Shannon Sharpe responds to Tom Brady for including Shannon in doubters video | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Tom Brady isn’t letting all his critics off the hook. He posted a minute-long video on social media yesterday of everything from talk shows to newspaper clippings from people who doubted him this season. And get this - it was all led off with Shannon as the very first media voice on the video saying 'Tom has not been good this year.' Brady captioned the video on Instagram quote, 'I kept the receipts. Never let THEM define YOU!' And on Twitter, he wrote 'I love talk radio.' Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about Tom Brady's video after leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl.
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Shannon Sharpe responds to Tom Brady for including Shannon in doubters video | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Acum 2 luni
What did you think of Tom Brady using media criticism as motivation?
RickAP Acum 16 Zile
"He didn't need Belichick" Tom Brady has coaching skills too. This discussion is almost non-existent. It needs some discussion
Kevin Brunner
Kevin Brunner Acum 23 Zile
@Tashuma Pervis he needs to be an owner
Kevin Brunner
Kevin Brunner Acum 23 Zile
Does anyone really think that Brady gives a flying f-k about what Shannon Dull or anyone else says about him? With 7 rings he cares less. As far as Max’s criticism goes, that fool has never played the games or even coached! His training is in journalism. All he has is an non experienced opinion.
tom lynch
tom lynch Acum lună
@Ben Finley Kansas city fan who probably was talking a lot about dynasty before the big game.
Jesiah Deshawn
Jesiah Deshawn Acum lună
@George Amos testing it out right now. Seems promising.
Roy David
Roy David Acum o Zi
Shannon is very stupid don’t understand football at all you don’t understand progress..
Grasped Consciousness 3x
Grasped Consciousness 3x Acum 3 Zile
Brady’s defense won it for him
Qriz King
Qriz King Acum 3 Zile
@shannon STOP THE CAP
Ben Spurgeon
Ben Spurgeon Acum 4 Zile
Shannon just eat that crow with a smile on your face. Let go of that hate and excuses. You’re going to give yourself a heart attack
Johnny Baxter
Johnny Baxter Acum 4 Zile
Shannon sharpe : he’s done
RevanJJ Acum 4 Zile
“At the time” is the weakest defense Shannon could have come up with.
Devin Juliana
Devin Juliana Acum 5 Zile
If brady so good why he leave pats? Cause he couldn't play without a stacked roster
Toronto Maple Leafs
Toronto Maple Leafs Acum 9 Zile
he needs you to condemn him, write him off, and a photo of tom pointing at shannon lol 5:30 :D
RevanJJ Acum 10 Zile
Same team was 7-9 without Tom and the people he directly got to come there.
Dtruth Acum 10 Zile
Shannon hating on Tom because he is White and the best to ever do it.. If Brady had a 4- 12 season like Watson the criticism would be never-ending. Shannon is a low key bigot. After a certain amount of incidents it just can't be ignored.
RogueLife Acum 10 Zile
I still love Shannon. It's my favorite to listen to and my favorite Tight End of all time.
Bill Daviero
Bill Daviero Acum 12 Zile
Wow! This is why I don't listen to these shows...hype from haters. Sharpe is doubt, hit in the head too many times. What a dope. A very, very weak point. Any individual may be motivated by anything that's personal to them...not as the same which may apply to everyone else. I'm a doubter of Sharpe having any credible opinion.
Randomdude Acum 12 Zile
Shannon telling all the season he’s done and milking mahomes then he beat the chiefs at the Super Bowl and still he doesn’t gave him credit
PE Acum 13 Zile
Sharpe a racist. (No replies read)
Ludovic Gomes
Ludovic Gomes Acum 13 Zile
I love unc shay but tom brady was trolling him with the four fingers signal.."i will have 4 rings more than you shay shay"...
Shifeng Song
Shifeng Song Acum 15 Zile
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John Mitchell
John Mitchell Acum 15 Zile
He who laughs last Shannon laughs best.
HW2800 Acum 16 Zile
Shannon gets called out by GOAT!
thug brixbuild
thug brixbuild Acum 16 Zile
Shannon is funny or trying to be funny? Which one?
RickAP Acum 16 Zile
Old Dolphins fans have known for a very long time that Tom Brady was a great QB. Some may not admit it, but deep down, they knew. The Miami Dolphins summarily stunk, primarily at the hands of Tom Brady, for the better part of 2 decades. Everyone else caught on many years after.
Robs tube Eats
Robs tube Eats Acum 17 Zile
Shannon- “I wasn’t wrong at the time I jus look stupid now but you can’t say I was wrong just cuz”
june Bradshaw
june Bradshaw Acum 18 Zile
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Mitchael Nowell
Mitchael Nowell Acum 18 Zile
Stop lying Shannon working the fields what. You do know slavery ended years before you were even born right. Stop spreading false narrative
Juliia Miersch
Juliia Miersch Acum 18 Zile
Shannon.. i think you are great in sport. But greatness doesn't include to try to protect a mistake. And you still calling out Tom. You are concentrat on 2 bad games.. and Tom Brady is not about Football..his leadership, his effort to give 101%, knowing he has to learn every day even he has 7 rings now and his love to his family makes all around him 10% better and this means some other will achieve their 100%. Shannon be a champ and just call it opinion made to early. best wishes from Germany... left Tackle from Dresden Monarch American Football
Pedro Vásquez
Pedro Vásquez Acum 18 Zile
hay seudo-comentaristas que no les cabe la envidia en el cuerpo, porque nadie los recordará después de salir por la puerta de atrás. sin embargo, todos, siempre sabrán, quien es el GOAT de la nfl el más grande TOM BRADY.
Carlos Rosa 1974
Carlos Rosa 1974 Acum 18 Zile
Sahnnon! Since when one game, two game or even three games tells anything about a player? You said that you look back and listen at your comments, that way you can see if the opinion you offered was any good. Let me tell you this,,, your opinion is irrelevant to me and many (as this message is to you). But you as a commentator! You are horrible at predicting, analyzing and judging of someone athleticism and the will of winning and the inspiration a teammate can bring to a team. You lack of knowledge is laughable as a commentator And I am not saying this because of this particular comment you made, two comments or three comment that you had made! I mean,, your entire career as a sport commentator is just a total failure and if I hear you saying that the ocean is wet! I would almost bet the house that the ocean is dry. Just because you have zero credibility at what you say. Peace on brother
Jeff Saint
Jeff Saint Acum 20 Zile
Shannon, don’t mess with our Brady
steve littiken
steve littiken Acum 21 o Zi
shannon cannot admit he was wrong case closed!
S leigh
S leigh Acum 21 o Zi
Yes Shannon he posted at the END of the season....what a bafoon
Trev Mac
Trev Mac Acum 21 o Zi
Does envy and jealously make you st st stu stut stutter??????
Morgane Vigneron
Morgane Vigneron Acum 21 o Zi
Shannon is a clown !! He support a fraud (LeBron) but not the Goat Tom Brady !? WTF ???
Daniel Hadley
Daniel Hadley Acum 22 Zile
Sharp needs to keep quit He can’t make things look or sound good, Sharp for once stop talking!!!!!
Jonathan McCoy
Jonathan McCoy Acum 22 Zile
I am wondering if Shannon Sharpe noticed that Tom Brady pointing at him on that pic smiling 🤣
lkj lkj
lkj lkj Acum 22 Zile
The grouchy friday contrarily continue because deficit preferentially surround versus a filthy pajama. disturbed, flowery story
The Hispanic Gamer
The Hispanic Gamer Acum 22 Zile
Shannon doing what every woke liberal sports person does. Back pedal!! Lol
Jack Schroeder
Jack Schroeder Acum 23 Zile
did he say anything about patty mahomes after the raiders raiders game
Ty E
Ty E Acum 23 Zile
The numbers didn't say that shannon he had 1 bad game
Eian Greene
Eian Greene Acum 24 Zile
This video shows that Tom Brady is the biggest front runner in sports today! It’s so easy to talk when you win the SB but Shannon has been calling out this bum for years.. why didn’t he make this video after the Titans game last postseason?? 🤔 come on Tom we get it you’re the most accomplished player in the league history but you’re also the biggest front runner in league history
Ronald Williford
Ronald Williford Acum 24 Zile
Tom Brady is the Greatest Quarterback of all Time!
Dorian Edwards
Dorian Edwards Acum 24 Zile
Tom Brady will be able to command 20k speakers fees for the next 35 years, if not longer.
Kid Calypto
Kid Calypto Acum 25 Zile
He who laughs last, laughs best
Tom Van
Tom Van Acum 28 Zile
And this is news because.......?
Mark My word
Mark My word Acum 28 Zile
he's pointing at you "shut up shanon" 😂😜
Brian 45
Brian 45 Acum 28 Zile
LOL. A broken clock is right two times a day
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete Acum 28 Zile
I love Shannon, but he is an, UNDISPUTED, TB12 hatter. LOL
Stephan Legault
Stephan Legault Acum 28 Zile
Sharpe is a sourpuss
god mind
god mind Acum 29 Zile
Even though Sharpe hates my dawg BRADY, STILL love him. Funny dude
George Allison
George Allison Acum lună
You lost!
MetallicOpeth Acum lună
man, shannon is really just a terrible sports commentator...jeez
Shannon Backtracking betta then Dion Sanders lol
SilentMovement 305
SilentMovement 305 Acum lună
F tb12 Selective when LeBron James won the title last year n said what he said mf wanna talk n ask y reply but when pretty 12 posts a video n reply to the doubters it's all good n fun
N Napoleon
N Napoleon Acum lună
Shannon going high voice 😭 💀 😩
Tracy Tucker
Tracy Tucker Acum lună
I’ve followed Skip for years now because he is such a Brady Stan. For some reason I can tolerate Shannon and his hate because he’s so likable, anyone else and I couldn’t watch a hater. 😔
Mitch Acum lună
Shannon makes stupid look smart
R. Wong
R. Wong Acum lună
Got to give it to SS & Patrick Mahomes back rushing 469 yards ( some statistics company) in the 2020/2021 SB. Mahomes backrushing to “save his life” was NEVER a topic for SS. PM did not score a touch down in the SB’s 31 to 9 game. Do TB haters need to hate?
Clinton Ray
Clinton Ray Acum lună
7 rings enough said.....
Eric Acum lună
What i think is hilarious is these Media Hacks always THINK they know what Tom Brady is thinking. Tom Brady lives Rent Free in Shannon Sharpes Head!
C Los
C Los Acum lună
Shannon's got embarrassed.
Sandy Gan
Sandy Gan Acum lună
What he had did, Shannon? You can’t even speak English. Had did. Really?
Muh G
Muh G Acum lună
Keep on hating marble mouth
SUEDUCE Acum lună
Make a shirt of Tom Brady pointing in the background and Shannon having Micheal Jordan tears!
Martin Zavala
Martin Zavala Acum lună
he’s so in denial 😂 what a fool he makes of himself
Kevin Brunner
Kevin Brunner Acum lună
Everytime Shannon laughs or chuckles he is trying to deflect from his errors in criticizing Brady. Its easy to figure Shannon out from his body language and his deflecting from the truth. Shannon is very unfair and deceitful.
Scarface7581 Acum lună
Sniff skip bayless
Ether Detroit
Ether Detroit Acum lună
Shannon Sharpe is the Detroit Lions of sports commentators.
Karnak Acum lună
Brady>>>>Shannon and I can't help but wonder if much of Sharpe's comments about Brady have to do with the idea that he just can't deal with that fact.
shannon you need to watch the game after the game, be smart bu comma sense.
Elliott Lewis
Elliott Lewis Acum lună
Shannon has to take the L here and just accept he was wrong all along 😂
piscitie piscitin
piscitie piscitin Acum lună
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Paul Nelson
Paul Nelson Acum lună
I can’t stand the sound of this man’s voice and his narrative
blan flan
blan flan Acum lună
The rampant node exclusively nod because ear joly stamp apropos a venomous justice. thoughtful, sick tie
Matt Johnston
Matt Johnston Acum lună
Sharp should take some time and learn to speak Through his mouth lol
Richard Davis
Richard Davis Acum lună
Tom Brady was also getting use to a new team. Sometimes an adjustment period should be allowed. The guy is a proven winner
Jacques So what
Jacques So what Acum lună
This putz needs subtitles.
Todd Ball
Todd Ball Acum lună
Lmao shannon crying because Brady made him look dumb.
73wacker Acum lună
Mr . Ed
Jorge Flores
Jorge Flores Acum lună
Shannon is not a Numeraligist.
Tomas Acum lună
Give Mr. Shannon a superbowl ball, he deserves it. Plus, he is manly good-looking and love the way he speaks. I think have a crush on him.
Tomas Acum lună
Mr. Shannon, "Saying that Brady struggled is a slap in the face to struggling, he looked awful" Best hater comment of the year
Jimmy Vega
Jimmy Vega Acum lună
I wish you would lower the volume. No need to shout when Skip makes a good point. Skip doesn't seem to have a hearing problem. Honest to God Shannon I have to lower the volume on the device I'm watching the show. I remember how you were a big mouth during your pro career.
Jimmy Vega
Jimmy Vega Acum lună
Shannon you are a fair weather analyst when it comes to critiquing Tom Brady. When he wins you can't say enough positives about Tom Brady but when he loses good Lord you supposedly saw his or the team's weakness.
NJDevils IsMyTeam2112535
NJDevils IsMyTeam2112535 Acum lună
If it wasn’t for those refs being very one sided against KC, brady knows he would’ve got whooped by Mahomes. Penalties being 11 to 2 proves enough that the refs really wanted brady to win. So weak
Alie Don
Alie Don Acum lună
At some point Shannon gotta be embarrassed with himself
Ex-Amor Acum lună
Shannon... Your brain is being eaten up by jealousy.
Anthony Mellado
Anthony Mellado Acum lună
Take your medicine like a man Shannon...cowboy up, my brother!
Cameron Fowler
Cameron Fowler Acum lună
It looks like Tom took his soul in that revenge video and Shannon had 0 idea how to respond 😂 😂 Brady >> Bron 🥱 Brady = MJ
Manuel Petelo
Manuel Petelo Acum lună
Never bet against the GOAT lol yall just a haters
D J Acum lună
Shannon is clearly needy for attention, and mad that his career as a football player will NEVER compare to the GOAT. Tom is having fun still because he's exposing haters like Shannon for what they are...💩💯
Tarl Cabbot
Tarl Cabbot Acum lună
With Shannon, it's always about Shannon. It's glaringly obvious, almost embarrassingly so.
Da Ron Walker
Da Ron Walker Acum lună
Skip is nonstop with his jocking Brady! That man said Brady had the greatest run to the Superbowl in Tampa as though we didn't all watch Eli's run in 2011.(Maybe because that happened against Brady)
Vjitsu 888
Vjitsu 888 Acum lună
Shannon you are SUPER critical of Tom. Like super critical of TB. You never liked him. Own it. He trolled you. It’s CORRECT!
Terrell Holloway
Terrell Holloway Acum lună
Hahahahhahahah Shannon not too sharp
Angry Vet
Angry Vet Acum lună
Good. Remember when Shannon said he was done after THE FIRST GAME?
Edwin Kubena
Edwin Kubena Acum lună
Shannon wanted Mahomes to win for one reason
Wellington carlos Varela
Wellington carlos Varela Acum lună
Shannon you man was a great player but you are just another hater no matter what toms do and thats a shame on you
Kenny Jones
Kenny Jones Acum lună
The same way Skip does Lebron!!!
DJ Tommy C. Colosi
DJ Tommy C. Colosi Acum lună
Athlete one had 3 syllables when Shannon says it
Nocturne 75
Nocturne 75 Acum lună
Backpeddling sucks.
The Acum lună
can we get a youtube clip of just shannon sharpe going on about how his name has sway so he does his homework and makes sure he's right and stuff, so that we can use it as an intro for every clip of shannon being wrong from here on out?
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