I've been making IMPOSSIBLE SHOTS on NEXT GEN NBA 2K21...

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Bonaby Acum 8 luni
The way his button clicks with every shot is the most underrated, satisfying thing.
King Myers
King Myers Acum 8 luni
@SA CH that’s what he means bruh
F.B.I Acum 8 luni
@Bonaby megaman
Ayyterio Acum 8 luni
i wanna see him make a slashing type😖
dadillonful Acum 8 luni
-virgin confirmed
Ok௹ Acum 8 luni
I'm gay.
Gip Skins
Gip Skins Acum 24 Zile
soon as i saw these shots were green i knew next gen was gonna be trash
DrippDM Acum 27 Zile
“Wagers this year are gonna be crazy” wonder how this went 😂
turnup! 3000
turnup! 3000 Acum lună
They PATCHED FADES SO MUCH SINCE THEN.their no shot creators left on next gen
Michael Acum 2 luni
Tyceno shouldve done wagers on next gen rather than current
Povii Acum 2 luni
"I'm telling you, me and Zirinic are not losing wagers this year" *Quits 2k
Povii Acum 26 Zile
@Tiger Marwaha exact reason why he stops playing 3s*
Tiger Marwaha
Tiger Marwaha Acum 27 Zile
@Povii sits in corner in wagers
Povii Acum 2 luni
@nobody so dont worry Then sweeps right after*
nobody so dont worry
nobody so dont worry Acum 2 luni
comes back and loses*
YoungBoy Never Broke Again
YoungBoy Never Broke Again Acum 2 luni
Bro gotta have a zen🤦🏾‍♂️🤨
You tube
You tube Acum 3 luni
1:45 that was a 53 percent green
NW0R Acum 3 luni
How u get foam fingers?
Young Pierre
Young Pierre Acum 4 luni
Still impresses me
nathaniel jones
nathaniel jones Acum 4 luni
How tf he shoot like this?
RevengeX Acum 4 luni
2k21 is so ass bro not even funny
Kasimilo Afoa
Kasimilo Afoa Acum 5 luni
Drippy_ Acum 5 luni
What even is the dribble pull up u use
Jt Diamond
Jt Diamond Acum 5 luni
What’s the jumpshot tho?
Syndicate Codm
Syndicate Codm Acum 6 luni
Malaka Facka
Malaka Facka Acum 6 luni
I fw Ty but cmon we just gone act like he ain’t get bailed on half those shots
Ben O’Neill
Ben O’Neill Acum 6 luni
lmaooo you really ain’t that good no more bro. me and my bro from hamilton would put up $500 in a heartbeat to drop an embarrassment to new zealand off like you. i know you won’t respond to this though cuz you duck all comp so you can spam fades on bums 😂 dm me @ben.oneill_ on instagram if your keen to get your money taken from you
Toasted :D
Toasted :D Acum 6 luni
Random : Wager tyceno early so that it’s free cash 💰 Me: shows video Random: “shits themselves”
Enyce Burgor
Enyce Burgor Acum 6 luni
Bro these "Ive been making impossible shots in ______" videos are so satisfying and time consuming, really makes you understand how much of a legend he is, cant wait to see a "Ive been making impossible shots in 2K22" video 😈
Goated Aaron
Goated Aaron Acum 7 luni
Someone really donated 5 to say simpceno 💀💀
lllarryy Acum 7 luni
Is this Xbox one?
BRICE.Whipcream Acum 7 luni
Doreen Crowe
Doreen Crowe Acum 7 luni
how to get the foam fingers
Marianos Nikolis
Marianos Nikolis Acum 8 luni
what is your jumpshot?
dae houston
dae houston Acum 8 luni
What’s his animations
TGF-roosters Acum 8 luni
When you thought 2k20 Tyceno was insane
saesae134 Acum 8 luni
Anybody know his dribble pull up?
KaazzutoEU Acum 8 luni
wager me for my legs
KaazzutoEU Acum 8 luni
good job u suck
KaazzutoEU Acum 8 luni
pretty good but im better
Matt Acum 8 luni
Whoever plays on the same team with tyceno probably averages 3 ppg if their lucky to even get the ball that many times😂
King_Taamir Acum 8 luni
When you ask for no pie chart
NLMB Zay Acum 8 luni
All he’s using is circus shot hof
TheLion Acum 8 luni
Bro we all know 2k boost your player they do it for all the main you tubers but we won’t tell nobody else 😉🤫
Ray Time-
Ray Time- Acum 8 luni
If you here from gman impressions of tyceno 👉🏾
antonio guastafierro
antonio guastafierro Acum 8 luni
This an every year thing he just built different
Yo VerifyK
Yo VerifyK Acum 8 luni
Drop your badges for every category
faxyo true
faxyo true Acum 8 luni
tyceno u lookin kinda cute in this bro frfr
faxyo true
faxyo true Acum 8 luni
yall speaking facts
faxyo true
faxyo true Acum 8 luni
why are yall right
faxyo true
faxyo true Acum 8 luni
frfr yo
darthcay33 Acum 8 luni
Who can be mad at him. He does this every 2k
tizzy 1k
tizzy 1k Acum 8 luni
do you shoot with right stick or square
Twix Acum 8 luni
What build is he using?
Jacob Tidwell
Jacob Tidwell Acum 8 luni
Wager joe knows like if you wanna see it happen.
iSoCluTch2kX Acum 8 luni
Papi Love
Papi Love Acum 8 luni
Wager someone rn bro 😂😂
Kaiden Stengel
Kaiden Stengel Acum 8 luni
Need more videos tyceno its almost been a week
Reverse Dots
Reverse Dots Acum 8 luni
Why tf she look like mr po po
Lifeoftensei Acum 8 luni
Dammit man tyceno it’s the first god damn week man
Deonte Warren
Deonte Warren Acum 8 luni
Are you using shot stick or square?
brandon acker
brandon acker Acum 8 luni
The look this dude does when he greens is beyond hilarious😂😂
Mason Acum 8 luni
Drop your build tycenooo
quincy Acum 8 luni
Why u get postponing banned werdio
Bardia Motamad
Bardia Motamad Acum 8 luni
Man this game is honestly trash i need u to be honest here! Shooting is great and all i also love the animations! How many times have u been dunked on tho?! Can your paint beats even stop a scoring machine at 85 overall or is he getting dunked on
Khazmier Lee
Khazmier Lee Acum 8 luni
Nice z
Michael Leyva
Michael Leyva Acum 8 luni
Drop your build video
Lucas O'TOOLE Acum 8 luni
demon time
ctbmyke Acum 8 luni
the scenery in the east courts in dogshit😭😭 straight looking at grey walls
Od Mtb
Od Mtb Acum 8 luni
You got posthooking banned Bc he better than you
Elimanning 414
Elimanning 414 Acum 8 luni
For some reason I’m not able to join your affliaction
Carter Barrett
Carter Barrett Acum 8 luni
Hey Tyceno it is not funny how Much time I spend watching your vids and how much I play 2k because of you you are my favorite youtuber and twitch streamer so thank you
Cheater Dev
Cheater Dev Acum 8 luni
You trash you got dropped off by yo girlfriend 😂😂
toum toum
toum toum Acum 8 luni
Why this game looke so easy
Matt Finkelstein
Matt Finkelstein Acum 8 luni
Adam Manzano
Adam Manzano Acum 8 luni
Bro no way 2k finna nerf that half court stepback wtf
RealFvmous K
RealFvmous K Acum 8 luni
What's the la la la land song
cholo uz
cholo uz Acum 8 luni
1:15 how tf... Z just built different
Elimanning 414
Elimanning 414 Acum 8 luni
Why is your affiliation not accepting transfers
Drama Acum 8 luni
Where the heck do I buy the foam finger?
YCS Daye
YCS Daye Acum 8 luni
Tyceno you're my motivation to become a streamer/youtuber. You attract your viewers through skill and personality. I decided to type this because when I see this comment next year I will hope that even if I don't have a fanbase or a certain amount of subscribers, I will have the personality and the skillset to stand among you in the 2k community. See you at the top !
Cute Woof
Cute Woof Acum 8 luni
yo tycenno are u asian or indian
DG_TOO2 Acum 8 luni
You changed up on us😢
Loudorion Johnson
Loudorion Johnson Acum 8 luni
Bro stop running from posthooking just find a way to beat him don’t make it seem like he is doing something bad because you can’t beat him
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez Acum 8 luni
what’s his build
Idk Goodmorning
Idk Goodmorning Acum 8 luni
Tyceno is different
Danny Acum 8 luni
What’s the jumpshot tho?🙌🏽
Liam Gannot
Liam Gannot Acum 8 luni
pure trey burke
Habitts Acum 8 luni
Nearly 1 million
idan elkin
idan elkin Acum 8 luni
What is your jump shot???
Keon Thao
Keon Thao Acum 8 luni
1v1 cheese pls
Grant Chamberlain
Grant Chamberlain Acum 8 luni
Anyone else see the missed excellent t release at 5:13
Electro Acum 8 luni
Reasons why not to make a bet with Tyceno: -He’ll cook u -He’ll cook u -He’ll cook u bum Find a pattern?
be great
be great Acum 8 luni
This foo has a Cronus zen I 100% guarantee you what a fake
Ollie Jackson
Ollie Jackson Acum 8 luni
Who sings la la land
The Jong
The Jong Acum 8 luni
Tyceno bout to make a lot of people broke!
Corey D
Corey D Acum 8 luni
i bet tyceno go watch my videos for proof best in australia rn follow me on twitch also
Dream Chasing
Dream Chasing Acum 8 luni
Lmao you are all dumb af. Hes obviously using a modded controller, there's a new way to use it without the meter😂
YGF Kevo 2x
YGF Kevo 2x Acum 8 luni
Am i the only one who thought he was talking about fireball the drink? .. i didnt know next gen did that for a 10 game win streak
OTF Kami
OTF Kami Acum 8 luni
Watch my latest video for a copyright free song
SY Nation
SY Nation Acum 8 luni
RIP lockdowns 2k21🤦🏽‍♂️
KJ’s Back Up
KJ’s Back Up Acum 8 luni
Yo ... how did you get a excellent release & they made you miss @5:14
AmB Acum 8 luni
1:03 what did he say about close shots and standing layups?
Jeremy M
Jeremy M Acum 8 luni
I kinda feel bad for z watching tyceno cook up
James Coutourier
James Coutourier Acum 8 luni
Wtf is his build
Renegade Gaming
Renegade Gaming Acum 8 luni
issue is ....you do these wagers and Your fades are good....BUT what about everyone else doing it?? are you guys gonna be able to stop it??
T R U N K S JR Acum 8 luni
Him - not losing wagers ANYMORE
Mythix ッ
Mythix ッ Acum 8 luni
Can I please run with you I have no one to run with. Either my friends say I suck or they are dumb
Karma Acum 8 luni
The year that he hits 1,000,000
Weston Britt
Weston Britt Acum 8 luni
Who Else loves Z
its boppin
its boppin Acum 8 luni
That last shot at almost out of bounds on 2s wtf how😭😂 HES JUST TO GOOD
BigHomieDre Acum 8 luni
Where the foam fingers?
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