Why Red Bull will have a unique F1 engine advantage

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Red Bull's F1 engine plans are gathering pace, including a batch of appointments from Mercedes, as it bids to take on the might of the three-pointed star with its new powertrains division when Honda leaves at the end of 2021. With how seriously Red Bull is taking this project, and the amount of investment it is prepared to make, it's set to end up with a unique position even compared to the fully-fledged manufacturers who have their own teams, as Edd Straw explains


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Rudolf Huijs
Rudolf Huijs Acum o Zi
They might become an engine manfr but they are still a drinks company. Racing in F1 is about passion, history and cars. RB just have a tiny slice of history.
Farr93 Acum o Zi
They should go for Cosworth.
VEOdev Acum o Zi
i feel like they are good with the new Honda engine they will secure this championship
Del Bebio Jr.
Del Bebio Jr. Acum o Zi
So now they stopped complaining about other teams' technology that they try to copy or remove.
Manuel Kumli
Manuel Kumli Acum 2 Zile
Years of Verstappen domination ahead
Gerard Vriend
Gerard Vriend Acum 2 Zile
I don’t see how Ferrari is profiting of the build of motor and shassis. It puts extra pressures.
Perrin Kliot
Perrin Kliot Acum 2 Zile
I think it's great that a company like Red Bull can come along and shake things up like this. It should be a big wake up call for Mercedes and Ferrari to stop looking down their noses at everyone else... You don't need to be making cars for 70+ years to be competitive, you just need to hire the best people and give them the space to do great things...
Nico Naretto
Nico Naretto Acum 3 Zile
Imagine.. the red bull team with a VW partnership.. Lamborghini is VW.. Raging bull motor for the Red Bull team..
Sports2Hedz Acum 4 Zile
@TheRace PLeaSE INCREASE the SiZe of your On-ScReeN TEXT!
Mas Bejo
Mas Bejo Acum 4 Zile
Honda motogp is dying.
Thomas Hendershot
Thomas Hendershot Acum 8 Zile
Jack S
Jack S Acum 8 Zile
Rich get richer. Great idea from red bull
Ito Ke
Ito Ke Acum 8 Zile
I love the ambition of Redbull and Honda. Honda bowing out after this year but going balls to the wall to leave a legacy behind to help Redbull kick off their own engine development.
NIKOvbn Acum 8 Zile
This is what we call a "pro-gamer move", nice 👍 Doing essential stuff yourself is always better, if possible. Good luck, I really hope it will work out and Red Bull will become a tier 1 engine manufacturer, right beside Toyota and Honda. Sending ripples throughout F1 already, maybe it will become an actual sport again - instead of bullshit, politics and drama. Limiting the budgets is a good start, long overdue. Would be amazing to be able to buy a normal car with a Red Bull engine in it at some point, just imagine that...
Plongplong Jusain Ramira
Plongplong Jusain Ramira Acum 10 Zile
Redbull taking F1 more seriously makes me wanna buy their energy drinks now.
Nich Hodge
Nich Hodge Acum 12 Zile
Red Bull like Coca Cola have become the name people use for it’s drink type. When people want a cola they ask for Coke and when people want an energy drink they as for a Red Bull
Nich Hodge
Nich Hodge Acum 12 Zile
Mercedes-AMG is slowly catching Ferrari in wins and driver’s titles and will overtake them especially if Lewis Hamilton stays there for a few more years
Nich Hodge
Nich Hodge Acum 12 Zile
Rumour has it at Red Bull’s Milton Keynes facility they only have Pepsi drink vending machines
Lars vd Niet
Lars vd Niet Acum 12 Zile
Red Bull is netherlands I live there lol
Thai Koon
Thai Koon Acum 14 Zile
Those who know, know what Honda is. ❤️❤️❤️
ikplay Acum 15 Zile
Victor Persson
Victor Persson Acum 15 Zile
It's worrying, the amount that they spend on this isn't to keep pace with Mercedes; It's to dominate the sport. Mark my words. In 5 years we're gonna be tired of Red Bull 1-2 finishes and Max will be Luckstappen or some bs like that. Hopefully Williams and Haas will pick up their pace. Sorry, Williams and *Uralkali Rich Energy Racing* will pick up the pace.
Rick Den
Rick Den Acum 16 Zile
More proof that the few top teams get fatter and remaining teams fight over what ever few scraps remain. F1 is mostly unwatchable, has been for 6 years.
Tihomir Brkic
Tihomir Brkic Acum 17 Zile
Video repeats itself for 30 seconds just so THE RACE can squeeze extra few bucks from algorithm awarding videos over 8 minutes with xtra adverts! The Ra$e! Go money 😅
Szymon Cendrzak
Szymon Cendrzak Acum 17 Zile
Hear me out: Lamborghini.
Pranjic Toni
Pranjic Toni Acum 17 Zile
From energy drink to F1
Dks WingsUp
Dks WingsUp Acum 18 Zile
They should have been making engines a long time ago.
tdg911 Acum 18 Zile
Why don't you all grow some balls and take control of yourself and remove the ridiculous masks! The particle size of the virus (according to the experts) is 1/.010 of a micron (1 billionth) and the opening on an N95 mask is 95 microns... You can mask up 3x and the particle still gets in lol. Baaaaaaah baaaaaaaah sheep. Think for yourselves and take back your sovereignty instead of following someone else's narrative that doesn't give a crap about you... Sending much love.
Maurice Acum 19 Zile
Ahh my daily dose of stupidity ,.. ps fattie bombatties should not wear skinny jeans
Tony Roberts
Tony Roberts Acum 20 Zile
What about Redbull becoming an engine supplier. For the likes of say, hmmmm I don’t know but Haas comes to mind.
Mark Sikorsky
Mark Sikorsky Acum 21 o Zi
Just watched a clip from 2004. Let these pieces of crap just go away
peter3334floyd Acum 22 Zile
Nothing unique at all about what Redbull have going. There is nothing stopping Mercedes or Alpine or Ferrari from doing exactly the same thing if they choose to. Good try. Complete fail. Wow. You can try and spin it any way you wish but the writing is on the wall.
RS24MIRV Acum 22 Zile
RedBull sells 7.5 billion cans annually. That's like at the very least 20 billion in revenue. They have the money just from cans nevermind their other endeavors. They can easily afford to dump a billion into their F1 teams.
Eq_NightGlider_ Acum lună
I never understood why McLaren don’t make their own engines.
David Acum lună
You just have to love Red Bull's commitment 👌
Flavortown Acum lună
So when can I buy a red bull supercar?
Mike Riemer
Mike Riemer Acum lună
Is Red Bull with Vodka still a thing?
beach cottage
beach cottage Acum lună
Built-in advantages "... like Mercedes." [Definitely]... "Ferarri." [Historically, yes. but not for a decade ...] ... "and Renault/Alpeen..." [sound of needle scratching a record/bo-oi-oi-oinnnnng/"alooooog-gah" old-timey car horn, etc.]
Bill eib
Bill eib Acum lună
They do not have to worry about selling passenger cars, no advertising costs.
Bill eib
Bill eib Acum lună
Get in bed with Ford Open the US market for the sport.
Volt7 Cool Tangs
Volt7 Cool Tangs Acum lună
I went to Monza in 2015 & 2016. Everyone was cooing over the sound of the 4.0 litre Mecachrome V8s in the GP2 cars. Sounded so much better than the 1.6 litre V6 hybrids. They sounded like real F1 cars. Everyone was going WOW! That is the wrong way round folks. The sound is the magic, the sound should scare you. Fk modern corporate F1. The corporations took it over and screwed it up. Fk Mercedes & Toto Wolff.
Eq_NightGlider_ Acum lună
And here I though F1 was about the racing. Turns out it’s about the sound. All those awesome battles between Prost and Senna, Schumacher and Alonso? Who gives a fuck about that shit, did you hear the sound!
Volt7 Cool Tangs
Volt7 Cool Tangs Acum lună
If it wasn’t for Red Bulls massive but insane commitment Mercedes would be lapping every car on the track. Mercedes have been bad for F1. TOO MUCH MONEY. Look, Williams had to sell up! Unstoppable in the 80s & 90s, the best team they were, now all but gone. Honda pulled out! McLaren are in massive debt and have just literally had to sell the LAND that their HQ & factory stands on to survive!!! New drivers are billionaires sons ! HELLO! Alarm bells guys. WAKE the f up. F1 is gross. F1 is way too expensive. Cost capping coming in way too late.
Volt7 Cool Tangs
Volt7 Cool Tangs Acum lună
This just goes to show how absolutely outrageously expensive it is to compete in F1. This is utter, utter madness. Even in the 60s & 70s they could build amazing sounding V12s and V8s that the whole romance and glory of F1 is built on. Just because an engine has to now be green & hybrid ffs. Max Mosley was right about cost capping back in 2009. As Vettell said “bring back the V12s” Current engines still sound like Hoovers. It’s ALL about the sound guys. Don’t you GET it!? Who cares if the engines are putting out 600 bhp or 1100 bhp. There should be 24 car grids, not 20. Good on Red Bull for the insane commitment but Ken Tyrrell was putting out 6 wheelers and winning 3 World Championships from a couple of wood sheds and 25 people. Even Williams had to sell up. Disgraceful.
Ray Davison
Ray Davison Acum lună
The one thing not mentioned in the video is that surely Red Bull may be required to supply other teams under the F1 rules of supply to customer teams.
Drew Murphy
Drew Murphy Acum lună
I can’t help but wonder if Red Bull might do a deal with Toyota… Red Bull GR seems like a match made for speed.
Ronald Jesse
Ronald Jesse Acum lună
F1 is a perfect marketing platform. I once read a article about the huge amount of money Marlboro has put into F1 in the past. If they would have to advertise in papers and magazines to reach the same amount of people it would cost them 6 times more. So, it costs them a lot, but far less then other kind of advertising. The year Max Verstappen came to F1, had as result a 7% higher Red Bull sales in the Netherlands. Its about 10 million Euro extra sales in his first year alone.
Atlanticway Paddle & Adventures
Atlanticway Paddle & Adventures Acum lună
Red Bull is a Brand..! A Brand with many arms. 1- Energy drinks 2- Extreme Sports 3- Motor Sports
Hello THERE • vor 12 Jahren
Hello THERE • vor 12 Jahren Acum lună
They accidently sign a few ferrari strategist
Reiss Scales
Reiss Scales Acum lună
So the prancing horse has 236 wins being in the sport form the begging and still get money for being that Merc recently back in the sport (as a manufacturer) are only 2 season away from taking ferraris crown from them Speaks volumes
Captain Picard
Captain Picard Acum lună
Imagine how much McLaren would love their own engine operation.
Osama Edris
Osama Edris Acum lună
For me it's just RB Never take self responsibility. It's their biggest flaw, it's always someone else's fault.we can see it with their revolving door of drivers. I just feels they need to take a responsibility and focus on themselves rather blaming someone ,something else and focusing on Hamilton and merc all the time. And saying that merc have better car than red bull is just cheap excuse
Yusuf Dawood
Yusuf Dawood Acum lună
Imagine if redbul has to one day manufacture a road car. Do you think they would call it the redbul car or use another badge??
Ironbuket Acum lună
0:13 It is 'unique' by being like mercedes and ferrari?
S7VEN Acum lună
Imagine being beaten by a "only a drinks company" can't wait for the Merc and Lulu era to take a hard fall
Reuben Wills
Reuben Wills Acum lună
You clowns say that every year and he keeps winning🤣🤡
Darren AM
Darren AM Acum lună
This is an extremely difficult but exciting thing for Red Bull to do. Even MacLaren, who have been in the sport for decades...and make road cars have never made their own engines. Will we see Red Bull make their own road cars at some point in the future ??.
wetpull Acum lună
Hello, Question: regarding the Spanish Grand Prix today; Could Verstappen have pitted when he was 23.00s up on Hamilton? To possibly win?
Ben Hof
Ben Hof Acum lună
Red Bull sports cars? That would be cool to see!
Sam Schafer
Sam Schafer Acum lună
Will always and forever be a honda honda though. Any potential future “red bull supercars” will still always be using a “honda” engine in my opinion 🙃
Sam Schafer
Sam Schafer Acum lună
A Jaguar, powered by a Honda, with a red bull sticker on it.
Mark Battison
Mark Battison Acum lună
This is massive for F1s future. It effectively sets in stone Red Bull as a long term F1 team and almost certainly the same can be said for Alpha Tauri. Renault have always been flaky with there committment, so having 3 nailed on OEMs is vital
KarlosH Acum lună
So Max is young, Lewis is likely to retire by guessing end of 2023 when he'll have either 8, 9 or 10 world titles, I then detect Max in an RB doing a Lewis and being unbeatable.
Pannan Tobbe
Pannan Tobbe Acum lună
well lets not talk about the ferrari decision...
Jason Christopher
Jason Christopher Acum lună
Does anyone know if we have any night races for 2021?
Mike Miceli
Mike Miceli Acum lună
I only see one team benefitting from complete integration.
vannustube Acum lună
engine tie-in with Jaguar? :)
quazz79 Acum lună
But is it the year of the Red Cabbage?
777 Acum lună
i always found it crazy how redbull come to f1 as a company and not a sponsor
PJ Harwood
PJ Harwood Acum lună
Crazy how many baskets Red Bull have got their eggs in; they're one of the world's biggest and best energy drink manufacturers, are four-time F1 world champions, own several successful football teams (one of which reached the Champions League semi-finals last year), run multiple sports events (air race, soap box race, mountain biking, etc.) and sponsor teams/athletes in an insane amount of sports ranging from NASCAR, Motocross, skating & BMX, basketball and ice hockey.
TJ Roelsma
TJ Roelsma Acum lună
This must feel as something of a kick in the nuts for other teams. Wasn't it this same Red Bull that lamented how "there had to be an engine development stop" because "there was no way they could afford continueing to develop the Honda engine"? For me they thoroughly deserve the nickname Red Bullshit.
TJ Roelsma
TJ Roelsma Acum lună
@Eq_NightGlider_ Oh, I get that. But it's somewhat ironic that it was RBR/Honda who were vehemently against an engine development freeze before Honda announced it would get out of F1 yet again. It's even more ironic how RBR cried crocodile tears lamenting how "they couldn't afford to develop that engine" and hinted at leaving F1 to apply extra pressue on getting that engine development freeze. But as soon as that development freeze ws a fact, RBR presented a fully worked out plan for building a completely new RBR Power Trains factoy and hiring away Mercedes engine development staff. So the whole "poor little us need that engine development freeze" act was BS, as they already had the plans worked out.
Eq_NightGlider_ Acum lună
No. They wanted the engine freeze so they could have time to take over Honda’s operations.
Captain Blacktooth
Captain Blacktooth Acum lună
More extravagant, spurious hype about RBR F1 ....... Horner is a barrow boy, Dr Evil is self explanatory; Just an awful team. Max is a good driver but he is not a racing God, he is just way too angry underneath it all. One hates to point out that Mercedes can work with anyone it chooses ..... as i said .... Hype.
Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar Acum lună
I think KTM should design an engine for Redbull.
Aldoogie Acum lună
would love to see them partner with BMW on making an engine.
Light Shunshine
Light Shunshine Acum lună
Redbull : unlimited budget ??
Shaneey Acum lună
they should get whoever builds ken block rallycars on board too...The Red Bull Hoonigan Racing Division
Billy Boy
Billy Boy Acum lună
My money is still on Mercedes.
_lowpoke Acum lună
Imagine if down the road red bull transition into producing some crazy super/hyper cars.
Rob Bleeker
Rob Bleeker Acum lună
I am just trying to imagine that this as a result, other teams may come to Red Bull in the future to become a client team of Red Bull.... Imagine that....
Tim Biester
Tim Biester Acum lună
Or this gonna be special, or a total disaster.. Respect tho
Sakuya in Maelstrom's Mansion
Sakuya in Maelstrom's Mansion Acum lună
Just make cars already Red Bull...
Austin Washington
Austin Washington Acum lună
That's a very nice thumbnail. Shout-out to the editor!
Eduardo M
Eduardo M Acum lună
They still need to have the best driver
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown Acum lună
I love it. Hope they do really well!
Dont even Start
Dont even Start Acum lună
WHY? Because they pirated Mercedes engineers thats why! If you cant beat them, buy them! Lmao!
Gerwin Bergsma
Gerwin Bergsma Acum lună
It's really insane to think a freaking energy drinks company is going to produce a car engine. A formula 1 car engine nonetheless.
Ter Tam
Ter Tam Acum lună
"MONEY " really is the root of all "EVIL" ......
Nishan Haidar
Nishan Haidar Acum lună
i forget redbull is an energy drink
Wael Ali
Wael Ali Acum lună
What a load of BS. Next year's RBR engine is this year's Honda's IP but frozen. Also, RBR have to steal engineers from Merc because they can't create their own. Lolz. There best hope is to wait for 2025 to either produce their own engine DNA or wait for VW to potentially enter F1 with Audi or Porchse. Both is very unlikely.
Ajith Kumar
Ajith Kumar Acum lună
But if honda engine is the main and the only issue between redbull and the championship ,then why don't switch to Mercedes engine or Ferraris ?. Will that will give the privetier badge on them
Jr Dinero
Jr Dinero Acum lună
Honda...... will have the last word on what redbull does with their engine..
Ernanda Ferdian
Ernanda Ferdian Acum lună
Redbull tuh kratindeng bukansih
Gauttier II Concepcion
Gauttier II Concepcion Acum lună
With this level of development, I doubt, Red Bull will eventually end up having a car manufacturing company.
Aquamarine Acum lună
I wouldn't even be surprised if Red Bull is announcing a road car division tomorrow.
Achmad Fadil
Achmad Fadil Acum lună
It maybe too early to say this, but if drivers are envying Hamilton's talent as a driver, team owners are probably envying Horner's talent as a manager.
channelwhywhywhy Acum lună
If this is done correctly and they take advantage of the other benefits this brings, such as manufacturinga high performance road car (Mclaren like but with its own engine) then this investment will pay for itself very quickly and provide the missing piece of the puzzle for RBR. Adrian must be like a kid in a sweet shop.
Dre Park
Dre Park Acum lună
You can tell f1 wants Red Bull to dethrone Mercedes. As a Mercedes fan I hope Mercedes dominates for years to come. How can you have an advantage when you are trying to steal engineers to get your engine manufacturing off the ground. Makes no sense.
Michael Hensley
Michael Hensley Acum lună
A unique advantage only over those that do not build their own engines.
TA S95
TA S95 Acum lună
Sounds like Ed has a cold.. get well soon
Dre Park
Dre Park Acum lună
Fuck Redbull....
Joe Rieke
Joe Rieke Acum lună
I hope they go down the McLaren road by offering Red Bull ultra and hyper cars to private buyers. Can you imagine what they would come up with and being able to own a "Red Bull"? And it all starting with an energy drink 🤣👍
Alain Martel
Alain Martel Acum lună
Red Bull wants to be THE team to beat. It have been the case for Ferrari, it's currently the case for Mercedes, and Red Bull want to be the next team in that position.
LogiForce86 Acum lună
If I was Red Bull I would codename their engines after famous spanish bulls that were fought by matador. Just like Lamborghini did to name their cars, like the Lamborghini Miura for example.
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