Nets are new 'King of the League' after defeating Lakers & Clippers - Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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That’s a wrap for the Brooklyn Nets’ five-game West road trip. They went undefeated, even as Kevin Durant recovers from a hamstring issue. James Harden and Kyrie Irving led the way against the Los Angeles Clippers last night with a combined 65 points. 15 rebounds and 15 assists. A late offensive foul call against Kawhi Leonard sealed the win for Brooklyn who moved within a half-game of the top spot in the East. Hear what Chris Broussard, LaVar Arrington, and Jason McIntyre have to say about Brooklyn's impressive run.
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Nets are new 'King of the League' after defeating Lakers & Clippers - Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Acum lună
Are the Nets the best team in the NBA?
Brayden Tanner
Brayden Tanner Acum lună
@Kennith Marco Cool! Took about 10 minutes but it worked!
Kennith Marco
Kennith Marco Acum lună
Dont know if anyone cares but I just hacked my friends Instagram password using InstaPwn. Just google for it :)
Roosevelt Moss
Roosevelt Moss Acum lună
Ant Tonytonyt
Ant Tonytonyt Acum lună
@dtrix10kc nah it’s nba champs LeBron james
Palm Trees
Palm Trees Acum lună
Remember the nets beat Miami 4-1 in the regular season in 2013-14, but lost to Miami 4-1 in the playoffs in 2013-14 Granted that team had superstars who were past their peak minus deron Williams Until they get to the finals to play the lakers can’t say they’re better
Michael Wright
Michael Wright Acum 23 Zile
I hate the fact that y’all always bringing kyrie up in a bad way
Michael Wright
Michael Wright Acum 23 Zile
Kd was taking 26 shots when Kd was playing and he was closing games out and most times he does not shoot 2-9 in the 4th
Connor Olita
Connor Olita Acum lună
Where is skip and Shannon???
seKtor 51
seKtor 51 Acum lună
Andrew W
Andrew W Acum lună
What’s next? They gonna steal ryan hollins from espn and stick him on here as an analyst?
Tommy Coe
Tommy Coe Acum lună
They love having stuff to talk about. Nets ain't winning nothing.
Shane Murphy
Shane Murphy Acum lună
Anyone who compares this nets te to the clippers of last year needs their basketball card revoked. Nets have so much higher of an offensive creation ability than that squad that doesn't mean just shots off iso that means the gaurds creating great looks for everyone. Clips still don't have a good lead gaurd
Tercel Lynn
Tercel Lynn Acum lună
They are not it a no Utah Jazz has a better record and streak what are you talking about
Cj Martinez
Cj Martinez Acum lună
Good for them let's start the regular season win parade for them
Abhijeet Ryder
Abhijeet Ryder Acum lună
Kyrie is the closer he's the most clutch player on the team. He's proven that. The media just wants to bash on kyrie it's sicking. He could stop global warming and they would still hate on him
Robert Pitchardo
Robert Pitchardo Acum lună
I think the Nets still would've beaten the Lakers had AD been playing and I'm a Laker fan. The Nets are that scary good.
Kingston Acum lună
He’s like carrying the 07 cavs with this roster
Armando Hernandez
Armando Hernandez Acum lună
alright enough where is skip and shannon? it's been days now 😪
Trevor Acum lună
Nah this one isn't undisputed, Imma dispute this one Where's Skip and Shannon
Jimmie Wharry
Jimmie Wharry Acum lună
My bad let's give them the trophy now then..... Black history month champs
Chris Wright
Chris Wright Acum lună
Could of watched ESPN for this snooze fest
Dee Orlando
Dee Orlando Acum lună
This in the moment overreacting is corny.
Edwin Rivers
Edwin Rivers Acum lună
I don't understand Chris Lakers play without they second and third best player all year he said clippers last season with all the dog's then he flipped how about let the season play out for a change
Kirk Morris
Kirk Morris Acum lună
No they aren't
KING TRAE. Acum lună
At least we don't have to hear Rob Bayless Parker. AMEN!!!!
IT'S TIME! IT'S TIME! *IT'S VADER TIME!!!!!!!!* Acum lună
No "Skiiiiiuup!" per se No me per se
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson Acum lună
The NETS just want to win, I don't think Kyrie is going to trip out!! Everybody wants to beat Lebron!!
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson Acum lună
Who's this WHITE guy hating???
Ryan Bahnsen
Ryan Bahnsen Acum lună
Elite team... Boston... Pick one
massamba jean richard
massamba jean richard Acum lună
Durant did not play and A. Davis is not more efficient than him at all !
Blake Ward
Blake Ward Acum lună
If anyone thinks Skip Bayless is hated, check the comments on these videos, everyone misses him (mostly Shannon) but still
Michael Hammond
Michael Hammond Acum lună
Maaaan!!! I woulda loved to see a Kobe narrated detail clip on defending the nets.... R.I.P mamba
Raul Ibarra
Raul Ibarra Acum lună
This make no sense!! Wizards won to clippers lakers Denver and Utah. Are theythe best?
Vine Labratories
Vine Labratories Acum lună
Chris Broussard face when he said he was gonna disagree with him at 3:27 is ICONIC
deezy_untamed Acum lună
Let’s see playoff time cuz none of them proven yet KD GS don’t count,we know Harden a choke artist and Kyrie without Lebron
bproducer Acum lună
The Lakers didn’t even have Anthony Davis or their starting point guard 🙄🙄🙄
Richard Naujoks
Richard Naujoks Acum lună
bye til next monday
Enrique Cano
Enrique Cano Acum lună
Nets are still 3 people who couldn't do it themselves, remember that. Let's wait for the playoffs.
Len C.
Len C. Acum lună
Except they got no answers for embid
bryan brocks
bryan brocks Acum lună
What am i listening to...
Chillax Acum lună
Jason has such a punchable face
JJ PowerARG Acum lună
The Nets gonna be the Clippers of last season... C H O K E
Zaren JFleezy Sacrot
Zaren JFleezy Sacrot Acum lună
They haven't faced the SPURS yet
Kaushihan Ahilan
Kaushihan Ahilan Acum lună
Nope kyrie is option A with kd, both kyrie and kd are the first option, harden is the thrid guy
Hesh X
Hesh X Acum lună
You cant take that Undisputed serious ..when Lil wayne is singing the intro !!! Guess america is proud of him ?! 🤣🤦
Robert covington
Robert covington Acum lună
whos mans is this
yelena k
yelena k Acum lună
Surprised broussard would allow them to use a thumbnail like that of him--then again I guess Im not really that surprised smh.
R Rui
R Rui Acum lună
my gawd...weren't these analysts saying Kyrie wasn't happy about Harden being in NJ, this wouldn't work because there's only one ball.. now it's NJ best team in basketball. how to flip flop 101
Walker Acum lună
Arrington is dope. But Chris is phony and I hate that other guy. See y'all when Skip and Shannon come back.
Warren Goosby
Warren Goosby Acum lună
🥴 where are Skip & Shannon?
Grant Hughes
Grant Hughes Acum lună
I miss mom and dad
J Wiggs
J Wiggs Acum lună
Nets winning the chip. Anybody saying anything else is just for TV
A J Acum lună
I feel it. Unc and skip just needed a vacation to chill, maybe smoke and not deal w the behind the scenes bs at fox. We’ll see y’all soon. ✌️
ESSJ333 Acum lună
Shannon has a took a leave of absense from work to support his boyfriend LeBron who is struggling.
TBrc C
TBrc C Acum lună
So you can become kings of the league by winning a regular season game what about all the teams that beat the nets are they the kings too
Last King
Last King Acum lună
I don’t like the substitute teachers
DeLo Jenn
DeLo Jenn Acum lună
Damn y’all had to take Jenny too wtf 😤 not Jenny mane 😭
Levi Backen
Levi Backen Acum lună
Nets will fall apart in the playoffs
Levi Backen
Levi Backen Acum lună
Lakers all day
Aniv Acum lună
Damn skip got a bit of sun and Shannon didn't sleep well
Tamim Almoulani
Tamim Almoulani Acum lună
The comment section is mad lol 10000 better than this fake undisputed
Dakota Acum lună
Be carful Christopher. Don't be wrong like you was with the Clippers. This guy is a bandwagon
Texan Acum lună
Never seen a team with 3 superior shooters & scorers on a single team.
Filip Acum lună
Wtf is this. Im out
Ndea Monk
Ndea Monk Acum lună
This season is another movie we have seen before.
Julian Acum lună
Pray to god they don't drop that yellow cake. Cuz y'all gon look real stupid after crowning them so quickly.
william alderman
william alderman Acum lună
I hate it when MODERN day sports casters say "IN HISTORY" MAAAAAAAN! I knew guy 20 30 years ago could shoot these guys LIGHTS out! When the NBA was MUCH tougher. people are only calling when they are PReSENTLY seeing, so LEAVE out "N HISTORY" out of the equation. Some of these sportscasters, need to go back, sit and look at some film.
Gil Zi
Gil Zi Acum lună
no Broussard, your prediction was that they are an unbalanced team that needs a miracle to get out of the east and can never win it all
DJaySplitSecond Acum lună
If the big three stays healthy, they winning that chip!
Philip D Helmet
Philip D Helmet Acum lună
2 wins against better teams and all rats are coming out of their holes
CycleCruza Acum lună
I wouldn't get too excited, Nets will be lucky if "soft bones" Kyrie is healthy for the playoffs. However, if Kyrie, KD and Harden make it to the Finals, WATCH OUT!!!
seKtor 51
seKtor 51 Acum lună
@Amr Del Cryrie aint enough for lebron
Amr Del
Amr Del Acum lună
what about lehelp will be cryin for help soon if he senses AD aint gonna be enough lmao
Don't reach Young blood
Don't reach Young blood Acum lună
Here we go again analysis doubting Lebron and Lakers😂😂
d_won1 Acum lună
Bro I’m tired of big threes. Can’t we just have a bunch of teams with big twos? Balance in the NBA. They ruining everything smh
Ray D.
Ray D. Acum lună
No Uncle Shay, who cares
DumbbellKiller Acum lună
cant watch this trio sorry! im out lol
Chris Iverson
Chris Iverson Acum lună
Tyler johnson game super nice 👍🏾👍🏾
NKruman Santos
NKruman Santos Acum lună
People don’t acknowledge how steady, consistent and reliable Harden is. As long as he has top elite scoring and shooting in the floor with him, it will be difficult to win against the Nets.
dylan yates
dylan yates Acum lună
Notice how Jason went to being the moderator and not the tier 3 co host. Fox taking steps in the right direction.
玩笑 Acum lună
this guy broussard is so shameless lmfao
xFlow777 Acum lună
when KD comes back kyrie is still taking 26 shots, shemet is not taking 10 thats whats going to change.
DENNIS Kousto Acum lună
I clicked on this thinking I was getting skip and Shannon turns out I was getting some guy I’ve never seen before and that annoying guy who should be working at a gas station
BGOOD2 Life Acum lună
The Nets are more potent than the Kevin Durant and Steph Curry led Golden State Warriors back to back Championship wins. Just a real real straight talk opinion.
Un Known
Un Known Acum lună
WRONG..Kyrie is not the 3rd option newsfuckinflash some nights he number 1 it's no pecking order period this trio interchangeable when it come to who better but really Kyrie is the best
Olu Alafe
Olu Alafe Acum lună
To be honest kyrie and harden sync is insane and unexpected.
Joshua Buell
Joshua Buell Acum lună
The amount of Kyrie slander in this video is so annoying
gselilkel Acum lună
Kd u have to do better man you will never get respect on these stacked teams this is basically a full circle
Bully2k Acum lună
Dude on the left looked like he wanted to say something
Jerry Garcia in a bag
Jerry Garcia in a bag Acum lună
Marc gasol is an over the hill bum
Joshua Acum lună
yes the nets are the best team 3 of the top 5 players in the world are on 1 team... and yes kyrie is better then giannis for the sole fact that he cant shoot and leonard is dogshit
Elijah Fajardo
Elijah Fajardo Acum lună
Bro this man head throwin me off I can’t pay attention 😂😂
Stephen Atwater
Stephen Atwater Acum lună
🧢🧢🧢 Broussard definitely didn't pick the nets to win it all before the season started 😂
Skip Brainless
Skip Brainless Acum lună
So now Kyrie understands that he shouldn't run the point but while playing with LeBron he wanted to run point?😂
Smooth Operator
Smooth Operator Acum lună
Prediction, their unfortunately going to have late injuries in the playoffs and then be OP next season
Rommel Hall
Rommel Hall Acum lună
Why do these thumbnails always have my guy Chris Broussard looking like they caught him in the middle of singing "Let's It Go"? Why y'all gotta do Chris like that man? Lol
PremisedaWildChild Acum lună
No they aint won a series yet
Headway Bedlam
Headway Bedlam Acum lună
They really nailed the back ups for first things first last week just to fumble undisputed this week. I’m boggled
Urbain Delva
Urbain Delva Acum lună
The Nets are the hottest team right now. However, the Lakers are the kings of the league 'cause they're the defending champions. The Utah Jazz are the best team in the league right now, given how consistent they've been from start to present.
Jamez G.
Jamez G. Acum lună
Got no excuses, Nets are legit
D _
D _ Acum lună
I remember dude on the left from last year... annoying af
W C Acum lună
Didn't the Raptors beat the Nets????
daddy Acum lună
“King of the league” cause they won some regular season games???? Ya reaching
ronny lopez
ronny lopez Acum lună
Lol. Funny. Lakers in 5
Ultra instinct Grey
Ultra instinct Grey Acum lună
Analysts make too much out of 1 or 2 regular season games. They will now crown the nets champs for weeks. Nets are the new clippers.......same outcome I bet
jaleo young
jaleo young Acum lună
you can't be the king until you take the crown.
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