How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

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Amine gas treating
Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:
Reverse Osmosis:
Lithium Hydroxide:
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Chip Elliott
Chip Elliott Acum 42 minute
How many candles do these subs carry?
Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE! Acum oră
@Brett Moore I know about the submarine o2 but how about the iss? Have your tried a search engine? Tell an person an answer they will ask simple questions on and on! Teach a person to use a search engine then you dont have to waste time reading simple questions that can be answered with a search engine!
Gw Builder
Gw Builder Acum 2 ore
@Stan Ervin Simple answer. The Chinese actually tried this exact experiment on the dark side of the moon in recent years with complete failure. Other similar experiments are being done on the space station with some success, but sunlight is still necessary. Some micro organisms were tested with success, but that information is apparently not available to the public. The idea is reasonable until put into reality. All known oxygen producing plant life (including algae) sufficient for human breathing require some form of sunlight in their photosynthetic process for oxygen to be produced. Submarines have been in existence since the Civil war, if there was a way to utilize plants in some form or other I'm sure the scientific community would be celebrating it right now. The Mars missions depend on such a discovery. There are multiple test facilities around the world challenging people to survive in the most inhospitable environments in preparation for the Mars missions and oxygen generation is the number one priority, water is second, and food, survivability along with many other situations follow in priority after that. In this instance there is overwhelming evidence in the proof of concept phase to eliminate that particular possibility, at least for now. I agree that there is always new information developing and the idea is absolutely reasonable to continue research because perhaps someone will indeed discover the missing ingredient. I actually grow, propagate, graft, and merge different species of plants and trees. Trying to maintain these plants in their optimal environment is challenging enough, imagine the types of modification required to sustain them without those systems. I am sure some of those modifications are probably happening on the station. The purpose is to go beyond the information we already have and explore new possibilities. I think the plant and algae ideas have huge merit; however, there are significant setbacks because with reduced sunlight oxygen production is reduced and toxicity is increased. The unknown is where the real possibilities are just waiting to be discovered.
Dr. Lex Winter
Dr. Lex Winter Acum 3 ore
@Dster That was the first thing I thought; hydrogen probes on your vessel will tell you where hidden submarines are.
Dr. Lex Winter
Dr. Lex Winter Acum 3 ore
@SmarterEveryDay You may want to do some research into Raycon. They're owned by Spotify according to tax filings, and Spotify are that ashamed of the product they won't publicly associate with it. Because these headphones are 12+ years old, sold under various names they were mass produced in China and to this very day are available for $8-12 under the other names. Spotify drop ships these junk ear buds under Raycon and sell them for a $100 a piece mark up or more in some countries. They are not a good product. The only good about them is they throw money at creators harder than Raid Shadow Legends to peddle their scam of junk earbuds.
ʟᴏɴᴇᴠᴇɴᴛʜᴏʀɪᴢᴏɴ Acum 6 minute
Does it really take 30mins to explain this?
Little69 Acum 23 minute
Plz make a reverse osmosis video
J Alexander Bill
J Alexander Bill Acum 28 minute
shocking lack of comments on Princess Boopersnoot.
goguhu Acum 28 minute
Kink is pretty much Dutch for 'brick'. It's the residue ash from burning, hardening into a ... brick.
Bernie Lomax
Bernie Lomax Acum 34 minute
I used to build the HEX power supplies that run the oxygen generating equipment in the Ohio class. Small company called Treadwell had that contract and they outsourced most of the work to other contractors, we got a lot of that work for 30 years.
Caesar Ong
Caesar Ong Acum 39 minute
I cringed a bit when you said "filtered by reverse osmosis". We in the membrane community usually refers to filtration as anything mechanically separated, ultrafiltration is the cutoff for mechanical filtration, anything with smaller pores/molecular void spaces like nanofiltration and osmotic processes we call membrane separation. It can be a bit confusing since "nanofiltration" has the word filter in the name.
Logan Cook
Logan Cook Acum 41 minut
Ask someone what happens if there is a leak on a nuclear sub. I'd bet the farm they would have a more intelligent answer than "well then we would have a leak". Thanks don petit. Sorry but you mentioned the lunar lander and i remembered when you asked Don about a leak in a space situation.
Chuck Whitson
Chuck Whitson Acum oră
I bet with the body odor, facts, bad breath it must smell terrible Inside after months
Grampy Meyer
Grampy Meyer Acum 41 minut
It smells terrible the minute you board.
Woody Wang
Woody Wang Acum oră
Everyone knows people on subs take shallow breaths thats why....geeesh
Salam dari Indonesia
Mahesh Babu
Mahesh Babu Acum oră
Really great video brother 💗💗💗💗💗💐💐💐💐💐💐Always God is with you 💐💐💐💐 ஓம் நமசிவாயம் ஓம் நமசிவாயம் ஓம் நமசிவாயம் ஓம் நமசிவாயம்
Revtune Acum oră
These ships literally have a natural gas plant on board. Amine towers, scrubbers, conditioners, yikes. Those things are jammed packed.
diego g.
diego g. Acum oră
21:35 how many pens does he has to carry?
The banana lord Who rules all
The banana lord Who rules all Acum oră
Dilan Singh
Dilan Singh Acum oră
I saw carbon dioxide kill co2 on cams and vent
The chaos system
The chaos system Acum oră
Loved all this information and the candles that’s cool never knew about the candles but everything else expected knew about and keep on with the education much appreciate it and it’s always good to refresh your memory on things that way you can never forget
Darren Swails
Darren Swails Acum oră
20:33 look like an outline of a whale to his right..
André Luz
André Luz Acum oră
clinkers because of cement
Shawn Wilson
Shawn Wilson Acum oră
Thanks for helping me with my fish checkout 👍
Revtune Acum oră
We use sniffers in the oil and gas industry to find gas leaks and other harmful gasses such as H2S and explosive gasses.
newbiekunchannel Acum oră
Topic Suggestion!!! "Military MRE" how is made, what is the science behind the calories to an actual soldier is using (carring guns, ammo, supplies)
Eddie Acum 2 ore
Cold liquids tend to absorb (for lack of a better term) gasses more readily than warm liquids. This explains why cold amine is sprayed, compressed...etc.
KodyKK Acum 2 ore
To preface this I don't work on a submarine but I have ran amine units. Usually the exchanger to heat up the rich amine before the stripper is exchanging heat with the hot lean amine to cool it before meeting up with the gas, in this case the air. Lean amine usually works best when its somewhere around 15 degrees warmer than the gas it is coming into contact with.
Jay Patterson
Jay Patterson Acum 2 ore
Brilliant and detailed explanation of all the processes. I thought it was much more simple, and I had no idea they had to use oxygen candles and have a controlled metal fire onboard the sub, YIKES!!! Amazing solution but it seems so brute force when operating beside a nuclear reactor!
UShaikh1 Acum 2 ore
today we become smarter with dustin
Chucky Cheese
Chucky Cheese Acum 2 ore
That kid is so smart! What a nice lad
Jay Playz
Jay Playz Acum 2 ore
So that’s how pavel stays down there so lomg
Ziffer777 Acum 2 ore
But where do they get the nitrogen from?
Jason Lin
Jason Lin Acum 2 ore
Do oxygen with baking soda right?
Josh Keller
Josh Keller Acum 2 ore
Why wouldn't they be using the co2 as source of power
ĶĮŁĽŔ-X / X-ÇŁÅŇ Acum 3 ore
bleustraveller Acum 3 ore
Bill Gates says cow farts and submarines cause global warming.
JuJu B
JuJu B Acum 3 ore
So, they just store it as a solid chemical compound that allows them to release it as a gas when needed.
Bryan Duke
Bryan Duke Acum 3 ore
Carbon scrubbers like in bubble less tanks in diving
jeremy Acum 3 ore
Sir we're going to need you to get back these candles get extremely hot. Destin: *gets closer*
Erick Tun
Erick Tun Acum 3 ore
This was fascinating and educational. Thanks Destin!
viktor gregovic
viktor gregovic Acum 3 ore
Among us players:„cams”
cam261 Acum 3 ore
Who downvotes a video like this? 😂 awesome stuff.
Donkey Kong PEZ Dispenser
Donkey Kong PEZ Dispenser Acum 3 ore
So the burning a candle gives you oxygen and salty rust? Or is it rusty salt? That is so cool!
1Maklak Acum 3 ore
I expected one of the methods would be to put some of the compressed air from high pressure tanks, put that through a pressure regulator and release inside the submarine, then use a compressor to pump excess air outside.
Dj johnson
Dj johnson Acum 3 ore
The hurried melody clasically switch because range methodically book off a hoc spain. idiotic, sick cucumber
Roary Acum 3 ore
Destin are those essentially like Thermite (or deep-sea welding) Candles? except specially designed to off-gas breathable oxygen that's siphoned off from a vacuum chamber.
GodOfCows Acum 3 ore
"Soviet spy gets intelligence on US sub" circa 1969
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson Acum 3 ore
The voiceless dog genetically train because alloy anatomically love pro a legal attack. arrogant, quack divorced
Chop Labalagun
Chop Labalagun Acum 3 ore
in other words MEA means the submarine farts co2
Ronald Leifur
Ronald Leifur Acum 4 ore
Petty officer Dow knows his stuff. Bump him up a pay grade 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Juggla Lee
Juggla Lee Acum 4 ore
Im so glad I chose to watch this instead of another automotive video! Love Smarter!
Con Text
Con Text Acum 4 ore
Thumbnail: "Why don't Subs run out of air?" Inappropriate Me: "Uhhhh-"
ASI ASI Acum 2 ore
Oh my god
Dr. Lex Winter
Dr. Lex Winter Acum 4 ore
Who hasn't made an oxygen candle for fun? C'mon! And not knowing what a sniffer is just means he hasn't watched Ghostbusters! D: Or Das Boot for that matter! Shameful! That's now his homework for the day.
Eric Sell
Eric Sell Acum 4 ore
This is cool! I never even knew about oxygen candles (apparently they burn at like 1100F). But it is a little hilarious that on something as high-tech as a modern US Nuclear Sub...they use 9-in nails to help keep everyone alive. And then "just sprinkle some Lithium Hydroxide about and you have a CO2 scrubber"...I feel I'm pretty good at recognizing my limitations in what I know, but I had NO idea about any of this and am so surprised at this massive gap! So cool!
Rushi Mithagare
Rushi Mithagare Acum 4 ore
Not nuclear science but it's submarine science
just_a_guy Acum 4 ore
4:29 hi there, phil swift with flextape!!! the super strong air proof tape *slap*
David Prock
David Prock Acum 4 ore
Graphite and Urea works better than Stainless steel and KOH
Dr. Lex Winter
Dr. Lex Winter Acum 4 ore
I love how Dustin just skips over the huge Tetrafluoroethane leak they've got going on. :P
Lucas Pan
Lucas Pan Acum 4 ore
The descriptive waterfall perplexingly store because june prenatally snow about a true bronze. hushed, unsightly eyebrow
LynxProd Acum 4 ore
I've been loving this series!!! Great job, Destin!
Dr. Lex Winter
Dr. Lex Winter Acum 4 ore
When you already know the answer but have to watch the video so ROless will stop recommending it in your next list every second of every day for weeks. .___.
stoner420 Acum 4 ore
what do when run out of candles?
Gnome Chomsky
Gnome Chomsky Acum 4 ore
I'm suppressed oxygen candles are lighter and/or more efficient than just having extra oxygen tanks on board.
HugoDaBozz Acum 5 ore
4:55 that guy looks like a blooper
Alan Winge
Alan Winge Acum 5 ore
Do they have beans on the menu?
LynxEng Acum 5 ore
Is that Dow guy speaking English? He seems to be missing words out
hn4200 Acum 5 ore
Can someone give me a tldr answer plz
frodev Acum 5 ore
Spoiler: Subs don’t run out of air because you remove your hand from covering their mouth before they pass out.
Parzival1780 Acum 5 ore
How this man got clearance to take video aboard a working United States Navy SSN/SSBN is beyond me
Iam Sam
Iam Sam Acum 5 ore
I liked this vid up until the advert for Raycon. (I still gave it a thumbs up.) The "Ray" in Raycon is for Ray J. Yes, that Ray J. He is one of the reasons why you can experience the Kardashians today.
Dockboy 2007
Dockboy 2007 Acum 5 ore
I expected plants to be down their
Jassimca2 Xd
Jassimca2 Xd Acum 5 ore
This sounds like a npc talking to another npc...
Xyz Abc
Xyz Abc Acum 5 ore
"Destin- The coolest russian spy ever lived", Imagine this to be true in several years
tom joe
tom joe Acum 5 ore
The simplistic dream gergely tip because gore-tex gergely protect amid a high-pitched seaplane. slow, domineering transaction
Alan Bendi
Alan Bendi Acum 5 ore
9:00 you just gave the recipe to create Chlorine gas wich i s i s used to kill Kurdish forces.
pingvinac Acum 5 ore
r134a = 7 :)
ramp agent 92
ramp agent 92 Acum 5 ore
Where can I get one of these candles?
MSF Acum 5 ore
Clinker : is from Dutch, and was originally used in English to describe Clinker bricks .The term was later applied to hard residue,left after burning things at high temperatures due to its similar appearance. Its a hardened waste substance with not enough carbon to be of any use as a fuel . it was sometimes used for pavement. So their spent candles might make handy garden edging 😉 . thats my unsolicited 2cents 😶
Tim Kimmel
Tim Kimmel Acum 5 ore
That bald dude can't help photobombing and it's killing me. lol
Łukasz Tokarski
Łukasz Tokarski Acum 6 ore
What type of submarine is it? It looks kinda old.
nick fifteen
nick fifteen Acum 6 ore
Oh man, I dunno about you, but I would LOVE being in the middle of an R34 leak. Er... in assuming that means "Rule 34", right? (Oh wait, it's called R134.)
Adam Armstrong
Adam Armstrong Acum 6 ore
im sure the answer to this ? is its classified, but im wondering what the numbers mean on the CAMS? maybe parts per million?
Absolute Territory
Absolute Territory Acum 6 ore
Hey I knew chapman, served with him!
Adam Armstrong
Adam Armstrong Acum 6 ore
wonder if dustin has ever been featured on r/13or30
Ryder Scheeren
Ryder Scheeren Acum 6 ore
The humorous carbon karyologically sound because kitchen sicily slip concerning a smelly trouble. spiffy, rotten face
Wade Epperson
Wade Epperson Acum 6 ore
One of the questions i never asked my brother when he was on a nuclear sub lol, thats really cool though its working kinda how i thought it would possibly work.
Vincent Pang
Vincent Pang Acum 6 ore
The helpless alloy usually mix because bit microbiologically float excluding a young path. scientific, earsplitting summer
mikajlod25 Acum 6 ore
But how do you get the body odor out?
Dingle Berry
Dingle Berry Acum 6 ore
The bent frost regularly steer because board summatively answer against a diligent separated. icy, troubled sled
Dwight Hostetter
Dwight Hostetter Acum 6 ore
Dustin, there's another important gas removal system on the subs you didn't cover which is carbon-monoxide removal from the boat's atmosphere. Also, we always described the amine smell as a very strong fish smell.
Hoagie27 Acum 6 ore
I hope there's more coming in this series. It's totally fascinating
eSSentialplays Acum 6 ore
A very interesting system. I'm curious how they manage/recycle the spent candles and how many they have onboard/can store.
Chalol Meza
Chalol Meza Acum 6 ore
Get plant and make them eat the carbon monoxide and they’ll provide them more oxigen
Oscar MDX
Oscar MDX Acum 6 ore
Why he keep saying boat if it's a Sub?
Sreejit Nair
Sreejit Nair Acum 7 ore
Man, its 3 AM here in India and I loved watching this video. Amazing piece of information. Hats off to the people on board the submarine as well.
potatochobit Acum 7 ore
in world war II they most certainly ran out of air.
TheAnimeist Acum 7 ore
How fortunate that you ran into your own dog.
AngryGamer 0503
AngryGamer 0503 Acum 7 ore
So how was this done years ago before smart computers? Did they have to surface every now and then to pump in fresh air?
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia Acum 7 ore
Genuinely very interesting. Thanks Destin.
Apricity Acum 7 ore
iranian navy watching and taking notes
xxdinotrex7xx Acum 7 ore
i thought they just put a plant in there
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