Doja Cat - Need To Know (Official Video)

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Doja Cat

Doja Cat
Doja Cat Acum lună
I’m ready for the handsome squidward memes
sus is tea.
sus is tea. Acum 18 Zile
Ashley Acum lună
Sophie h Equestrian
Sophie h Equestrian Acum lună
Yess lol😂
Clark Danielle Golingan
Clark Danielle Golingan Acum lună
M Mastiff
M Mastiff Acum lună
TrollBoy Acum 38 minute
i need to know where is my best friend. Maybe he watch me in sky
Vasso Aggelidou
Vasso Aggelidou Acum 40 minute
Aaaaaaaaa otk
Amayuru Wadanambi
Amayuru Wadanambi Acum 45 minute
She has already targeted The Martian Audience, ,, 😎😇
Shalmeet Karan
Shalmeet Karan Acum 56 minute
I love it when she goes "need to know mmmmmm "
doll Acum oră
2:37 that man was so fucking lucky is so many ways 😭
Mike Capalungan
Mike Capalungan Acum oră
The fact that every single song she’s ever released is a banger just shows how talented she is
Toast studio
Toast studio Acum oră
I’m here from the death note meme
Fiorella ML
Fiorella ML Acum oră
omg, ahora quiero una historia de ellos JSAKJSAK amooo
Rachel Byrd
Rachel Byrd Acum oră
Ronnie radke and doja cat need a song together ....
Joshua Rean
Joshua Rean Acum oră
ok gamora
Jay Pop
Jay Pop Acum oră
I love that Grimes is in the video as herself lol
Civrworld Acum oră
I don’t care what enyone says every. I mean every. Song she ever made she has ate that shit UP
Gabriela Batista da Silva
Gabriela Batista da Silva Acum oră
Você sabe que a música é boa quando cada trecho dela vira uma trend no tik tok
Xchica. robloxafk
Xchica. robloxafk Acum 2 ore
love músic❤️
Yuri Hakuri
Yuri Hakuri Acum 2 ore
melhor música!
Juanita Rincon
Juanita Rincon Acum 2 ore
Yess!! 💜 Hands down the best creative artist!
tboy Acum 3 ore
j b
j b Acum 3 ore
Aaron Fowlin
Aaron Fowlin Acum 3 ore
Best female artist rn
Yan Yan Gomez
Yan Yan Gomez Acum 3 ore
Kayra Andalussia
Kayra Andalussia Acum 3 ore
Carla Dawson
Carla Dawson Acum 3 ore
Doja I love u your amazing talented and beautiful❤❤
MissMaddie Acum 3 ore
not me kissing my cat
Christin Cooper
Christin Cooper Acum 3 ore
Is that Grimes hanging out. Love it 🥰
Jaidyn Dunn
Jaidyn Dunn Acum 3 ore
the fact that alien doja is still more attractive than 90% of guys-
Sangwoosleftpinky Acum 4 ore
Very off topic but I have the same underwear, my mom JUST pointed it out to me
world blazin420
world blazin420 Acum 4 ore
Lets please have a Moment of Silence for ALL the Boomers that immediately dislike newer music videos BUT forgot to take it off and Like after watching this amazing music video from Doja Cat. ~
Emmaline Craig
Emmaline Craig Acum 4 ore
Guardians of the Galaxy Vibes!
MacKenzie Bables
MacKenzie Bables Acum 4 ore
Chika Acum 4 ore
You’re exciting
Jadee-chanじゃがいもちゃん Acum 4 ore
No one everyone in TikTok: ➡️⬆️⬅️⬇️⬇️🔵🔵🔵
Arantxa Calderón.
Arantxa Calderón. Acum 5 ore
Alaa Amr
Alaa Amr Acum 5 ore
I don't think we are normal anymore 🙂
Ruman.m.r Acum 5 ore
Baby I Need To knO--ow mM🔥
slaybina Love it
slaybina Love it Acum 5 ore
Bro dis song so freaking catchy 😱I be sighing outta nowhere 🤦🏾
2020Vibes Acum 5 ore
I'll wait this until 2022
Mycaela Albuquerque
Mycaela Albuquerque Acum 5 ore
Doja nunca erra🛐
Madison McCormick
Madison McCormick Acum 5 ore
This mv was filmed in the same place as Panini
Phoenix Pack
Phoenix Pack Acum 5 ore
Well you Cv I just
Travin Narsiah
Travin Narsiah Acum 6 ore
This song is so cool
joker 2000
joker 2000 Acum 6 ore
People: this song is going to be flop TikTok : let’s make it a hit
SUZETTE TV Acum 6 ore
she the number 1 female makin hot music after her is megan
editor kitten
editor kitten Acum 6 ore
listening to this since day one damn this is defo my fav song from planet her😍
sara saeed
sara saeed Acum 6 ore
why she look a beetlejuice character
Matheus Boldrini
Matheus Boldrini Acum 6 ore
só olhei pro peito absurdo dela o video todo, é isso
José Arthur
José Arthur Acum 4 ore
UnicornWorld Acum 6 ore
I love it
CutieFag Acum 6 ore
This her best song of 2021 and yall cant tell me otherwise
Master Chief
Master Chief Acum 6 ore
Chin webb
Chin webb Acum 6 ore
My favorite part was ...mmm your exiting boy come fine me your eyes tell girl come ride me
Donoma Hummingbird
Donoma Hummingbird Acum 7 ore
I'm sorry but no disrespect but dont y'all feel left eye flowing!?!?!
TaMara Meadows
TaMara Meadows Acum 7 ore
Sexiest thing I have ever seen with green skin=Doja Cat
Oppa scoopA Poop
Oppa scoopA Poop Acum 7 ore
Aiolia696 Gamer
Aiolia696 Gamer Acum 7 ore
Sara Abo Haif
Sara Abo Haif Acum 7 ore
How did we- we started at kiss me more and ended up in what ever the sexual thing is that everybody likes including me
Roxanna🥀 Acum 7 ore
Yea Yea
maryam alimohammadi
maryam alimohammadi Acum 7 ore
that's amazing l watched it 10 times
Johnny Blazin
Johnny Blazin Acum 7 ore
2:08 🔥
Marcel V
Marcel V Acum 8 ore
duae Acum 8 ore
Ok but the lyrics is kinda umm uk
Little blossom's ash
Little blossom's ash Acum 8 ore
This song is so catchy ;-;
Loco_moco editz
Loco_moco editz Acum 8 ore
Gurl stop shut it
ana karolina
ana karolina Acum 8 ore
Doja não têm uma música ruim vei
SW4GGYxREAGAN Acum 8 ore
Such a queen
Mona D
Mona D Acum 8 ore
Put the speed on 1.5x 🔥
Nicole Hermans
Nicole Hermans Acum 8 ore
my Favorite song💐🌠
Maybe You
Maybe You Acum 8 ore
Me 2
Chxr pxp
Chxr pxp Acum 8 ore
Am I the only one who know this song before TikTok
Leslie Manning
Leslie Manning Acum 9 ore
Is that Jeff's stars 🌟 ex on the club couch??
ishika grover
ishika grover Acum 9 ore
Let’s admit it already we jut want to listen to 2:08 on loop😂❤️
Tina Snow
Tina Snow Acum 9 ore
Love her!
Maybe You
Maybe You Acum 8 ore
ayimbo :/
ayimbo :/ Acum 9 ore
How can she be soo creative with every music video she is such a legend
Angel_inn_skyy Acum 9 ore
2:08 🇧🇷:provavelmente você está aqui por causa desta parte,e escutou no tiktok né? 🇺🇲:you are probably here because of this part, and listened on tiktok right?
ruby r u b y
ruby r u b y Acum 9 ore
Sauber16 Acum 9 ore
Cyberpunk tá diferente kkkkk
House of Emanuel Dillard
House of Emanuel Dillard Acum 9 ore
She's really is a great artist!
Ornathan Acum 9 ore
Doja is ruling the music industry right now
Georgi Sharabanov
Georgi Sharabanov Acum 9 ore
That’s my new favourite song 🥰🥰
Z e n i t s u
Z e n i t s u Acum 9 ore
ok but honestly.... someone needs to tell me why i only figured ab this td 💀💀
sunlite Acum 10 ore
I here for the bit the girls in my school were screaming . Babbaaay I need 2 knowwww oooohhh.
YL Acum 10 ore
0:26 01:40 bebişim ?
Alexis Maloley
Alexis Maloley Acum 10 ore
I love this song doja cat i love u
Tan Nguyen
Tan Nguyen Acum 10 ore
This is what I'd imagine life on Coruscant would be like.
man lust
man lust Acum 10 ore
SY Fy clip not bad at all. Aproved.
Ryannor Cooper
Ryannor Cooper Acum 10 ore
Don't hesitate to subscribe because I will soon be releasing an album. Everyone is listening! The image is great if only you can come because I have done a lot to please you but I really need you and your support. Thank you all and hope to have an answer from you.
avery the chicken nugget
avery the chicken nugget Acum 10 ore
Boredboy2522 Acum 11 ore
Is that grimes ?
Santiago Betancur
Santiago Betancur Acum 9 ore
I was made for lovin' you
I was made for lovin' you Acum 11 ore
Crystal Victoria
Crystal Victoria Acum 11 ore
Dabiel Pee
Dabiel Pee Acum 11 ore
Sushigang🐸 Acum 11 ore
Damn she always kill it... Trust me this girl brings heaven.. :)))
Xerktov Acum 11 ore
the part ur looking for: 2:08
もヌ MITSXL Acum 11 ore
doja cat nunca erra...
Cristhian Gomez
Cristhian Gomez Acum 12 ore
Damn, this is fire
Kayleigh Wright
Kayleigh Wright Acum 12 ore
I love you doja 🤍
KiNokia Smith
KiNokia Smith Acum 12 ore
Cyber Punk 2077 Vibes
TheLala114 Acum 13 ore
Loving the male lead. 😘 Thanks DOJA for the eye candy 😘