Streamer SMASHES controller after loss, then challenges me for $300. I ACCEPTED!

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After smashing his controller into pieces after losing a wager to me earlier in the year by way of a 3-0 sweep, RedMamba challenged me again asking us to both put up $150 ($300 on the table). He claims he got much better; would he be able to get his revenge?


Twitter: therealtyceno
Instagram: therealtyceno

Tyceno Acum an
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Student of the Savior [S.O.S]
Student of the Savior [S.O.S] Acum an
@31:00 Mamba said "I told you! My boy Mando got that good D🍆" lmao
Rapify Acum an
i though u were african
Lucas F
Lucas F Acum an
Great game
debbie galbraith
debbie galbraith Acum an
Cxmbos Fn j just read the directions wtf
JaiDevious Acum an
Y didn’t u put when u and khris Won bonus
Black Sergeant
Black Sergeant Acum 23 Zile
If y’all need someone to edit ur videos…hit me up I used after effects. Ps best editing app
Javon Johnson
Javon Johnson Acum 29 Zile
tyceno stop fucking selling
Vuxpl Acum lună
Well that’s 330
Hayden Brandon
Hayden Brandon Acum lună
Why does Tyceno just sit in the corner when he’s the one wagering, he gets carried and his team does all the work
Rxsmxs Acum lună
Cuz hes delayed, he cant dribble with delay.
Mister Pineapple _
Mister Pineapple _ Acum lună
I kinda feel bad for red mamba. The dude is just getting embarrassed and I don’t even know what it is about it... I just feel bad for him
Swaggy Big Chungus
Swaggy Big Chungus Acum 2 luni
Kris vs the other team
Blazin_ Rulez
Blazin_ Rulez Acum 2 luni
is there anyway to mute Chris from the vid?
MambaStrike Acum 2 luni
31:11 pause bruh
Pxlo2k Acum 2 luni
I know this is a long time ago but! I love seeing tyceno i 20
Jeet Singh
Jeet Singh Acum 3 luni
48:52 why is kris doing a baseline dunk when it’s clearest day it will get blocked like bro use your brain
Jeet Singh
Jeet Singh Acum 3 luni
23:53 The Best Excuse Ever Igymo: I didn’t see the shot clock bro
Jeet Singh
Jeet Singh Acum 3 luni
20:44 So this is supposed to be the best point guard in 2k
Jeet Singh
Jeet Singh Acum 3 luni
Igymo: I think I can guard red mamba RedMambas Trash a s s: Cooks and baptizes igymo
Marcus Calkins
Marcus Calkins Acum 3 luni
Damn u ruined it, you showed who won right away😮🤦‍♂️
Loud Cloud
Loud Cloud Acum 3 luni
Kris straight stink bruh he was gettin cooked and clamped
Mohamed Bouzar
Mohamed Bouzar Acum 3 luni
The small manx preliminarily look because taiwan sicily soothe against a sour budget. wide, royal burn
Ilycynx Acum 3 luni
Why do I feel like I watch this vid still think he’s high lmao tho come back tyceno😩
Pedro Acum 4 luni
Tyceno's teammates were trash too bro, he was open the last 5 possessions in the last game
Nice! Acum 4 luni
Mamba 2-1 up “who said we were free cash” Absolutely throws the rest of the games 😂
Alexander Munzon
Alexander Munzon Acum 4 luni
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Alexander Munzon
Alexander Munzon Acum 4 luni
The somber letter sequentially tumble because gray finallly taste qua a giant bath. absorbed, female fertile shrimp
Billy Cox
Billy Cox Acum 4 luni
Kris with the carry
Alex Acum 4 luni
man i cant stand watching kris play. PASS THE FUCKING BALL. no fucking iq, world record for missing wide open easy passes for baskets. IDC about his scoring ability, selfish ass player.
Tropik Dr3mZ
Tropik Dr3mZ Acum 4 luni
Think anyone could beat Tyceno, Khris and Z in a 3v3?
Lit Af
Lit Af Acum 5 luni
mando sold bad
Brokensellout Acum 5 luni
the owwwwwwww right after 🤣😭🤣🤣
Julian Torres
Julian Torres Acum 5 luni
I'm still waiting on the instant noodles tutorial
Owen Kirk
Owen Kirk Acum 5 luni
Ain’t no one want to see kris iso all the time we want to see Tyceno
Rowan McShane
Rowan McShane Acum 5 luni
Y does he play on such a weird camera
get hit playz
get hit playz Acum 5 luni
Good video sub to this man and like his video
vHxpe2k Acum 5 luni
Anyone gonna talk bout the nba player logos in the back of the first he is loading into
Lucas Younger
Lucas Younger Acum 5 luni
That’s straight mandos fault, why would he choose to switch that?
ISOLATEDSHOT_ Yt Acum 6 luni
These niggas won off charges
king cash
king cash Acum 6 luni
Bro im so hyped after this
Hamish Boys
Hamish Boys Acum 6 luni
mando got that good d 😂
Ben O’Neill
Ben O’Neill Acum 6 luni
lmaooo you really ain’t that good no more bro. me and my bro from hamilton would put up $500 in a heartbeat to drop an embarrassment to new zealand off like you. i know you won’t respond to this though cuz you duck all comp so you can spam fades on bums 😂 dm me @ben.oneill_ on instagram if your keen to get your money taken from u
The Dude
The Dude Acum 6 luni
Can anyone fucking tell me why Tassimo doesn’t have the ball in his hand majority of the time
Jonathan M
Jonathan M Acum 6 luni
whoever thought kris is the best pg in the game has Down syndrome
Jonathan M
Jonathan M Acum 6 luni
kris is ass as a pg , he got the most stupidest excuses
G. S. Petropoulos
G. S. Petropoulos Acum 6 luni
Kris is a God
G. S. Petropoulos
G. S. Petropoulos Acum 6 luni
Did Tyceno do anything except sit in corner ? At least try to cut or dex or something when Kris has no dribble smh. Thank g u hit the GW
Haden Duran
Haden Duran Acum 6 luni
2k Demon
2k Demon Acum 8 luni
47:42 tho😐
Electro Acum 8 luni
Where did his n word pass come from? 38:48
Cole Staley
Cole Staley Acum 8 luni
Bro it’s so annoying playing against lock downs there virgins
Bot Restocks
Bot Restocks Acum 8 luni
31:03 “I told you guys my boy mando got that good D and I did not lie” if we’re gonna act like that wasn’t a crazy pause then idk what to tell you 😂😂😂
Log Boi
Log Boi Acum 9 luni
God damn ty did nothing every game 😂
uCantGuard Acum 9 luni
bro i wanna slap kris in his jaw why is he so naggy and toxic
EllPayyaso Acum 9 luni
I must say youtubers come up wit so many unique things to say when they get clamped or miss to make themselves seem unstoppable lmfao like come on kris the locc plays weird cause he made u picc up ur dribble? Lol give credit where it's due cause trust you ego is bigger then ur skill on a game
Dedoid Acum 9 luni
Could laugh at how every 2k youtuber is just a dribbler and 3 point shooter, but when they come up against someone who dunks on everyone and doesnt shoot 3s theyre so confused😂
Tommy E
Tommy E Acum 9 luni
say goodbye to his headset
Joshua Dowlut
Joshua Dowlut Acum 9 luni
krisZeeTee is ass at guard, he sold 2 games
Abstractz !
Abstractz ! Acum 7 luni
He’s was one of the best guard in 2k20.
Peter Alberigi
Peter Alberigi Acum 10 luni
Tyceno: I'm locked in! kris takes up the ball
Lucas Younger
Lucas Younger Acum 10 luni
Pause 51:23 I’m confused as heck!! RedMamba scored 16 and had 5 assists which means adleast 26 points but they scored 23
kakit cheung
kakit cheung Acum 10 luni
when he broker his controlled
Trap Trunks
Trap Trunks Acum 10 luni
Did in the third game kris was choking, they should have let ty bring up and stuff
Prodigy_ Sleepy
Prodigy_ Sleepy Acum 10 luni
30:55 that kind of sus
Tom Leech
Tom Leech Acum 10 luni
bruh how many times when he won game 2 did he say "w in the f*****g chat lets go" smh
Yaboi_sabs 05
Yaboi_sabs 05 Acum 10 luni
Them niggas jus rim run....niggad really think thats skill
Nayaan Nair
Nayaan Nair Acum 10 luni
I want the noodles tutorial 😭
Xany. FN
Xany. FN Acum 10 luni
These rim runs are insane also kris guarding as tight as possible
Ima god at Fortnite
Ima god at Fortnite Acum 10 luni
He cured to much
Keko Acum 10 luni
I like how tyceno is genuinely happy about his sponsor and isn’t doing it for the money
FearedDemonYT Acum 10 luni
Hello everyone
Xxl Mir
Xxl Mir Acum 10 luni
31:02 dat boi sus
SupremeDux Acum 10 luni
David Puchalt
David Puchalt Acum 10 luni
how did red mamba have 5 assists in the last game?
Sweat Acum 11 luni
Nice job being a spot up
Owen Hoctor
Owen Hoctor Acum 11 luni
Kris stop bitching my god
john_blaze39 Acum 11 luni
What a dumbass. Your controller isn't getting outplayed, you are
Dropped_u_off -_
Dropped_u_off -_ Acum 11 luni
Listen 28:08" This game sucks" 😂
BlameTazz Acum 10 luni
the guy in the crowd says "lets get it started" lmao
Julian gabrielle Benerayan
Julian gabrielle Benerayan Acum 11 luni
Where’s the first game
Mysticc _999elim
Mysticc _999elim Acum 11 luni
Kris is ass he has one of the best shooters in 2k and dosnt pass 🤣
xoDumond -
xoDumond - Acum 11 luni
They should’ve been dotted tyceno
Paul Jansen
Paul Jansen Acum 11 luni
This man red mamba low key a disgrace to the name MAMBA
Mr.Crocker Acum 11 luni
dude really said “that game was all me”
derron Acum 11 luni
chris is trash
Goated Man
Goated Man Acum 11 luni
Bro why mando on the other team sound like he gay 🤣🤣🤣
Juan True
Juan True Acum 11 luni
Tyceno doesn’t shoot all game 1st shot open GREEEN
Venom Acum 11 luni
How come tyceno only corner sits during 3v3 wagers
Dxstrive Acum 11 luni
tyceno sold 2nd game bad
Matthew Ryan Trainer
Matthew Ryan Trainer Acum 11 luni
The slow-mo at 48:47 made me think they were about to get a bad animation and turn that handoff over, man. My heart stopped.
Matt ONeil
Matt ONeil Acum 11 luni
bru nobody was "getting up on che"
iamtylerpepin Acum 11 luni
“My boy hando got that good D”🥴😂 this guy
MeThaNoob Acum 11 luni
Y'all just got robbed in 2nd game lol
Xen. Just Xen
Xen. Just Xen Acum 11 luni
Please teach me how to make instant noodles
Tahsin Gul
Tahsin Gul Acum 11 luni
Tyceno: I Got black Kris:I got white Me: whatchu want
PaidJay 2x
PaidJay 2x Acum 11 luni
“My boy mando got that good D” Me: AYOOO PAUSE
HatePeekn Acum 11 luni
red mamba sucks my as3 friend 20-0 him on the 1s court in stage
Jude Patterson
Jude Patterson Acum 11 luni
Kris a bum
Jude Patterson
Jude Patterson Acum 11 luni
Buddy in the red suit solddddddddddddddd
Jeff Chears
Jeff Chears Acum 11 luni
Wow 3s are not exciting lmao
Jeff Chears
Jeff Chears Acum 11 luni
Also that Kris dude a terrible PG
Leonardo Rodriguez Jr
Leonardo Rodriguez Jr Acum 11 luni
“Has that good D” what 😂
shelovesjap Acum 11 luni
Kris has sell out on HOF
Bruh the shot they gave him at 20:42 I’m dying🤣
COOLESTdeadlox - Arman.karam
COOLESTdeadlox - Arman.karam Acum an
38:49 N-Word???
Donovan Lett
Donovan Lett Acum an
The one time tyceno scores on this wager is a game winner 3 🤣
TheDayGlobe 1
TheDayGlobe 1 Acum an
Ty u hit 2 shots in 5 games ?
aveyツ Acum an
either way u were going to win if u would of took the 2 it would of been to 25 and 25 is the max limit u can go to in a park game
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