No Way! 😂 #shorts
OMG! 😂 #shorts
Damien Rose
Damien Rose Acum 15 ore
Justin your hair is good to
Paula Lara
Paula Lara Acum 15 ore
i got two pop it among us
Rainbow roblox playz
Rainbow roblox playz Acum 15 ore
Justin look cute
Lex Smith
Lex Smith Acum 15 ore
pico Acum 15 ore
I like the s
Alfonso Correa
Alfonso Correa Acum 15 ore
I never cheat
cato plays
cato plays Acum 15 ore
I love u
felix de fox tsp
felix de fox tsp Acum 15 ore
Dets sosad i oh most cri de i will mot doo det Justin Almost cri de I like it i will tall i cri de too
Carmita Rojas
Carmita Rojas Acum 15 ore
Miss Yharbrough
Miss Yharbrough Acum 15 ore
Pls lower the Price for your merch
Guerlens Noel
Guerlens Noel Acum 15 ore
I watched this I know the ending
Carolyn Norris
Carolyn Norris Acum 15 ore
loise aroka
loise aroka Acum 15 ore
That's fake I know they didn't differ Frank versus dad is actually sad and heartbreaking Ono😢😭😭😭❤
Monica Monica bears
Monica Monica bears Acum 15 ore
miguel hernandez
miguel hernandez Acum 15 ore
I watched this its crazy
KeilanaGamez Acum 15 ore
I think I’m a little late
Damien Rose
Damien Rose Acum 15 ore
Adam your hair is better than normal
Aahil Ali Ninja
Aahil Ali Ninja Acum 15 ore
Hi Lankybox
Mckinnah Barrientes
Mckinnah Barrientes Acum 15 ore
Broonoti Acum 15 ore
Me: mum can we have acting Mum: we already have acting at home Acting at home:
Laura Veismane
Laura Veismane Acum 15 ore
Mi favorite part song
Lacey King
Lacey King Acum 15 ore
A nephew billie
Aariz and Arisha’s Videos
Aariz and Arisha’s Videos Acum 15 ore
In the 2nd clip Justin’s acting was good falling down the table
Isaac Cho
Isaac Cho Acum 15 ore
me and my sister saw a mega neon kangroo today
Hellp me rech 3000 subbs witout any Videoos
Hellp me rech 3000 subbs witout any Videoos Acum 15 ore
These videos is just getting crazier
Cindy Holmes
Cindy Holmes Acum 15 ore
Y u acting like Brent rivara
Hanner banan3r
Hanner banan3r Acum 15 ore
am i dumb if i say i didn't really understand what happened hehe
ItzMocha Potato
ItzMocha Potato Acum 15 ore
Yay! Im early! 😁
Simply smiley
Simply smiley Acum 15 ore
Thats nice brb
Djaanz Roblox
Djaanz Roblox Acum 15 ore
Justin because Adam gave both of the rocks to Justin, Adam should have kept one rock
Lacey King
Lacey King Acum 15 ore
Hi Justin I’m a Billie fan too and a lanky box fan but Billie Eilish
valentina yatzael García
valentina yatzael García Acum 15 ore
Amelia Roxana Bermudez Paredes
Amelia Roxana Bermudez Paredes Acum 15 ore
4:16 Me: What in the earth is doing ayden there
ZESOUPMAN 1 Acum 15 ore
NooNooNoah9711 That's my Roblox username
NooNooNoah9711 That's my Roblox username Acum 15 ore
commandor sierra
commandor sierra Acum 15 ore
She defenetly got payed a lot
Zhanar Abdigapparova
Zhanar Abdigapparova Acum 15 ore
Kaydoo Lefevre
Kaydoo Lefevre Acum 15 ore
And the snowman go with the snowflakes
Jerrica D Williams
Jerrica D Williams Acum 15 ore
Miranda Tecpile
Miranda Tecpile Acum 15 ore
I like that there is real friendship here🥺
Melody Everett
Melody Everett Acum 15 ore
『︎Milkycloud』︎ Acum 15 ore
Wow this vid is amazing right (edit) and why was hawkmoth there
Magda Swiatlowska
Magda Swiatlowska Acum 15 ore
Alayah Evans
Alayah Evans Acum 15 ore
Its almost like I hate u guys
Djaanz Roblox
Djaanz Roblox Acum 15 ore
Adam should have kept one rock for himself and give only one rock to Justin
Jay Smith
Jay Smith Acum 15 ore
Almaha Omar
Almaha Omar Acum 15 ore
Justin: AHHHH I SAW I THE DOLL WHEN IM NOT PLAYING Adam: really!? Justin: I really don’t wanna open it Justin: *opens phone* Justin:AHHH ITS STILL THERE Adam: Justin that’s me 😑 Adam:it looks nothing like me Justin: your right it’s way worse ME: *crying laughing*😂🤣😂
Khole  jones
Khole jones Acum 15 ore
Spell that right I just like I got up and I’m scared
Jimin Baby mochi
Jimin Baby mochi Acum 15 ore
Adorxiie Acum 15 ore
Kaydoo Lefevre
Kaydoo Lefevre Acum 15 ore
The crab go with your face
Francisca Soto
Francisca Soto Acum 15 ore
I have 3 pop it's
avo anazonian
avo anazonian Acum 15 ore
Lankybox please play Plants Vs zombies
Alperen Gök
Alperen Gök Acum 15 ore
Yes id cheat
Abdallah Al daher
Abdallah Al daher Acum 15 ore
Omar Abdallah Naya Omar Dima
Jacob’s Gaming Station
Jacob’s Gaming Station Acum 15 ore
Zsofia Szabo
Zsofia Szabo Acum 15 ore
Awww same thats cute alot
Hyaliah Mei Respicio
Hyaliah Mei Respicio Acum 15 ore
Nicolle Tomasello
Nicolle Tomasello Acum 15 ore
CookieAngel Galaxy
CookieAngel Galaxy Acum 15 ore
Meh(^_-):Justin dancin underwater!?
abbz gamer
abbz gamer Acum 15 ore
say hi if found
Janae Cool
Janae Cool Acum 15 ore
He scammed
Dana Lim
Dana Lim Acum 15 ore
It êe
razacooll gaming
razacooll gaming Acum 15 ore
Uroš Jovanović
Uroš Jovanović Acum 15 ore
I try and someone times i get As
Kylie Tavarez
Kylie Tavarez Acum 15 ore
Cool 😎
Mohib Ur rehman
Mohib Ur rehman Acum 15 ore
Adam fight Justin rose
GoJoua Xiong
GoJoua Xiong Acum 15 ore
I have a pet rock in it rollaway
Lara Elmahy
Lara Elmahy Acum 15 ore
Omg 😭😢😢 I cried he is so cute plz take care of him and don't let him sad 😔 ❤️
Abrar Feysal Zamin Peyma
Abrar Feysal Zamin Peyma Acum 15 ore
Haahahahahahahahahahuhahahahahahahahahs I can’t I just can’t uhhahahahahahhahah
Aftab Ahmad
Aftab Ahmad Acum 15 ore
Y. Ji
Y. Ji Acum 15 ore
what I have that spider in the movie
David Palacios
David Palacios Acum 15 ore
Dwan Fullard
Dwan Fullard Acum 15 ore
I cried so much once he climbed in that box
darren atwaroo
darren atwaroo Acum 15 ore
The best
Cindy Holmes
Cindy Holmes Acum 15 ore
Avyanna Moore
Avyanna Moore Acum 15 ore
Those are Kwame’s
Nightmare Acum 15 ore
NooNooNoah9711 That's my Roblox username
NooNooNoah9711 That's my Roblox username Acum 15 ore
An Avocado is alive when it is on a tree! Ok?