SansUndertaleツ Acum 55 minute
When you work at frys long enough to know that store is a frys...
Mario Gonzales
Mario Gonzales Acum 56 minute
Same thing happened to me when I was about 5 I have quads aka 4 wheelers and my home told me to get on with her and I got burnt and I bike was running for 30 mins+
Mario Gonzales
Mario Gonzales Acum 55 minute
And I was on my foot
Mario Gonzales
Mario Gonzales Acum 56 minute
But I left a cool scar that looks like a Ten and I ten
Pleyland Acum 59 minute
I dislike ROless shorts
Garythesquid SQUID
Garythesquid SQUID Acum 59 minute
I have to listen to my neighbors diesel for 15 minutes every morning. Wakes my baby and of course he stays up. I feel this.
Adam Lentz
Adam Lentz Acum oră
That man is one accidental red light run from a concrete grave
Mathieu Duval
Mathieu Duval Acum oră
Lmao. That's kinda karma. You're probably the only one she didn't want at her register and there you are all happy to see her
TristanTheFish Johnson
TristanTheFish Johnson Acum oră
When he said "Take a donut dude." I got some regular show vibes
FNBAdapt Acum oră
How funny of u to assume he need help
TandemRBLX Acum oră
Bruh she was the one in the right, he was revving his bike at 7am for no reason
Filip Pfeifer
Filip Pfeifer Acum oră
Scooby dooby doo
Arkhenaten Acum oră
That poor woman can’t get away from you.
gojo sataro
gojo sataro Acum oră
Aww he's so cute I really love that bunny and I had bunny too her name is Bell she had a sister her sister is mine and Bell is my little brother one my rabbit name is Snowpy but she died😭😭💔 I don't know why she died but I still have Bell too . Snowpy will always be my side❤️
Seraj 13
Seraj 13 Acum oră
Motor bike lmao
Michael Gray
Michael Gray Acum oră
That was soo cute 🥰 I hope he got her number 🤗
Kirbo Acum oră
Stop stalking people for views and just leave her be. You're just seeking conflict and reactions.
Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart Acum oră
Hay, that's a good way to remove tattoos.
Pop Tato
Pop Tato Acum oră
Quit getting mad what would you do? Pick it up? Run it over? Sure they could’ve tossed the rabbit a little softer but it’s not like they kicked the thing
Saphir abdul
Saphir abdul Acum oră
You were having fun out on a very pretty day they probably didn't have anything to do and felt like messing with you
IndiBrony Acum oră
Internet has conditioned me. As soon as he said "got this yesterday", I was expecting him to do a burnout from the lights and wreck. Nope. Just two dudes being wholesome AF ❤️
salty lemon
salty lemon Acum oră
Everyone else: oh no the little guys injured Me: Is that the gta font
ImaginetacosYT Acum oră
I think it would actually help so he couldn’t get hit anymore but bruh they could have done thsi a lot more gently
TennRides Acum oră
Wow, crazy fast growth. Congratulations on flying right over half a million subs. Sure, it is just a number, but it also a little bit of a paycheck, too. Hahahaha. I would definitely want to go down that in a tube.
Iceman Acum oră
Glad y'all are getting along lol
Conner Anderson
Conner Anderson Acum oră
Or be safe and don't ride motorcycles
Brian glm77
Brian glm77 Acum oră
Yet a guy in a camaro got arrested for doing donuts in a residential road
silver owl
silver owl Acum oră
Lesson learned: stand on the side walk waiting for bikes
Luisa Felipe
Luisa Felipe Acum oră
Once in dr i burned myself on motorcycle
sarnieken Acum oră
This is how it should be. Car guys and bike guys being nice to each other.
creamjuicer Acum oră
The good ending. Love to see it
Max Alexander
Max Alexander Acum oră
Does that sound like Peter Parker
Opaxz Acum oră
I was amused by her negative attitude and then lost it at the “oh, then we’re hopelessly deadlocked”
British Wrath
British Wrath Acum oră
Get an ebike.
smurf o oni
smurf o oni Acum oră
A kind person- have you been good Me- AY BITCH!!!
Juicy Doubles
Juicy Doubles Acum oră
Rabbit: *minding his business* Hat guy: *YEET*
devon browne
devon browne Acum oră
This was gold lmao damn
Slip Knawther
Slip Knawther Acum oră
"Good" I wonder how many times both her and him still think about there but sweat convo
TheOfficialLilNova Acum oră
wtf just happened
lyktah lyktah
lyktah lyktah Acum 2 ore
I don’t get why they were so rough with the poor little rabbit and threw him like that
David Barrientes
David Barrientes Acum 2 ore
He falls off he aint got a back no more
Armin Theron
Armin Theron Acum 2 ore
Jesus loves you so much ❤️ I was addicted to porn for almost 6 years of my life, I was on drugs, alcohol and I hated people, Jesus set me free and he can set you free aswell ❤️ all you have to do is repent and trust in him and he will change your life! ❤️
Caleb Ryan
Caleb Ryan Acum 2 ore
Nice to see you mane.
Rabbit: Bro why are you worried my uncle on google maps survived
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker Acum 2 ore
Plot twist: he was wearing a jacket made from human skin
Brandon Willis
Brandon Willis Acum 2 ore
His hat makes him time travel.
Tyler Sargent
Tyler Sargent Acum 2 ore
19th Ave in phx
strikerdoc _420
strikerdoc _420 Acum 2 ore
Yall...chill, rabbits aren't dry leaves there actually very resilient little sh*ts, did it like that no. Did it hurt it no, is it fine yes.
Tony Howes
Tony Howes Acum 2 ore
Awaken Lou
Awaken Lou Acum 2 ore
Man: he looks hurt Also man after chucking him 😂
Rajesh R.
Rajesh R. Acum 2 ore
Every Karen is going to end up like this I guess sad but true
bungee gum 🤌
bungee gum 🤌 Acum 2 ore
there could be blades, poison, or just stale doughnuts
David Walters
David Walters Acum 2 ore
She was upset and it was understandable... You should have apologised to put ill feelings at rest.
madeleine Shepherd
madeleine Shepherd Acum 2 ore
Thank you for saving him or her even tho you grabbed him by your hat♥️♥️🥺🥺
roblox Dream
roblox Dream Acum 2 ore
IS that you
madeleine Shepherd
madeleine Shepherd Acum 2 ore
i dont even know anymore
i dont even know anymore Acum 2 ore
dont heart this comment
Kevin S
Kevin S Acum 2 ore
Road rage driver vs stupid ass biker
Esha Nazib
Esha Nazib Acum 2 ore
font style from gta🤓
Greg Muir
Greg Muir Acum 2 ore
Ohh your being nice now? Good job man! It’s nothing to be nice to old Karen’s dude!!
Logan Cole
Logan Cole Acum 2 ore
Bro can u spot me with a powerade
OffCamberIgnitor Acum 2 ore
The first half of the vid isn't here. Not context for what they are telling him to stop doing
BLACKLIST • Acum 2 ore
I had faith in mankind and his parents for a second there, when he pulled out the flip phone, but when he said he got grounded and that he actually has an Iphone X, I lost that faith in a flash.
random_things164 Acum 2 ore
Thats animal abuse you dont catch them in a hat and don't through the poor rabbit.thats just animal abuse
jon 79jw
jon 79jw Acum 2 ore
That woman needs to get some D ...take one fir the team bro..maybe she won't be so miserable
Johnny Vo
Johnny Vo Acum 2 ore
Grumpy old lady
StarTheConfuzzled Acum 2 ore
My man yeeted the poor bunny :-;”
William Winstrop
William Winstrop Acum 3 ore
Remember when being a motorcyclist was the least Karen thing to be. Pepperidge Farms remembers.
Special_blank Acum 3 ore
Guy:You been good? Old lady:no? Old lady:Are you good Guy:no?
.funny movids ,funny videos
.funny movids ,funny videos Acum 3 ore
Definitely scripted by 3 ppl who aren’t funny
Max Schneiter
Max Schneiter Acum 3 ore
Damn, you short bro
William Otani
William Otani Acum 3 ore
Idk if anyone saw, but she was smiling a bit when saying never
SC4L Dank
SC4L Dank Acum 3 ore
I would be mad at you and ur bike to if I was 50 working a shitty dead end job like that 🤣🤣
Vector Acum 3 ore
Could've taken him to a vet instead eh
Well no wonder shes pissed off, shes a casher
Marcus J123
Marcus J123 Acum 3 ore
She’s not that bad anymore