No team can be less than 100% and beat the Nets - Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to the Nets' win against the LA Clippers, giving Brooklyn a sixth straight win.
#FirstTake #NBA
0:00 Stephen A. Smith does not think any NBA team can be less than 100% and beat the Nets.
2:54 Max Kellerman expects Brooklyn to have the best offense in NBA history by the end of the season.
5:30 Stephen A. says the Nets' Big 3 has been "sensational."
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Frosty Dawn of the nu
Frosty Dawn of the nu Acum 10 Zile
Well the Lakers just blew out the Nets without LBJ, KUZ, GASOL, AD and two other players. That's scary!
DKING MONEY Acum 24 Zile
LeBron: IM 36!!!!!!!!!
wamamaw pinoy
wamamaw pinoy Acum lună
What heppen if nets didnt make it to finals?
Andrew Blackman
Andrew Blackman Acum lună
The Nets are playing offense as though they are back in The A.B.A., and their starting 5 is Dr. J., George Gervin, David Thompson, Dan Issel, and Artis Gilmore.
chris carter
chris carter Acum lună
This is giving lebron a great opportunity to show hes the man
Julian Rodriguez
Julian Rodriguez Acum lună
Brooklyn Nets are the Kansas City Chiefs of the NBA
Emmanuel Watkins
Emmanuel Watkins Acum lună
박희령 Acum lună
The brave prose distinctly roll because north korea energetically introduce by a belligerent pickle. wise, squealing fly
Cerl84 Acum lună
didn't the nets lose to Washington?...twice.
Nick Behrooz
Nick Behrooz Acum lună
I’ll be really surprised if the Nets go to the finals and loose! I am a lifelong laker but Durant, Harden and Kyrie - that’s dangerous
Javi Gon
Javi Gon Acum lună
Uh yeah the Raptors crushed them without a full team! Stephen has to be the most bias commentator, every single time it's either NY or LA.
Gus Bus
Gus Bus Acum lună
The funny gateway ordinarily spill because answer identically fear to a imperfect signature. careful, outstanding force
162 Acum lună
Collin sexton
DJW TV Acum lună
I think Toronto Raptors in particularly is a team the nets should fear.
billyrubina Acum lună
They said no one would beat the chiefs too.
GamingWithAudacity Acum lună
Imagine, no can be less than 100% to beat the nets.... while they aren’t 100% themselves...tough😭😭
David Dueñes
David Dueñes Acum lună
Nets in 4
Dave Windell
Dave Windell Acum lună
This is an absolutely absurd take. The CLEVELAND CAVALIERS weren’t anywhere CLOSE to 100% when they beat the stuffing out of the Nets TWO GAMES IN A ROW!!! That was WITH their big three. Yeah it was their first couple games together but come on, it was the CAVS. These guys aren’t anywhere close to as good as people are trying to make them. I’d still take the Lakers in five in a Finals matchup, and I hate the Lakers.
just passing
just passing Acum lună
Game 7s across the board these playoffs
The Omen
The Omen Acum lună
The Nets literally gave their future to the celtics then rebuilt faster than the celtics.
The Omen
The Omen Acum lună
@Carl Padua yeah but they became a better team than the celtics who never won a ring after that
Carl Padua
Carl Padua Acum lună
Huh? The Celtics have been contenders since like 2017 So your joke don't make sense lmao
Donnie Warren
Donnie Warren Acum lună
What about 99%?
Kenny Beneche
Kenny Beneche Acum lună
lmao lethal weapon 3? i'm thinking more Brooklyn's finest🗽
Dreams Acum lună
Yeah you just have to be a below .500 team 😂😂😂
Aj Hudson
Aj Hudson Acum lună
They boring now
GDK Acum lună
But you have to realize when they played the clippers a few days ago PG and Kawhi came back a game ago so they really werent 100%
deniro waller
deniro waller Acum lună
They played like 100% so imma say they were 100%
Imiko Acum lună
Singing a whole different tune 😂
Zade Moureiden
Zade Moureiden Acum lună
*Collin Sexton has entered the chat*
Anonymous One
Anonymous One Acum lună
Imagine having those 3 and then a brilliant shooter in harris too! Jeez.
proNandos 14
proNandos 14 Acum lună
I mean the Raptors did
Ifebunandu Nicholas
Ifebunandu Nicholas Acum lună
Max kellerman is forgetting that the Nets are Winning all this games without KD
Ifebunandu Nicholas
Ifebunandu Nicholas Acum lună
@Kevin Durant lol...that's my point.... imagine when KD is back in the's a chip babyyy
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant Acum lună
Nets are better with KD. Better shot% and better defensively. Do you think Bruce Brown is doing a better job than KD? Cause I took your comment personally
Jawn Cardeezie
Jawn Cardeezie Acum lună
Marquavious Rhodes
Marquavious Rhodes Acum lună
One of the top teams is going to have to acquire another superstar to beat the nets .. whether it’s the lakers or Clippers . You need 3 stars to have a shot at beating them guys
Marquis Blakemore
Marquis Blakemore Acum lună
Clippers suppose to win that game. & This year finals will be Nets vs Clippers
Marquis Blakemore
Marquis Blakemore Acum lună
@Marquavious Rhodes with it being the finals on how must players don’t do what they normally do in the regular season. So it will go to a game 7 and anything can happen in a game 7
Marquavious Rhodes
Marquavious Rhodes Acum lună
My Clippers gotta go get a third star to really compete with them niggas
Tarabusaw Acum lună
Now i want to see Nets v Cavs again!!! Now that theyare blended well.
Javonte Clark
Javonte Clark Acum lună
Right 😂😭
Brande Acum lună
Yeah it’s a wrap for AD plus they rushed him back once.
Tao Motlogelwa
Tao Motlogelwa Acum lună
No no no in case u aint heard its ISOOO GANG!!!!! Not lethal weapon 3!!!
if the nets play in the playoffs how they do now... then their definitely winning,i honestly think harden choking in the playoffs is a little too overexegerated but kyrie still performs the same and kd seems like he does even better(except against gsw in 2016)
Jesus Walks
Jesus Walks Acum lună
Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Savior. In Your Name. Amen.
Zino Page
Zino Page Acum lună
antonio gunn
antonio gunn Acum lună
If your friend is a Knicks fan, check on them 🥺
Jesus Montemayor
Jesus Montemayor Acum lună
We saw the cavs do it with 8 players couple weeks ago 😂😂😂
Jesus Montemayor
Jesus Montemayor Acum lună
@Chris conel Theyre gonna play a team better than the cavs of course! And the cavs did it with 8! Sooooo I think if they end up against the Pacers or the Hornets in the first round.... then look out!
Chris conel
Chris conel Acum lună
@Jesus Montemayor But heres the thing... Nets play up against good teams
Jesus Montemayor
Jesus Montemayor Acum lună
@Chris conel they might not even make the playoffs which is my point exactly.
Chris conel
Chris conel Acum lună
Cavs are not beating the Nets in a 7 game series bro
Oscar M
Oscar M Acum lună
first of all, teams like this actually usually implode, especially when you have Harden on the squad. No Harden super and balanced teams have won. Not with a prime Dwight, CP3 and Westbrook. When Harden was with OKC, those guys including KD and Westbrook flamed out. Lebron, Dwade and Bosh list to basically one guy in Dirk their first year. The Celtics big three of KG, Allen and Pierce only won that first year and never won again. What I am saying is that given Harden's poor playoff performances, Kyrie's poor defense and KDs potential health issues during the stretch, this team is 1000% beatable in a playoff series where the stakes are high. Joe Harris is still unproven under fire. You think teams will bow down? Kyrie has had a few injuries as well. Plus his weird attitude and shadow that he casts over his team's success gets in the way of success. We are giving these guys way to much credit than they deserve.
Oscar M
Oscar M Acum lună
lost* not list
Ric A
Ric A Acum lună
Marcus maddox
Marcus maddox Acum lună
How is the Lakers the better has he seen them this year
The Tesla Ty 500 Show
The Tesla Ty 500 Show Acum lună
Nets in 4
Dale Hall
Dale Hall Acum lună
Max is wrong. Lakers got sightly worse losing 2 backup centers who were efficient and rim protectors for 2 that ain't that on D and other teams got better.. Last year they were cool when AD sat and was out, now they have to depend on him too much
Richard Williams
Richard Williams Acum lună
Max: Lakers offense is no where near the Nets offense..defensively they are way better than Nets, but even on their defense they not stopping Nets
Richard Williams
Richard Williams Acum lună
@N S facts
N S Acum lună
Good OFFENCE beats good DEFENCE Alwayd
NKruman Santos
NKruman Santos Acum lună
The Lethal 3 “feat. Joe Harris the Three King”.
Thass Tuff
Thass Tuff Acum lună
Cavs did it twice didn’t they?? 🤣
lo mein
lo mein Acum lună
And where are the cavs now ?🤣
Say Less
Say Less Acum lună
PG is the difference from allowing clippers and nets match up in the finals
Grayson Hichkad
Grayson Hichkad Acum lună
The entertaining toothpaste evidently grate because graphic multivariately kneel through a adjoining seeder. warlike, better land
Matt Mirza
Matt Mirza Acum lună
This is all Pelinkas fault
Plastic Life
Plastic Life Acum lună
They're not better than the Sixers though. Simmons Embiid and Tobias is just as good or better.
Nenad Milovanovic
Nenad Milovanovic Acum lună
if Joker go to lakers nets are done but that is a dream
massamba jean richard
massamba jean richard Acum lună
No one can stop them now...!
Saurav Acum lună
Do everyone forgot about cavs without Kevin love and still won both the games🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
JamRoc News and Culture
JamRoc News and Culture Acum lună
Nets in 5 against anyone!!! Lol
GOATER Acum lună
Lakers fans just got smacked in the face 😭😂
Dj Jones
Dj Jones Acum lună
Kyrie one shoulder injury away from all the hype going away
Blair Blake
Blair Blake Acum lună
They tripping the wizard and the caves beat the nets and they were all healthy
Earnist Se
Earnist Se Acum lună
this reminds me of the celtics big 4
Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior Saved Sebastian
Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior Saved Sebastian Acum lună
I still think 2015-2018 GSW offense is the best offense of all time
Ilir United
Ilir United Acum lună
no one team will beat nets
Fakename70 Acum lună
Are these Nets nut riders forgetting that playing defense in the playoffs is going to be necessary to win an NBA championship?
fishergaming34 2005
fishergaming34 2005 Acum lună
I know a team that can beat the nets THE WASHINGTON WIZARDS WE NEED BABY STEPHEN A SMITH BACK 😂🔥😂
rogue one
rogue one Acum lună
Blah Blah Blah. The Nets are not the best team in the east. I place them 3rd maybe 4th in the East.
718empire Acum lună
The no defense team 😂😂😂😂😂 yea right
Levi Backen
Levi Backen Acum lună
Lakers are going to upgrade before the trade deadline
James Wedlock
James Wedlock Acum lună
clippers aren’t even close to the nets cmon now
Jamoann Maulover
Jamoann Maulover Acum lună
Can’t wait to hear what they’ll say when the NETS implode
MMikeGC Acum lună
miami almost did it
JP 003
JP 003 Acum lună
Can’t guard Him
Can’t guard Him Acum lună
The sixers is the worst possible matchup for the nets. They got players like simmons, Danny, and thybull to guard kyrie, kd and harden while they got the most dominant big man in the league in embiid. It’ll get ugly real quick, the only that’ll make the sixers lose is if the nets are able to manipulate simmons lack of shooting against them in the half court set on offense.
Don't sleep Brooklyn might not get past Philly the sixers are one more scorer away from being a championship type team. They have the defense to slow Brooklyn down
The Omen
The Omen Acum lună
I have never seen a team as overrated as the sixers. Literally the 2020 bucks 2.0
Matt Jones
Matt Jones Acum lună
Cavs didn’t even have Keven Love and they swept them
mdt007 Acum lună
Didn't the Cavs just lose like 9-10 straight games recently? Nets going up, Cavs going down. The way it should be
shahrukh877 Acum lună
old news bud, things have changed
La'Teddie Acum lună
UTAH JAZZ is the best team in the league 2DAY
Manuel Diaz Moreta
Manuel Diaz Moreta Acum lună
Espn is so lazy. Literally playing the same highlights over and over again like if the nets haven’t played any other team
Kobey Billie
Kobey Billie Acum lună
Watch them fold in the playoffs
poolpepsi Acum lună
Jesus people it’s easy. Just score more points than the other team and you wins. It’s 50/50, coin toss, mano e mano, either you win or you loose
Matt Sipes
Matt Sipes Acum lună
So is no one going to talk about the fact that the Clippers should’ve won the match up without Paul George on the floor in the fourth quarter? Leonard got fouled and should have had AND 1.
Cameron Stacy
Cameron Stacy Acum lună
first take has completely lost its touch
raymond munoz
raymond munoz Acum lună
The only reason the role players are playing good because KD isn’t playing taking their shots away
Ankit Pasricha
Ankit Pasricha Acum lună
The sad thing is New York won’t celebrate with them. Shows you how selfish nba players are. From top to bottom
Matt Von Music
Matt Von Music Acum lună
Listen, I love this show "First Take" and agree with most things you guys say! But I gotta say, you never speak of the Toronto Raptors. I'm from Toronto and I'm a big fan. I have seen a big leap in improvement from the Raps since the start of the season. Start speaking more about us man! We just beat Giannis and The Bucks 2 games in a row, and beat the 76ers a couple of nights ago! AND NOT TO MENTION STEPHEN A, We beat the Brooklyn Nets this year in our only meeting with them. So just show us some love and discuss how the Raptors are a threat to any team in the league. AND, that is also without our star guard Kyle Lowry.
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell Acum lună
Harden and Kyrie are creating for others so elite. Durant eFG% is enormous because they are his teammates and they are creating lots for everyone. Lakers are the Leagues best Defence and Utah is playing great and Clippers have a shot. Only think Philly will compete with Brooklyn in the East. Lakers have the best Defense and LEBRON will be at his top Usage rate in the Finals tho so that will be awesome too watch
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell Acum lună
I hope in the playoffs Harden gets recognised if they win, or Kyrie. Steph Curry got robbed of playoffs MVP by Durant who got boosted heaps by having his teammates take pressure and create for him and maybe Harden is the best Creator in the League and Kyrie is creating better than ever so if Durant gets 15 open shots per game and wins playoffs MVP I’ll be really annoyed watching how Harden and Kyrie are creating for him and Hardens top Defence. Harden for Defensive first team this year?
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell Acum lună
LEBRON has never had a Defence behind him before like he does this year but on Offence who is the Lakers 2nd creator
Fishman J.
Fishman J. Acum lună
We not gonna talk about the flop?
Hfsutsu5s Ggd75e
Hfsutsu5s Ggd75e Acum lună
The nets also has to be 100%
Kai Condill
Kai Condill Acum lună
Except the cavs though
Dxddy Javiion
Dxddy Javiion Acum lună
"The Lethal weapon 3" got to love the media Guy for that one
Pablo Eskobar
Pablo Eskobar Acum lună
Don't let the Heat get in the playoffs now 😤
Richard .J.
Richard .J. Acum lună
Kyrie, KD, and Harden!! Will lift the Championship Trophy! Mark My Words!!!!
Bayani Sale
Bayani Sale Acum lună
Clippers 2.0 Unbeatable team this season Questionable come playoff time
PGKING911 Acum lună
the Wizards have already beat them twice 😂😂😂
James Harden
James Harden Acum lună
We have improved a lot in chemistry since then
mdt007 Acum lună
Where are the Cavs and Wiz right now? Yep, OUT of the playoff picture. Nets have bigger fish to fry
Ryan Bahnsen
Ryan Bahnsen Acum lună
And the Cavs 😆 twice in 3 days btw But they've gotten better
Omni Carter
Omni Carter Acum lună
Did we not see sexton light them up teams just have to be on point that's all
Zi Solo
Zi Solo Acum lună
The typical overreaction
Richiefresh Acum lună
I cant wait until AD gets back and him n bron get to destroying everybody again. Stop acting like you forgot
Richiefresh Acum lună
@Sarah Smith You're just a KD nut rider. A guy who lost his rookie years on a stacked team w/ Russ, harden, ibaka etc., and then needed to jump to multiple stacked organizations to win his rings? The lakers WON the ring, because of AD. Like I said, you're a casual.
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith Acum lună
@Richiefresh Yeah,that's why AD won and MVP😂. Only a bronsexual and crazy Lakers fan would argue that AD is better than Kevin Durant
Richiefresh Acum lună
@Sarah Smith Lmao youre a casual. KD has midrange, AD is a 2 way player. Youre a troll who just dont know about the game 😂
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith Acum lună
@Richiefresh KD is a much better player than AD and it's not even close. AD was playing like trash before the injury anyways
Richiefresh Acum lună
@Sarah Smith Lol you must be a casual. Lakers are defending champs kiddo. And sorry to break it to you. Anthony Davis is one of the best 2 way players there have ever been. "Much better than AD"... You make me Lol 😂😂
Its already happen
Beelze _sama
Beelze _sama Acum lună
I don't know why you people forget about joel embiid and the 76ers I clearly see an nba final Los angeles lakers vs philadelphia 76ers
Michelle Tusek
Michelle Tusek Acum lună
False, Stephen your a total idiot. You need to retire. Your analysis is always wrong.
Bob Hu
Bob Hu Acum lună
#1P4P_Akq B
#1P4P_Akq B Acum lună
Stephen A is so thirsty for KD it’s embarrassing
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