the inner self and to make a well-rounded, sensible, responsible personality. E.g., 1: Getting the child in the habit of getting up early in the morning, 2: Before the age of seven, to give a child a light dhikr so that he becomes accustomed to it, but here the mothers do this negligence. I have seen with my own eyes that she will offer the prayers and recite them, but in the dark. And in the dim light and secretly so that the children do not wake up, their sleep will be bad ...! Now does the child know whether his mother prays or not, whether he takes the Qur'an in his hand or not, whether he recites the dhikr of Tasbeeh in the morning or in the evening? 3: Children should be reminded of small prayers in childhood and put into practice. Now the child reads in the school book that Bismillah should be recited before starting any work, but as long as at home or Parents or teachers themselves will not set an example in front of the child in school. If they do not try to teach in practice, it will be just a memorized sentence, but it will not have any effect. 4: Most of the mothers I have seen know that anyone who works or wears cloth shoes has to take care of the Sunnah, yet the children wear the upside down shoe first, put the upside down arm first and also come down in the reverse order. This is the routine of a child's whole life. Whenever he wears a shoe, he will wear it upside down first and then later. 5: Make it a habit for children to keep their belongings in order, clean and tidy when they go to and from school and keep their shoes, clothes and bags in their proper place, because scattered things in the house are a nuisance to the rest of the house and outside guests. And your family is in question. 6: In the same way, teach the children to use the washroom properly so that those who go after them will not be bothered or disgusted by any of our actions. We consider only prayers, fasting, or other similar acts of worship as acts of worship, but not a Muslim. It is good to be saved from the smallest pain and also to fulfill our personality. 7: Try to get the children in the habit of putting common items back in the same place from where they pick them up so that it is not difficult to find others, whether it is a box of matches or any other small thing. 8: Respect the elders of the house in front of the children, especially the grandparents and how to deal with other relationships such as aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. And if adults tease your kids about something wrong or make them mildly angry, don't take the children's side but make them realize that they are all their own and will never think badly of them. Most mothers argue over small things as to why the mother-in-law or aunt or uncle spoke to the child in such a way and also in front of the child from whom the child thinks that the mother is my benefactor. Avoid attitudes yourself and save your children too. Our elders, our bloody relationships play an important role in educating our children. Protect these relationships well. Never sow the seeds of hatred in the hearts of children for these relationships. 🙏🙏🙏 9: Make it a habit for children to take a bath twice a week in summer and twice a week in winter, and on Fridays, bathe and perfume them in a special way, dress them in clean clothes and tell them that this is the Sunnah of Allah's beloved Prophet and Baba. To go to the mosque with him, means to be aware of the importance of Friday and the Sunnah in the mind of the child from childhood. But children will do all these things only when they see their elders, especially their parents, and especially their mothers do the same thing. It is easy to teach but it is difficult but not impossible to be a practical role model in front of the children. Written by Fatima Darshehwar Haider Selection, Abid Chaudhry Please share the post, do not copy and paste * Join the same training group The same content is shared in all groups * * ❂▬▬▬1۩۞۩1▬▬▬❂ * OJoin🌸 * اچھی To get more posts and videos of your children's good training and training group and join WhatsApp group, write * training * to this number and message WhatsApp 03459277238 ❂▬▬▬1۩۞۩1▬▬▬❂
Bella Ramirez
Bella Ramirez Acum 16 ore
Cute baby ❤️
gagji jadeja
gagji jadeja Acum 17 ore
Tawni Acum 17 ore
"humourous" acky legs. haha! 😆
layne_ phase
layne_ phase Acum 18 ore
Why is your tummy still so big 😂😂 omg too funny
Saikat Acum 18 ore
A very emotional moment for parents, specially mother. Thanks for sharing. May God bless you all. ♥♥
R Prater
R Prater Acum 18 ore
That’s a hornworm and they’ll get huge. In the process they’ll destroy your tomatoes! Love the video. Abundant Blessings...
Jariah Ainun
Jariah Ainun Acum 18 ore
wow cute baby
Cassandra Marrelli
Cassandra Marrelli Acum 19 ore
Haha great video!
Daman Acum 19 ore
On 19th July was my birthday😂
Karen Charles
Karen Charles Acum 19 ore
Fern looks so much like Henry!!! She is beautiful! Congratulations!
Eka rochdiana Permana
Eka rochdiana Permana Acum 20 ore
So cute baby☝❤
naik Raki
naik Raki Acum 23 ore
デクリル Acum 23 ore
Congratulation 🥳🥳🥳 it’s a girl😱
Флайツ Acum 23 ore
She's Beautiful
pamela wilson
pamela wilson Acum 23 ore
Love you all and pray daily for you!
Valorie Britton
Valorie Britton Acum o Zi
Jessa, Fern is absolutely beautiful, as are all of your children... As where I think your other three children resemble you, I think Fern might resemble Ben's mom?
Wendy Osborne - IGN: Ribcrickett
Wendy Osborne - IGN: Ribcrickett Acum o Zi
Congrats 🎉 Seawald family. Fern Elliana is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl. Jessa and Ben, y’all did a great job preparing your older 3 children for their baby sister’s arrival. They are so excited and full of questions, Spurgeon especially 😂. I look forward to watching your family adjust and grow with this new addition. God bless y’all.
Наталья Сибирь
Наталья Сибирь Acum o Zi
Нет ничего прекраснее матери и младенца! Благослови Господь эту семью!!!!!
T'Ann Landels
T'Ann Landels Acum o Zi
Praise God! He has given you 4 wonderful gifts! I know you were close to your sisters, Ivy and Fern will be close sisters! The Mighty One has spoken! In given you these gifts, I know you & Ben will be forever thankful. Congratulations on the birth of your
NEO’S Designs
NEO’S Designs Acum o Zi
Back labor is awful! I had that with all 3 of my babies.
Jessica Bauer
Jessica Bauer Acum o Zi
That jerky is hands down the best out there! Congrats on baby 💜
Marisol Alonzo
Marisol Alonzo Acum o Zi
God bless you girl..you make it look so easy. But we all know He is with you and your beautiful family.
Faith F
Faith F Acum o Zi
6020 LOKESH B Acum o Zi
Zara Plakakis
Zara Plakakis Acum o Zi
She's sooo cute
Zara Plakakis
Zara Plakakis Acum o Zi
Praising God with you.
Alysoune Dekort
Alysoune Dekort Acum o Zi
Wow just a really naturally beautiful birth Congratulations on your beautiful blessing 👶
Jan Landreth
Jan Landreth Acum o Zi
Connie Smith
Connie Smith Acum o Zi
José Ferreira
José Ferreira Acum o Zi
Family Beautiful💖💖💖💖💖💖
Teresa Scott
Teresa Scott Acum o Zi
Jessa, you are such a great mom. I just love your family, and you have such cute babies❤️❤️❤️
José Ferreira
José Ferreira Acum o Zi
👶 Very beautiful🕎🕎🕎🕎🕎😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
Stef Conway
Stef Conway Acum o Zi
You are so patient and kind!! Especially with the kids!!! The Runk thing had me dying 😂
Kaila Carmon
Kaila Carmon Acum o Zi
So cute!! Where did you think of her name from?
mumofboys x5
mumofboys x5 Acum o Zi
Oh my she is gorgeous
Jennifer Auker
Jennifer Auker Acum o Zi
Sweet baby Fern 😊
Barbara Reeves
Barbara Reeves Acum o Zi
She is adorable 🥰 congratulations Ben and Jessa!
Courtney Muro
Courtney Muro Acum o Zi
They’re all so cute but Ivy steals the show.
Lyn Flom
Lyn Flom Acum o Zi
Camping in the livingroom would be fun.
RobloxNickname_Bratorsortnal Acum o Zi
Hi what am I doing here?
Michelle Durso
Michelle Durso Acum o Zi
Congratulations 🎉🍾🎈🎊
Claire Little
Claire Little Acum o Zi
Aw congratulations from Ireland on the birth of you new daughter. She is beautiful. The family pictures and memories captured in the photos are very special. Ivy asking Fern to play in the playroom is so sweet. Beautiful ❤️❤️
sokin jon
sokin jon Acum o Zi
Nathaniel Runk Seewald. I think Henry is on to something with the Runk! lol I love it!
Trisha B
Trisha B Acum o Zi
Was this ivys birth
Trisha B
Trisha B Acum o Zi
I'm glad you didn't chance a home birth this time