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El Gato de Marte
El Gato de Marte Acum 9 luni
¡Nuevo vídeo de la voz!
Steven Searles
Steven Searles Acum 7 luni
Marcela Blanco
Marcela Blanco Acum 8 Zile
Impactantes y emocionante voces!!💓💓
Bella Renae'
Bella Renae' Acum 12 Zile
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Debra Anderson
Debra Anderson Acum 22 Zile
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Juan Pérez
Juan Pérez Acum 27 Zile
Only Australia. There arenot others countries.
alexandre borges dos reis
alexandre borges dos reis Acum 28 Zile
Parabéns a todos cantam suas vozes , muito talento parabéns
Maria Ignez
Maria Ignez Acum lună
Reto04 Acum lună
No solo da putazos en Marvel sino tambien sabe cantar xd
Katsu KaBoOM
Katsu KaBoOM Acum lună
La kagaste poniendo despacito, merecido deslike!!
Shahebaz Shaikh
Shahebaz Shaikh Acum lună
Last one is Awesome
Izilda Oliveira
Izilda Oliveira Acum 2 luni
Que demais!!!
Carlos Sanz
Carlos Sanz Acum 2 luni
.El hombre, como la hierba son sus días;..Que pasó el viento por ella y pereció..Mas la misericordia de Jehová es desde la eternidad y hasta la eternidad sobre los que le temen, Y su justicia sobre los hijos...que guardan su pacto, acuerdan de sus mandamientos para ponerlos por obra.(Salmos 103:15-18) Escucha el testimonio del pastor Eugenio Masías Corbacho, es extremadamente impactante. Dios se manifiesta al hombre y le señala su camino, aun con voz audible. Lo librará del camino de sombra de muerte y lo llevará por el camino que conduce a la libertad gloriosa de los hijos de Dios. Lee la Biblia, versión Reina Valera 1960,
Carlos Riera Carranza
Carlos Riera Carranza Acum 2 luni
totalmente erróneo.....una lastima el comentario motivacional.
AlexFF TV Acum 3 luni
TheFlixGame Acum 3 luni
04:00 song?
Emiliano Benitez
Emiliano Benitez Acum 4 luni
Quien hizo este conteo. Porque no sabe lo que es impresionante 🙄🙄
Emiliano Benitez
Emiliano Benitez Acum 4 luni
La 2da no me impresiono tampoco
Emiliano Benitez
Emiliano Benitez Acum 4 luni
La primera no impresiona para nada
nicarT._. '-'
nicarT._. '-' Acum 4 luni
E só eu Brasileira legal, ótimas vozes
Wayne Kelly
Wayne Kelly Acum 4 luni
Josh , great voice
Sonia Domingues
Sonia Domingues Acum 4 luni
Luz Marina Monsalve
Luz Marina Monsalve Acum 4 luni
Excellent !!!
Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel Garcia Acum 4 luni
Nobody is really good for Tom Jones
Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel Garcia Acum 4 luni
someone listened yhat he said quiero "respirar tu culo despacito" Culo no Cuerpo. Culo is a bad word LOL
otri vin
otri vin Acum 5 luni
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Federico Calderon
Federico Calderon Acum 5 luni
El del sombrero se parece a Aníbal pachano jajaj
Aru Baza
Aru Baza Acum 5 luni
Cómo se llaman los participantes del vídeo? O las canciones que interpretan
Mari Casteluche
Mari Casteluche Acum 4 luni
Hola en el video aparecen🤗
Rodrigo diaz El loco
Rodrigo diaz El loco Acum 5 luni
hermano es mui bueno mirar sus suenos e no solamente mirar,mas hacerlos realidad
Daniel Davi
Daniel Davi Acum 5 luni
Puts deixou alok no chão
Francisco Lopes
Francisco Lopes Acum 5 luni
Esse DJ é um GÊNIO....!
Brenna Chaves
Brenna Chaves Acum 5 luni
O Dj mandou muuuitoooo
otri vin
otri vin Acum 5 luni
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otri vin
otri vin Acum 5 luni
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Eduardo Mariotti
Eduardo Mariotti Acum 5 luni
hermosa canciones ...
Lucia GarcR
Lucia GarcR Acum 5 luni
El único q me impresionó fue el pequeño 7:58 los demás 🤔
Mya Annie
Mya Annie Acum 5 luni
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Patricia Miranda
Patricia Miranda Acum 5 luni
No se entendió nada!!! Español por favor!!! Chanta!!!!!ponele!! Jijijaja
Robert Gorton
Robert Gorton Acum 5 luni
All great performances!!
Mya Annie
Mya Annie Acum 6 luni
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leona parker
leona parker Acum 6 luni
I didn't like the one with when the doves cry, it wasn't actually singing to me
Penny Knight
Penny Knight Acum 6 luni
Me gusta mucho! Gracias!
yuan yuan
yuan yuan Acum 6 luni
Kelly Fratoni
Kelly Fratoni Acum 6 luni
San perry...the best
diogenes Acum 6 luni
Is tortured singing in now? Dancing on my own, piece by piece, hallelujah, rise up, etc are done over and over. I don't know how the judges know the difference anymore.
Sky Eater
Sky Eater Acum 6 luni
Like si todos nos saltamos la de despacipo :v
Carol Vallecillo
Carol Vallecillo Acum 6 luni
X2 😂
Mya Annie
Mya Annie Acum 6 luni
The second girl is the female version of Calum Scott. And my daughter says the first one is actually princess Elsa
Андрей Боков
Андрей Боков Acum 6 luni
Красавцы все
Fira lena
Fira lena Acum 6 luni
I am so grateful to be alive today. My girlfriend saved my life last night. This is a selfie I took in the emergency room after having a severe allergic reaction to almonds. I went into anaphylaxis, meaning my face, my lips, my eyes, my tongue, and my throat all started swelling up rapidly, making it almost impossible for me to breathe. I also had a rash all over my entire body, and I was extremely red. Staying alive had never felt more difficult. At one point, my nasal passage was completely blocked, and it was getting more and more difficult to breathe. They shot me up with Benadryl, steroids, they gave me a breathing tube, and even other stuff that I can’t even remember, and it caused all of the swelling and the rash to go away. Because this was a severe allergic reaction, I need to continue taking steroids and Benadryl for the next week, because it is possible that the allergic reactions could come back at any point over the next week. The steroids and Benadryl make me feel like a zombie, and I really want to take care of my health, so this will be my main focus over the next week. I want to thank my amazing girlfriend, who made the decision to take me to the emergency room the second I started feeling itchy. I was hesitant about going, because I didn’t even want to believe this was actually happening. If it weren’t for my girlfriend driving me to the emergency room only minutes after eating the almonds, there is a good chance that I wouldn’t have made it according to the doctor. This has been without a doubt the hardest few days of my life, but I also look at them as the most important few days of my life. These moments have reminded me about what’s really important in life, and it has made me so grateful to even be here on this earth. I will be prioritizing my health over the next week, and I’ll post updates about how I feel. Thank you all for being patient during these difficult times. This week has been NUTS (too soon for jokes? 😅)
Frankie Acum 6 luni
Fantastic all of them
Gamax Acum 6 luni
VTR GOD Acum 6 luni
10:37 name?
VTR GOD Acum 5 luni
@Oliver Vazquez sim eu achei , mas mt obg :)
Oliver Vazquez
Oliver Vazquez Acum 5 luni
Lean on
Mazo pelis
Mazo pelis Acum 6 luni
Para ver pelis aquí! 😊
Tonnelyn Rendora
Tonnelyn Rendora Acum 7 luni
me as always: why am I not gifted with such talent?
Camelia Deleanu
Camelia Deleanu Acum 7 luni
Taila excelent voice congratulations
VenzeyvioLLa90 Virgo
VenzeyvioLLa90 Virgo Acum 7 luni
N I watching it again n still feeling like a the first time I heard.. The last performance I mean
Марина Дорош
Марина Дорош Acum 7 luni
Полностью скопировала первое выступление Калума Скота на х-факторе
Sándor Molnár
Sándor Molnár Acum 7 luni
Valdiney Alves da Silva
Valdiney Alves da Silva Acum 7 luni
Canta de mais
Valdiney Alves da Silva
Valdiney Alves da Silva Acum 7 luni
Cada vóz linda
Chuky Boom
Chuky Boom Acum 7 luni
CHUKYBOOM: Gato de Marte como haces para que no te salte COPYRIGHT? GATO DE MARTE: Soy de Marte! ✌😂
Jesús S
Jesús S Acum 7 luni
6:05 Respirar tu qlo despacito xd
Salomon Jara
Salomon Jara Acum 8 luni
La numero 1 es igual a Maria Sharapova es hermosa y canta igual de hermosa
Silvia Karem Alves Gomes
Silvia Karem Alves Gomes Acum 8 luni
Really Good Friends! I Love yours
Gold's Roger's
Gold's Roger's Acum 8 luni
alex brown
alex brown Acum 8 luni
first girl was out of this world
Fernando Corcuera
Fernando Corcuera Acum 8 luni
min 6:03 "despacito, quiero respirar tu "c*lo" despacito".... JAJAJAJA.
Rocio Mariana Lorca
Rocio Mariana Lorca Acum 8 luni
Frank Wilson
Frank Wilson Acum 8 luni
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Brisa Breeze
Brisa Breeze Acum 7 luni
Thanks for the information .God bless your health and your whole life.💖
Yvonne Winfield
Yvonne Winfield Acum 8 luni
Josh was amazing
Yvonne Winfield
Yvonne Winfield Acum 8 luni
Young lady that sang the song from frozen was exceptional.
Rami Abouharb aboud
Rami Abouharb aboud Acum 8 luni
7:42 menino i ll be there you are great !
Jonathan Silva
Jonathan Silva Acum 8 luni
El chico del DJ muy bueno
marcos duarte
marcos duarte Acum 8 luni
7:53 MJ magnifical
J Altenbernd
J Altenbernd Acum 8 luni
Can’t pick a favorite, all amazing artists! Thank you for this great compilation
elCopao Acum 8 luni
dejen de ponerle tanto efectos de aplausos, son molestos!! quiero escuchar al cantante no me interesa la edicion!!
Elvira RUBIO
Elvira RUBIO Acum 8 luni
The second girl is the female version of Calum Scott. And my daughter says the first one is actually princess Elsa
Antonella Russo
Antonella Russo Acum 8 luni
No es UK es Australia
Ricardo De Lima Lima
Ricardo De Lima Lima Acum 8 luni
Como é bom receber essas belas vozes amei
Ana Luísa
Ana Luísa Acum 8 luni
13:50 wooowww
Héctor Semana
Héctor Semana Acum 8 luni
Una de las mejores interpretaciones de este tema !!!
Federico Calderon
Federico Calderon Acum 5 luni
@Jose Lopez jajajaj maaal
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Acum 8 luni
De cual de todas las canciones del video?
magnym alison
magnym alison Acum 9 luni
Sandra Anahi Roldan
Sandra Anahi Roldan Acum 9 luni
UK? 😅
Angelo Sanchez
Angelo Sanchez Acum 9 luni
JOE is an overacting coach
STEFFIFI Acum 9 luni
Not a lot from UK😁
Moory Hyung
Moory Hyung Acum 9 luni
como cuando pones (UK) pero uno solo es de UK :P interesante JAJA muy buenas las canciones
Silver Schooner
Silver Schooner Acum 9 luni
Malibu! My goodness!!! 🤗😎
Stephen Carr
Stephen Carr Acum 9 luni
Wow how good was the first one 😎
Robere (BeachBum)
Robere (BeachBum) Acum 9 luni
Wow, he talent is awesome. I could not move, they were all so good and the last one was just so special.
Mya Annie
Mya Annie Acum 6 luni
Taila excelent voice congratulations
GAAVAJ Acum 9 luni
Does anyone know why the last one. . .why did all the chairs turn when George hit his button?
Ahmed Alhemaiany
Ahmed Alhemaiany Acum 9 luni
That's the case when all the rest have complete teams and are just waiting for George to turn
Okami Acum 9 luni
other than sam... they arent shocking
Bobby Acum 9 luni
2:21 she needs to go get her own a former contestant who got the golden buzzer wrote make her sing another one
Motoaventurero Acum 9 luni
la ultima chica fue impresionante wow
Selene Suárez Marcelin
Selene Suárez Marcelin Acum 9 luni
pero porque dice UK?
Altrn0 Acum 9 luni
Gran error.
Luzinete Gomes
Luzinete Gomes Acum 9 luni
Hortencia Gonzalez
Hortencia Gonzalez Acum 9 luni
Pedro Reyes González
Pedro Reyes González Acum 9 luni
LelYam ndk wanacor
LelYam ndk wanacor Acum 9 luni
steve pembeton
steve pembeton Acum 9 luni
whos the aussie singing a t the end ?
steve pembeton
steve pembeton Acum 9 luni
whos the aussie singing at the end ?
Mikki Kinser
Mikki Kinser Acum 9 luni
Last Girl Killed It..!!..💕 What A Beautiful Voice.!!. 💯💕💯
Albert Twosky
Albert Twosky Acum 2 luni
What song is????
зинур давляшев
зинур давляшев Acum 9 luni
Том Джонс самый компетентный
Pixi Myn
Pixi Myn Acum 9 luni
I have to finally say it. I have been watching Voice in Australia(or around the World) and I can't tell you how often I have wanted to tell Kelly to be a Lady. For pete's sakes -- do you really think you are so gorgeous that you pose the same stupid pose in the same tacky black dress/pant suit, and think you are "All That", week after week after week. I thought at first you were to be admired, until I saw you loved YOU more than anyone else did. WHY? WHAT have you got against the show? Allow others to have their "Share-the-Air" time, too! I finally began to not tune in! However, I heard that this show tonite was going to be special. It was no different, you still were in that black outfit, still with the same pose and the same conceit that you have become so well known for. Change your act with the times!! YOU R NOT ALL THAT!! Allow someone else a chance to be seen, too --- Like the contestant. Be a lady!!
Nix Scrapolla
Nix Scrapolla Acum 8 luni
You need therapy
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