Angelina Jordan - Bohemian Rhapsody - America's Got Talent: The Champions One - January 6, 2020

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#Angelina Jordan - #Bohemian Rhapsody - #America's Got Talent: #TheChampionsOne January 6, 2020

Eraz Acum 33 minute
Michelle Todd
Michelle Todd Acum oră
I hate hearing those say this is my only opportunity. She won at 7. So she has the ability.
Yun Sa
Yun Sa Acum oră
Gaye Lynn Lewis
Gaye Lynn Lewis Acum 2 ore
Arosha Dissanayake
Arosha Dissanayake Acum 2 ore
Freddie: beautiful darling!
CaptainWhite Acum 3 ore
I thought you were dead because you sang gloomy Sunday.. If someone hears gloomy Sunday you will commit suicide for no reason
iamdahulk Acum 4 ore
Damn..goosebumps.. what a magical voice the kid has.. God bless!
Andreas Ruesch
Andreas Ruesch Acum 5 ore
a star is born
Ровшан Азизов
Ровшан Азизов Acum 5 ore
not a very pleasant girl, both externally and in execution. What did you find in her?
David Böhm
David Böhm Acum 5 ore
Good she made her own version.!
허현 Acum 6 ore
Max a Mahnken
Max a Mahnken Acum 6 ore
Angelina Jordan is the most fascinating singer I have ever listened to but I also love Mirusia Louwerse. For me Mirusia Louwerse No.1 Angelina Jordan No.2. In the world. My two top singers ---- Angelina Jordan and Mirusia Louwerse. Followed by Laura Bretan, Emanne Beasha to so on down. I like Lucy Kay and Karen Carpenter. {Lucy Kay, also from America's Got Talent}. I like Chantelle Marie King {ROless} and Roberta Flack but the two singers who have had the most influence on me to being Angelina Jordan and Mirusia Louwerse. {World class soprano. Becoming world famous through Andre Rieu}. Mirusia to surely being greater than Jordan but Angelina Jordan to still being utterly phenomenal. Mirusia as being more experienced with a Greater Voice but Angelina Jordan to still being very very very very interesting. After Mirusia The Best voice. I like "Allie Sherlock" and Shirley Bassey to a number of good singers but Angelina Jordan and Mirusia Louwerse are my top two. The two very greatest. Mirusia ---- 36 years old. Jordan only 15. Mirusia still too far ahead. Came first in a national singing competition by the age of 12. Won the Dame Joan Sutherland Opera Award by the age of 21 and rose to world fame through Andre Rieu. Trained in the Queensland Conservatorium Of Music to has performed before millions and is the Angel of the World. The other Angel to being Angelina Jordan. Right up there at No. 2 ---- after Mirusia. If I hadn't discovered Mirusia I would have put Angelina Jordan to No.1. I'm in love with Mirusia. But Angelina Jordan is incredibly appealing and interesting. A very very spine tingling and haunting voice. I most love the Low Tones. Goes right through me. I have never heard anything like it. The two most special voices ---- Jordan and Louwerse.
Ufa Kefe
Ufa Kefe Acum 7 ore
😩a masterpiece right here💯
Nick Ireland
Nick Ireland Acum 7 ore
Freddy would be rolling in his grave over another generic breathless diva. Appalling version. Is nothing sacred anymore???
Neil Sweetman
Neil Sweetman Acum 8 ore
Music for the soul
di brentley
di brentley Acum 8 ore
Dream Reacts
Dream Reacts Acum 8 ore
🎶Angelina 🎤magical performance🦄✨🌈
Zevhui Acum 10 ore
and she just lose to some filipino guy, sad judges
anchorskid Acum 10 ore
Barefoot? Ew...
sanukadesh stuffs
sanukadesh stuffs Acum 12 ore
"Didnt mean to make you cry" but ever time i listening this my eyes cant handle this idk y😪
Macedonio Ferraris
Macedonio Ferraris Acum 12 ore
Ratchanee Karulrubdulล
Ratchanee Karulrubdulล Acum 13 ore
I like hers
Brenda Campbell
Brenda Campbell Acum 14 ore
I have got “chicken skin” for evvvver! I am just 😮 just😮 speechless. This is when God has reached down and touched this young lady and we are at Awwwh ❣️
R-Jay Molleno
R-Jay Molleno Acum 14 ore
such a great talent right there!!
Thomas Müller
Thomas Müller Acum 17 ore
absolutly great , one of my lifetime favorites, this version of a legend song , love it
Edimilson Miranda Pereira
Edimilson Miranda Pereira Acum 17 ore
Obrigado a Deus por este dia, o dia em pude contemplar estas duas divas!
Dean Champion
Dean Champion Acum 18 ore
All you wailing black girl singers - give it up if your name isn't Lena Horne or Ella Fitzgerald. And all you whiny white girl singers - ROTFLMAO. THIS IS TALENT. THIS IS HEADS AND SHOULDERS ABOVE ALL OTHERS. Who is brash enough to forgo the beginning of the song? Blasphemy... but -- Holy *** SHE 'BROUGHT IT'. I had no idea/conception that anyone could improve that song. I stand corrected - and awed. And she is still performing barefoot... (if you don't know why - LOOK IT UP!!!).
Sad Slut
Sad Slut Acum 18 ore
*Wowww Mama Mia let you go..!!!*
Henry Lafontaine
Henry Lafontaine Acum 19 ore
Sorry little girl, you do not have the range of the Queen of Rock. The attempt at this song was just horrid.
Luis Malaquias
Luis Malaquias Acum 18 ore
@Henry Lafontaine Strange, i believe you may have to check something in your side. Stay safe.
Henry Lafontaine
Henry Lafontaine Acum 18 ore
@Luis Malaquias Still lacked the range and talent to sustain the notes as required. it sounded like crap.
Luis Malaquias
Luis Malaquias Acum 18 ore
Queen members was wowed by Angelina version, they posted her performance and praised her on official FB and Twitter.
Sharon Gray
Sharon Gray Acum 20 ore
She will be one a legend
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley Acum 2 ore
I think she already is sharon
Person Person
Person Person Acum 20 ore
Oh man I'm crying right now and I'm a grown ass man 😂😥😓♥️💘💯🤦
Dean Rock
Dean Rock Acum 21 oră
I think she sounds like a muppet
Luis Malaquias
Luis Malaquias Acum 18 ore
Queen members was wowed by Angelina version, they posted her performance and praised her on official FB and Twitter.
Trader Pemula
Trader Pemula Acum 22 ore
2 month before corona
Avinash Chandrashekar
Avinash Chandrashekar Acum 22 ore
She auditioned with "Gloomy Sunday " when she was 7!
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley Acum 2 ore
That is when one of the judges said “Angelina you are music”
Kat Montgomery
Kat Montgomery Acum 22 ore
Wow never heard anyone do this song so beautiful 🤩
Juno's Things's
Juno's Things's Acum 23 ore
she has base and volume to her fills the room
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley Acum 2 ore
You are so right about that wonderful voice
Fab Ash
Fab Ash Acum o Zi
1:33 bc ik i’m fun a come back :)
Victor Tanase
Victor Tanase Acum o Zi
да .... конечно, безусловно!!! Талант!
Agus Tojar Pudja
Agus Tojar Pudja Acum o Zi
Is she bare foot?
Luis Malaquias
Luis Malaquias Acum 21 oră
Yes, for a good reason, google about it.
Игорь Благотин
Игорь Благотин Acum o Zi
Это невероятно, отлично и с душой.
Andrew Acum o Zi
the first two words spoken during this performance were wow and wow
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley Acum 2 ore
I agree and Simon Cowell‘s face said it all as he was in total shock
Yvonne Mendez
Yvonne Mendez Acum o Zi
Don't like her
R H Acum o Zi
Too late, my time has come, Sends shivers down my spine, body's aching all The time Goodbye, everybody, I've got to go, Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth Mama, oooh I don't want to die, I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all.
Rommel Leron
Rommel Leron Acum o Zi
Goosebumps 2022
Oppo Huawei
Oppo Huawei Acum o Zi
Wow who is she???? Amazing voice..
Luigi Di Lorenzo
Luigi Di Lorenzo Acum o Zi
Her voice litterally hits inside!
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley Acum 2 ore
Yes it really does
Nooroa Apera
Nooroa Apera Acum o Zi
Tiktok brought me here
Harsh Das
Harsh Das Acum o Zi
God. It just made me cry
Sachin Patil
Sachin Patil Acum o Zi
Why only 11 M views for this masterpiece??
Luis Malaquias
Luis Malaquias Acum 21 oră
Add more 150 M on others videos and Facebook. :)
Jade Van Voss
Jade Van Voss Acum o Zi
Angelina is absolute legend material. Amazing amazing talent.
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley Acum 2 ore
Totally agree
carlinhos imperatto
carlinhos imperatto Acum o Zi
Wonderful! Love you girl! Very good done!!!!!🧡
dan Acum o Zi
if Judge Simon Cowell says it right you have to worry, because she said Jennifer Hudson didn't have a great voice, so she had to worry about him.But if he's a legend like the girl says it's ok😔
Zeydenn's Mom
Zeydenn's Mom Acum o Zi
JackLivesTogether Acum o Zi
It's a real shame that the signers who are good don't go farther outside of this show.
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley Acum 6 ore
I agree with you
John Lenard Adobas
John Lenard Adobas Acum o Zi
emma ransford
emma ransford Acum o Zi
Masterpiece of a performance xx
emma ransford
emma ransford Acum o Zi
Awe inspiring omg 🤗
Robert Depratti
Robert Depratti Acum o Zi
Impresionante, celestial.
Mark Kahn
Mark Kahn Acum o Zi
This is hands down the best performance on any talent show, ever
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley Acum 2 ore
Mark. I am of the same opinion
Arcadia Acum o Zi
Anyone seen my shoes?
jens Berg
jens Berg Acum o Zi
She got a god reason not to wear them tho
Mustapha Elkasimi
Mustapha Elkasimi Acum o Zi
A contestant did well. Howie Mandel: this performance is going to change your life for ever
kmcoolady Acum o Zi
13?! Are you kidding me? This was chilling it was so good!!
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley Acum 2 ore
No kidding this is for real
Nabil BOUCHTAD Acum o Zi
ssostepper Acum o Zi
Ok this is America has talent so why are two brits, a german, and a Canadian judgeing the show?
Dreizehn Acum o Zi
Yeah fuck it. I can't handle - amazing. I'm out. Woah.
joaquin Cartagena
joaquin Cartagena Acum 2 Zile
She is incredible, never a singer left me like this.It's incredible, what an angelic voice.
Lydia Bentley
Lydia Bentley Acum 2 ore
She definitely is incredible and so many many of us feel the same
a n t i c h r i s t
a n t i c h r i s t Acum 2 Zile
this is literal cancer to my ears
Leo D
Leo D Acum o Zi
then your whole body is filled with cancer .. have a nice trip to the afterlife
شر البلية
شر البلية Acum 2 Zile
Simon is a legend 😂
Yadhul Suresh
Yadhul Suresh Acum 2 Zile
Dana Dane
Dana Dane Acum 2 Zile
Prodigy. She went on that show. Sang better than anyone before her, including those judging her. She got her record contract without Simon... Sorry, Simon ;)
Freddie Sharp
Freddie Sharp Acum 2 Zile
What this also proves is the songs from (in this case LONG before they were born) still have the power today...
Shamsudin Yati
Shamsudin Yati Acum 2 Zile
Sarah Bauer
Sarah Bauer Acum 2 Zile
babitha singh
babitha singh Acum 2 Zile
May 2021..awesome made it current
My heart : damn she's beautiful My brain : FBI !! OPEN UP!!
Kk’s Bars tutorials
Kk’s Bars tutorials Acum 2 Zile
Jesus 2030
Jesus 2030 Acum 2 Zile
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Jesus 2030
Jesus 2030 Acum o Zi
@Leo D no Problem, but I will See your disappointed Face, when you wake up in the Lake of Fire...good luck
Leo D
Leo D Acum o Zi
@Jesus 2030 i would love to see your disappointed face if he doesn't appear on this planet verry very soon which in my head is within 5 years ... lol , good luck.
Jesus 2030
Jesus 2030 Acum o Zi
@Leo D we will See ..
Leo D
Leo D Acum 2 Zile
jesus will come very , that has been said the last 600-700 hundred years , yepp keep on dreaming
Joseph Jackson
Joseph Jackson Acum 2 Zile
Using autotune again. Sing with your talent voice. Don’t be scared
Luis Malaquias
Luis Malaquias Acum 21 oră
Autotune? You may have to check something in your side.
Neiphio Rio
Neiphio Rio Acum 2 Zile
I wish Freddie himself comes down and congratulate her himself. She's beyond good
Neiphio Rio
Neiphio Rio Acum 3 ore
@Toshi Aonok Changki aru tui kon 😱
Toshi Aonok Changki
Toshi Aonok Changki Acum 7 ore
Rioba is here 🤣🤣🤣
Neiphio Rio
Neiphio Rio Acum 12 ore
@Jessica zzz Watching this masterpiece! Is everything okay?
Jessica zzz
Jessica zzz Acum 12 ore
Wth is Rio doing here?!
Jeff Kerr
Jeff Kerr Acum 2 Zile
My tears of happiness for this girl makes it hard to type well done. Best wishes for your future.
Rabindra Palai
Rabindra Palai Acum 2 Zile
According to u I love u Dear
Rabindra Palai
Rabindra Palai Acum 2 Zile
Love u
Edward Acum 2 Zile
As good as any voice in existence today
Wendy McIlroy
Wendy McIlroy Acum 2 Zile
You made Freddie very happy, Angelina!!...♥️
James Michael
James Michael Acum 2 Zile
Isylium Acum 2 Zile
at and of amaizeing perform we buzzd for "yer let's do this, poor youtube
selma silva
selma silva Acum 2 Zile
F Elix
F Elix Acum 2 Zile
Quote Pico
Quote Pico Acum 2 Zile
Check out her other songs and covers. Especially of Amy and lana del Rey. So much soul. I can't get enouvj
dimitris dimi
dimitris dimi Acum 2 Zile
Andre Luiz Carvalho Pires
Andre Luiz Carvalho Pires Acum 2 Zile
❤️❤️ Amazing 👏👏👏👏
B Me
B Me Acum 2 Zile
Hated it.
davo7370 Acum 2 Zile
Wow.. what a beautiful rendition of an absolute classice.. Well done young lady
thegolfballshop Acum 2 Zile
For en vakker gjengivelse av Bohemian Rhapsody. hun er bare 13 år, så forestill deg hva vi skal høre i fremtiden. Familien min er fra Norge, og jeg er sikker på at alle i Norge er så stolte av henne. Takk Angelina
Ken Hamaker
Ken Hamaker Acum 2 Zile
She sounds alot like Amy Winehouse
thegolfballshop Acum 2 Zile
If I was in that competition I would have to ask myself; What Would Tonya Harding Do?
Laura Alfieri
Laura Alfieri Acum 2 Zile
Freddie would be proud 💖🇨🇦
ยอดชาย ศึกษาชาติ
ยอดชาย ศึกษาชาติ Acum 2 Zile
It very nice guy
Arman Hossain
Arman Hossain Acum 3 Zile
how disgusting
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