Jacob Scott
Jacob Scott Acum 4 ore
Back to your usual dogshit content aye ross
Jose Lesta
Jose Lesta Acum 4 ore
Aaron J
Aaron J Acum 4 ore
DinoMite Acum 4 ore
I just got a bunch for free and I didnt switch???
Foxwellgaming079 Acum 4 ore
For GTA VII (7) they need to make in based in 2090 or far in the future.
Menace Acum 4 ore
I been afk in Sub and Auto shop and Never been kicked tf?
Quanxn Acum 4 ore
Can someone answer fast who wanna do Peter griffen with me all night
Jayden Campa
Jayden Campa Acum 4 ore
@mrbossFTW if you go to interaction menu they updated rhat for the vehicle menu you can now park your car with hydros up or down and lower your car
Baftjar Zeka
Baftjar Zeka Acum 4 ore
Shot ap
DJZags Acum 4 ore
Dude just says don’t buy the cars he isn’t good with
Expert Gamer
Expert Gamer Acum 4 ore
Congrats on all of you s I'm in a good mood because I just got ps plus and I'm getting house internet and not use ing phone wifi so I won't get the money but I'm happy to have GTA online but congrats 🎉👏
Mystic Taco
Mystic Taco Acum 4 ore
You should buy all the cars or the one you want because you can customize them as far as your imagination like the zr350 and rt3000
malkhutikahol Acum 4 ore
No no no i have not received my money!! I want to know where is my money eh! Where is the 1 million per month?? What 250,000 ? No 💰!!!
kid vicious
kid vicious Acum 4 ore
Ive found 10 so far!!
Pig 1
Pig 1 Acum 4 ore
Wtf is this thumbnail
Lil Dabbie 2
Lil Dabbie 2 Acum 4 ore
Yo mr boss I can’t load gta online help
IDKwhy 502
IDKwhy 502 Acum 4 ore
I go to Mexico and they give us money I haven’t even played the new update
zenoxyne Acum 4 ore
when are we getting the 250k?
Envii ツ
Envii ツ Acum 4 ore
I can finally afford a hair cut in this game
One Snippets
One Snippets Acum 4 ore
Anyone wanna help me with money on gta playstation
Zachery Schilling
Zachery Schilling Acum 4 ore
Yeah I can't wait to get the ps5
Caleb Igoche
Caleb Igoche Acum 4 ore
Thanks to everyone who talked about *TEO_HACK* he is a legend 💓💓.
Face Puncher36
Face Puncher36 Acum 4 ore
They must make the map biggier then because 100 players in a small map is annoying
Caleb Igoche
Caleb Igoche Acum 4 ore
Thanks to everyone who talked about *TEO_HACK* he is a legend 💓💓.
yeah Acum 4 ore
if it takes place in toronto im immediately going to find my house
Jerri Robertson
Jerri Robertson Acum 4 ore
I haven't gotten nothing plus I can't deliver cars. I been to 7 different lobbies and couldn't do shit.
I’ve tried to tell people how to rank up and no one made videos on it lol
Alien God
Alien God Acum 5 ore
Wtf is 250k ? Whats that suppose to do buy my ammo ? Jus keep ya cheap ass money I piss that on gta
Ceniza_Ashes Acum 5 ore
This update made me give up on Regular GTA and now I just play RP
Sion Lewis
Sion Lewis Acum 5 ore
*I stopped playing gta v years ago anyway. They completely ruined online by adding stupid things into the game just so people would buy shark cards to get these things quicker. They have taken the route of saints row..but with more money.*
jellycat 36
jellycat 36 Acum 5 ore
Accidently clicked on this garbage channel.
Sion Lewis
Sion Lewis Acum 5 ore
*Hold up, so basically all the customers on last gen consoles who paid hundreds, if not, thousands on shark cards wont even get a full refund? That’s basically robbery! That’s like me buying a pair of sneakers only for the store owner to come to my house 8 years later and take them from me because his store shut down and don’t even give me the money back for the product I purchased. Rockstar are scum, greedy bastards robbing everyone.*
Koppány Fehér
Koppány Fehér Acum 5 ore
5:56 Michelle not Meredith
Omni Man
Omni Man Acum 5 ore
This is a real piss take to the car guy community I have some cars that are slow but I love them get your non car guy ass outta here😡😡😡😡😡
Christian Dhanai
Christian Dhanai Acum 5 ore
I love you bro your the best person in the world from 2017 to 2021
BigManBob Acum 5 ore
Enough from the Clown
Worried Acum 5 ore
The first one I did worked, but the last 2 don’t tell me anything or anywhere to go
Ghost Recon
Ghost Recon Acum 5 ore
Love the free money and I still got the finale to do one of the prep work
Jesse Hill
Jesse Hill Acum 5 ore
Ngl like even the bunker had an option to buy the research , sure it was expensive af but like I had to clear almost the whole thing for my missels for the oppressor meanwhile I was getting super griefed while my friend had the rockets in his first 5
You Know
You Know Acum 5 ore
I wouldn’t even notice it hit🤷🏾‍♂️
Robbie Persichetti
Robbie Persichetti Acum 5 ore
10:01 are u joking
Haynes_ 56
Haynes_ 56 Acum 5 ore
Getting our bidin bucks I see.
Martin steenbeeke
Martin steenbeeke Acum 5 ore
TE27 with RA28 tail lights and KE70 grille actually. Not an RX3.
Andrew Brodie
Andrew Brodie Acum 5 ore
Thanks for the useless NO new news dude
Jotaro's Very Dream Worthy Adventure
Jotaro's Very Dream Worthy Adventure Acum 5 ore
Literally this is some bull. That's today and I haven't gotten it at all. Tf. I waited all day. Nothing happend at all
Jedi Builder
Jedi Builder Acum 5 ore
It can't be that bad though I'm already 29 from just playing a little bit
Hotdog Christmas
Hotdog Christmas Acum 5 ore
I know it’s been a while but does it feel like it got worse again in story mode
Ian Lanctot
Ian Lanctot Acum 5 ore
Mr boss deserves as low honor as possible for all the lies he tells
Master Vel
Master Vel Acum 5 ore
😎 👍👍
Kanaan Lopez
Kanaan Lopez Acum 5 ore
If you buy an autoshop, and play the Arcade game that is in the shop, they have Los Santos, Vice City, Liberty City, Las Venturas, and San Fierro as the setting of the game... if I was Mrbossftw.. I would Speculate its a hint for future releases
yldoG mA I
yldoG mA I Acum 5 ore
For the people saying you can’t find any it’s because you can only do one exotic car a day, unless you can find a civ car like a bullet on the street
Seattle in grey's anatomy 😍
spo Acum 6 ore
When does this event start ?
Matthew Salazar
Matthew Salazar Acum 6 ore
Boss…did you just say the event week ends on Tuesday? It’s Thursday you moron! Ha ha ha!
KING WB Acum 6 ore
I only got 100k
Pritchard _00
Pritchard _00 Acum 6 ore
Incredibly exiting? Really
Cameron Cullen
Cameron Cullen Acum 6 ore
76 oppressors 💀
Angel Norris
Angel Norris Acum 6 ore
What if he's the scientist that created the boar man experiment. He does say his best friend and pet die. 👀👀
Secrect_Killz Acum 6 ore
MR BossFTW: Rockstar is givin us a chance to make some of our money back!! Me: Awww yes GTA$450,000 when I spent GTA$20 Million
Joseph does baking
Joseph does baking Acum 6 ore
All I’m asking is how do you get that phantom wedge on there
Dragin Slayver
Dragin Slayver Acum 6 ore
If y'all don't want to play the game then turn it off they did it like this so the people who really want that stuff will get it the rest will complain it's to hard
Grey the clone
Grey the clone Acum 6 ore
Looking for help with the gta 5 casino heist My username is wht scope in xbox
Wizardnil Acum 6 ore
Stimmy checks comin’ in
Genzo Forever
Genzo Forever Acum 6 ore
in 2019 they gave away 4 mil for free I miss that
Luis angel Escobar
Luis angel Escobar Acum 6 ore
AFRAZ Acum 6 ore
Do we need the auto shop for the money?
One Snippets
One Snippets Acum 4 ore
For one of them yes you get 200k just for logging in but you get 250k for competing a mission from the autoshop
Nicholas Mulpagano
Nicholas Mulpagano Acum 6 ore
Bro where is my 250k
REDUX Acum 6 ore
Hello 2021
gideondavid30 Acum 6 ore
farming the Dream
farming the Dream Acum 6 ore
I'm rack 47
Just Rob
Just Rob Acum 6 ore
Damn at least give ppl 500k
XN3ZM4 Acum 6 ore
I just hit rep lvl 20
the other old man
the other old man Acum 7 ore
Next video rockstar adding animals to gta online like horses , ducks and more 🐦
Older Avatar Aang
Older Avatar Aang Acum 7 ore
I did go to tej cliff and nothing happened but I did see a eagle fly off and basically that’s it nothing else.
JuNNii Acum 7 ore
Level 34
Matthew Hill
Matthew Hill Acum 7 ore
Has anyone else seen the shark cards where you buy then get double the money back?
Chief SeVeN
Chief SeVeN Acum 7 ore
PC got mods bro they been had all the updates Rockstar
Keystro Acum 7 ore
Its only 50k not 5billion