The Weeknd - Heartless (Vapor Wave Remix / Audio) ft. Lil Uzi Vert

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The Weeknd

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Music video by The Weeknd performing Heartless (Vapor Wave Remix / Audio). © 2020 The Weeknd XO, Inc., manufactured and marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Eris Zaldanna
Eris Zaldanna Acum 13 Zile
A e S th E t I C
lovely astethic
lovely astethic Acum lună
withered115 Acum lună
this go hard tbh
Estefi Vanesa
Estefi Vanesa Acum lună
Future ñññññ
Serenity Morgan
Serenity Morgan Acum lună
woah woah woah, this is too good. who let this happen? my gawd ahhhhh
Hisoka Morrow
Hisoka Morrow Acum lună
Fun fact: I'm new here from a freind, my freind doesnt know this, so please don't like or bring attention to this comment. Have a good day love♡
Melle D
Melle D Acum 2 luni
david cerasuolo
david cerasuolo Acum 3 luni
It's crazy how much he sounds like the king of pop Michael Jackson
Disneyfan1999 Acum 3 luni
that was unexpcted
Alex Costa
Alex Costa Acum 3 luni
Not really vaporwavw but okay
Muhammad Saif
Muhammad Saif Acum 14 Zile
yeah its lil uzi from the 16
Nassib Achkar
Nassib Achkar Acum 4 luni
I can't find this remix but not slowed, anyone plz ?
Nathan S
Nathan S Acum 4 luni
Watch the weeknd make a synthwave or vaporwave album
Luis _
Luis _ Acum 4 luni
Ik this isn’t vapor wave but this still kinda slap
Seb Henderson
Seb Henderson Acum 4 luni
1.25 speed
TrueDream Soul
TrueDream Soul Acum 5 luni
This shit is awesome....
The Realest
The Realest Acum 5 luni
This song better be on Cyberpunk 2077
Sakif Sadman
Sakif Sadman Acum 5 luni
Mustafa Jamal
Mustafa Jamal Acum 5 luni
Almighty Sosa
Almighty Sosa Acum 5 luni
vaporwave weeknd sounds like FBG Duck singing
christopher harold
christopher harold Acum 5 luni
Straight ⛽️🔥
Left Right
Left Right Acum 5 luni
Heart: no Aesthetic: yes
handerson handinho
handerson handinho Acum 6 luni
Robert Patterson
Robert Patterson Acum 7 luni
I love tht simple little line so much, it flows like f and prob cuz he opens the first bar with it deffently a good representation of a heartless weekend..but o dont understand why lil uzi aint get nowhere near as many as views on tthe beat as weekend did from the original thts crazy...or is people just not feeling uzi like tht anymore?someone let me know im into music but just did a lil jail time and now im out the loop .all fuxed up ...what/when was the last album uzi dropped,is he on tour?has he quit messing with hard drugs after juice world passed away(r.i.p)or was he full of shit like the rest of the little jit rappers pledging to back off the molly and roxys and lean and sshit..l.m.k if you if you know music like foreal hit me up fiill me in ..but dont waste my time if you aint on tht music it will just be a waste of time..i would google it but they be bullahittin also..or ill be able to find all the info on juice and uzi and every other rapping jit from here to bagdad..but wont see shit on wht i need to know..
Luis Cepeda
Luis Cepeda Acum 7 luni
the weekend liluzi vert xo
Aaron Strickling
Aaron Strickling Acum 7 luni
Y'all forgot the slowed down music was before vaporwave? Dj screw
Tokyocat TV
Tokyocat TV Acum 8 luni
This is a disgrace to *actual* vaporwave
Tokyocat TV
Tokyocat TV Acum 8 luni
oh no... vaporwave is becoming.... *mainstream*
Helios the vaporwave elf
Helios the vaporwave elf Acum 8 luni
@Tokyocat TV, yeah. It’s like people only see Vaporwave as some stupid meme shit and just make a crappy slowed down version of an infamous song from the 1980’s - 1990’s and say they made a track for the genre. When honestly, that thought is just so far from the truth.
Tokyocat TV
Tokyocat TV Acum 8 luni
@Helios the vaporwave elf if people take this seriously people are literally gonna make slowed+reverb of bad songs and call it "vapor wave" also I commented a bunch of stuff on people's comments saying that it's not vaporwave so I should get a lot of hate for being right 👌
Helios the vaporwave elf
Helios the vaporwave elf Acum 8 luni
@Tokyocat TV, yes
Tokyocat TV
Tokyocat TV Acum 8 luni
@Helios the vaporwave elf nope
Helios the vaporwave elf
Helios the vaporwave elf Acum 8 luni
Yeah...Soon enough Vaporwave might ACTUALLY be dead 😔. *A moment of silence for all Vaporwave artists*
Ultio R
Ultio R Acum 8 luni
This is like Chopped and Screwed with a shit ton if reverb
BubblySnowflake Acum 8 luni
Imagine if his voice was that low🤔🤯
BubblySnowflake Acum 8 luni
That bass is so🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ken Rosenberg
Ken Rosenberg Acum 8 luni
"Vapor Wave"
等一下为什么中文去商店 p a n d a
等一下为什么中文去商店 p a n d a Acum 9 luni
this isnt vaporwave.
Tokyocat TV
Tokyocat TV Acum 8 luni
amir_sali1 Acum 9 luni
you are best ❤🖤
Sunday Hernandez
Sunday Hernandez Acum 9 luni
My fav part of the song...
erin doherty
erin doherty Acum 9 luni
sounds better for 1:25 playback speed tbh
Hanna Kastrat
Hanna Kastrat Acum 9 luni
This song gives me the vibes
Party monster
Party monster Acum 9 luni
Weeknd is legend
Melissa Fernandes
Melissa Fernandes Acum 9 luni
I love it
Ryder H
Ryder H Acum 10 luni
that is literally future
Ality Saibot
Ality Saibot Acum 10 luni
milly Taryi
milly Taryi Acum 10 luni
Dnash Tha Rapper
Dnash Tha Rapper Acum 10 luni did I kill this heartless remix?
Ken Rosenberg
Ken Rosenberg Acum 8 luni
yo I listened to this and to be honest it's literal shit man. You've got no rhytm, singing out of tune, mastering sounds awful. Idk how you could think this sounds any good to the point where you're advertising yourself my man
Elton Harrell
Elton Harrell Acum 10 luni
Is it just me or does Lil Uzi Vert sound kinda like Wiz Khalifa??? REAL TALK 💯💯
Jared Griffin
Jared Griffin Acum 11 luni
Now this was a genuinely interesting reimagining of the original. Props to the choice to make the breakdown the intro 👌
ocean in slow motion
ocean in slow motion Acum 11 luni
miss lady
miss lady Acum an
theo von
Re FuRy
Re FuRy Acum an
Why was this removed from Apple Music ?
Golu Singh
Golu Singh Acum an
Why this track is not getting views 😐
Annie Tran
Annie Tran Acum an
wait this slaps
lilith Acum an
This remix ould go on forever and I wouldn't complain.
Mikaelle Gomes
Mikaelle Gomes Acum an
version sex heartless
So bad............. So criminal......
Patrick Acum an
I'm bad and heartless too.
boogkitty Acum an
"vapor wave" ok dude
PowerMagika Acum an
fuckin put this on spotify
Spownex 902
Spownex 902 Acum an
F E E L. T H E. V A P O R
Jordan Acum an
1.25x for normal speed
Lenin Rivas
Lenin Rivas Acum an
0:35 so peaceful 💎
Chris D'Avanzo
Chris D'Avanzo Acum an
This album is the 96 Bulls
Matthews 225
Matthews 225 Acum an
1.25 speed on uzi part is crazy
DieMagicBox Acum an
no vaporwave at all
John Weil
John Weil Acum an
Jvny Acum an
Why is this song not available on Apple Music it says its not available In my country😭
LP6 Sports
LP6 Sports Acum an
whorid serrttFdffr
whorid serrttFdffr Acum an
Lime Lorax
Lime Lorax Acum an
Glad to see Vaporwave get more recognition
Tokyocat TV
Tokyocat TV Acum 8 luni
But this ain't vaporwave man. He literally just slowed it down with reverb, thats all
Saul Hernandez
Saul Hernandez Acum an
Me to boy Ai dot haf no love oky ❤
Ivan Caria
Ivan Caria Acum an
This is not waporwave
Matthews 225
Matthews 225 Acum an
DarkSlayerReborn Acum an Hope you like my Heartless piano cover :)
Tyler Silva
Tyler Silva Acum an
I don’t like how they sped up to uzi voice In the new remix of this remix
Kelvin Birch
Kelvin Birch Acum an
The Weeknd is The Shadow Of Michael Jackson
SheWanna69MeDoe Acum an
respect on the vaporwave remix tbh
Akira Stark
Akira Stark Acum an
vaporwave is trippy bro ive entered a new realm
Natalie Asheé
Natalie Asheé Acum an
Does anyone know why they took this off of Apple Music?
Mariemaia Acum an
Honestly, minus Lil Uzi Vert, I love it. Granted it doesn't really check all the boxes to be considered wholey vaporwave. More like vapor inspired
Philip Turner
Philip Turner Acum an
I just heard a version on the radio with Lil Uzi Vert this ain't it sadly
TheOddOne CC
TheOddOne CC Acum an
Anyone know why this was removed off the deluxe version of the album on Apple Music cause that pissed me off
Amine Beyoud
Amine Beyoud Acum an
Thats not UZI 😤
UnKnown VR TV
UnKnown VR TV Acum an
I’m happy he acknowledged the slowed + reverb community
Boo Boo III
Boo Boo III Acum 4 luni
the slowed + reverb community is pretty much a rip off of chopped and screwed tho
bacarra kris
bacarra kris Acum 8 luni
Hey guys should we tell him?
chur ricardo
chur ricardo Acum an
Idk man, they LITERALLY have the inventor of vaporwave on the album (oneohtrix point never aka daniel lopatin) and he isn’t allowed on the “Vapor Wave” remix??
Cosmic 999
Cosmic 999 Acum an
Who else tight as fuck that we gotta go to ROless now cause Abel took this off the deluxe
Child Muncher
Child Muncher Acum an
Do not subscribe
Do not subscribe Acum an
Why has this been removed from the UK Apple music album?
Nathan B
Nathan B Acum an
JCS 1998 it got removed from all Apple Music and I still can’t find why
Trend Trench
Trend Trench Acum an
Trend Trench
Trend Trench Acum an
Malachi Mitchell
Malachi Mitchell Acum an
Cammy Crunch
Cammy Crunch Acum an
c a u s e i m h e a r t l e s s
Gloop Acum an
Uzi carried
Aion the Alchemist
Aion the Alchemist Acum an
This song will always remind me of this moment in time, it paints this chapter of my life perfectly
zboylee Acum an
It’s official, he can’t miss
Scuffed Seth Rogen
Scuffed Seth Rogen Acum an
I see uzi I click simple
Dreimy Lewis
Dreimy Lewis Acum an
Me: *calls 911* 911: what’s your emergency? 🚨 Me: The Weeknd and Lil Uzi Vert dropped a song 911: *sends* 🚒
Quentin Elliott
Quentin Elliott Acum an
W   O   A   H つち安椅 衛そ悦プト
Yellow Ent
Yellow Ent Acum an
Jim jones snapped
Lukydot Acum an
DramaLlama 101
DramaLlama 101 Acum an
What happened to this on Apple Music?
Naveed Anwar
Naveed Anwar Acum an
DramaLlama 101 im here cause of that
Valentino Ridolfo
Valentino Ridolfo Acum an
Why this song is not available anymore in apple music??? (Italy)
Dhanush Chowdary
Dhanush Chowdary Acum 11 luni
In india too not on Spotify and wynk and Apple music also
Naveed Anwar
Naveed Anwar Acum an
Valentino Ridolfo Usa too
Manoj Kumar Rath
Manoj Kumar Rath Acum an
This song is going like forever in my mind....
Lambanos Raca
Lambanos Raca Acum an
He should remix his old song like outside
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